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James joins the team at HPD in 2016 beginning with MLB.  Although James is a football, basketball & baseball handicapper, he will only offer MLB in 2016.  That can change so be sure you stay tuned.  James enjoyed the biggest season of any documented service in 2014 MLB.  He cashed over 106 units, winning 56% of his releases.  Since 2012, James has won bettors over 300 units in baseball alone.  You can find his service documented online and also at hittingpaydirt.com.  If you’re looking for success this spring/summer, look no further than James Henson.

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Pick History

07/31/2021Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+131Los Angeles Angels 1-0+2.62MLB
07/28/2021Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red SoxToronto Blue Jays-140Toronto Blue Jays 4-1+2.00MLB
07/07/2021Philadelphia Phillies vs Chicago CubsChicago Cubs+126Chicago Cubs 8-3+2.52MLB
06/25/2021Washington Natioanls vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins-140Miami Marlins 11-2+2.00MLB
06/23/2021Colorado Rockies vs Seattle MarinersColorado Rockies-105Colorado Rockies 5-2+2.00MLB
06/12/2021Los Angeles Angels vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks+102Los Angeles Angels 8-7-2.00MLB
06/10/2021Houston Astros vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox-110Boston Red Sox 12-8+2.00MLB
06/05/2021Cleveland Indians vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles-122Cleveland Indians 10-4-2.44MLB
05/30/2021St. Louis Cardinals vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks+110Arizona Diamondbacks 9-2+2.20MLB
05/25/2021Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+130Chicago Cubs 4-3-2.00MLB
05/24/2021Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays-102Tampa Bay Rays 14-8-2.04MLB
05/23/2021Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays-158Tampa Bay Rays 6-4-1.58MLB
05/21/2021Houston Astros vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers+110Texas Rangers 7-5+3.30MLB
05/17/2021Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins-109Chicago White Sox 16-4-3.27MLB
05/12/2021St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers-175Milwaukee Brewers 4-1+1.00MLB
05/06/2021Tampa Bay Rays vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-135Tampa Bay Rays 8-3-2.70MLB
04/26/2021Kansas City Royals vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers-105Kansas City Royals 3-2-2.10MLB
04/25/2021Kansas City Royals vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+105Kansas City Royals 4-0-2.00MLB
04/25/2021Oakland Athletics vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles+114Baltimore Orioles 8-1+3.42MLB
04/21/2021Minnesota Twins vs Oakland AthleticsMinnesota Twins+100Oakland Athletics 13-12-3.00MLB
04/21/2021San Francisco Giants vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies-117Philadelphia Phillies 6-5+2.00MLB
04/18/2021Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres+112San Diego Padres 5-2+3.36MLB
04/15/2021Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins-130Minnesota Twins 4-3+3.00MLB
04/01/2021Chicago White Sox vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+105Los Angeles Angles 4-3+3.15MLB
10/24/2020Los Angeles Dodgers vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+150Tampa Bay Rays 8-7+1.50MLB
10/11/2020Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles DodgersAtlanta Braves+135Atlanta Braves 5-1+2.70MLB
09/30/2020St. Louis Cardinals vs San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres-156St. Louis Cardinals 7-4-3.12MLB
09/30/2020Oakland Athletics vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins-152Oakland Athletics 3-1-3.04MLB
09/11/2020Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+108Minnesota Twins 3-1+2.16MLB
09/09/2020Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago CubsOVER 6.5+100Cincinnati Reds 3-0-2.00MLB
08/30/2020Cleveland Indians vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals+114St. Louis Cardinals 7-2+2.28MLB
08/17/2020Boston Red Sox vs New York YankeesBoston Red Sox+145New York Yankees 6-3-2.00MLB
08/16/2020Boston Red Sox vs New York YankeesBoston Red Sox+140New York Yankees 4-2-2.00MLB
08/13/2020Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox +1.5+100Tampa Bay Rays 13-7-2.00MLB
08/12/2020Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado RockiesArizona Diamondbacks+100Arizona Diamondbacks 13-7+2.00MLB
08/09/2020Detroit Tigers vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+135Detroit Tigers 2-1-1.00MLB
07/29/2020Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds-105Cincinnati Reds 12-7+2.00MLB
07/27/2020Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+105Chicago Cubs 8-7-2.00MLB
10/25/2019Houston Astros vs Washington NationalsHouston Astros-132Houston Astros 4-1+2.00MLB
10/14/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington NationalsOVER 6.5-110Washington Nationals 8-1+1.00MLB
10/13/2019New York Yankees vs Houston AstrosHouston Astros-160Houston Astros 3-2+2.00MLB
10/07/2019Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+120Tampa Bay Rays10-3+1.20MLB
10/04/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+104Atlanta Braves 3-1+2.08MLB
09/21/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago CubsChicago Cubs-132St. Louis Cardinals 9-8-2.64MLB
09/17/2019San Diego Padres vs Milwaukee BrewersSan Diego Padres+127Milwaukee Brewers 3-1-1.00MLB
09/14/2019Atlanta Braves vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-115Atlanta Braves 10-1-1.15MLB
09/12/2019Cincinnati Reds vs Seattle MarinersCincinnati Reds-114Cincinnati Reds 11-5+1.00MLB
09/11/2019Tampa Bay Rays vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers+140Texas Rangers 10-9+1.40MLB
09/10/2019Atlanta Braves vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+165Philadelphia Phillies 6-5+1.65MLB
09/09/2019Atlanta Braves vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies-139Atlanta Braves 7-2-1.39MLB
09/06/2019Detroit Tigers vs Oakland AthleticsDetroit Tigers+265Detroit Tigers 6-5+2.65MLB
09/06/2019Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+110Arizona Diamondbacks 7-5-1.00MLB
09/06/2019New York Yankees vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox+121Boston Red Sox 6-1+1.21MLB
09/03/2019Philadelphia Phillies vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+102Philadelphia Phillies 6-2-1.00MLB
09/01/2019Pittsburgh Pirates vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies-117Pittsburgh Pirates 6-2-1.17MLB
08/27/2019Cleveland Indians vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+148Cleveland Indians 10-1-1.00MLB
08/26/2019Atlanta Braves vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+140Colorado Rockies 3-1+1.40MLB
08/21/2019Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis CardinalsMilwaukee Brewers-103Milwaukee Brewers 5-3+1.00MLB
08/20/2019Washington Nationals vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+147Pittsburgh Pirates 4-1+1.47MLB
08/18/2019San Francisco Giants vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamodbacks-103Arizona Diamondbacks 6-1+1.00MLB
08/18/2019Houston Astros vs Oakland AthleticsHouston Astros-175Houston Astros 4-1+1.00MLB
08/13/2019Baltimore Orioles vs New York YankeesBaltimore Orioles +1.5+145New York Yankees 8-3-1.00MLB
08/04/2019Boston Red Sox vs New York YankeesBoston Red Sox-109New York Yankees 7-4-2.18MLB
08/03/2019San Francisco Giants vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies-119San Francisco Giants 6-5-1.19MLB
08/03/2019Washington Nationals vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks+126Arizona Diamondbacks 18-7+1.26MLB
08/02/2019San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles DodgersSan Diego Padres+150San Diego Padres 5-2+1.50MLB
08/02/2019New York Mets vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+105Pittsburgh Pirates 8-4+2.10MLB
07/31/2019New York Mets vs Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox +1.5+110New York Mets 4-2-1.00MLB
07/31/2019Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 11-105Tampa Bay Rays 8-5-1.05MLB
07/30/2019Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox-132Tampa Bay Rays 6-5-1.32MLB
07/30/2019Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati RedsPittsburgh Pirates+130Pittsburgh Pirates 11-4+1.30MLB
07/28/2019Baltimore Orioles vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-225Los Angeles Angels 5-4+1.00MLB
07/24/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-103St. Louis Cardinals 14-8-1.03MLB
07/23/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-125St. Louis Cardinals 4-3-1.25MLB
07/22/2019New York Yankees vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+110Minnesota Twins 8-6+1.10MLB
07/19/2019Washington Nationals vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+113Atlanta Braves 4-3+1.13MLB
07/19/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+101St. Louis Cardinals 12-11-1.00MLB
07/19/2019Philadelphia Phillies vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates +100+100Philadelphia Phillies 6-1-1.00MLB
07/16/2019Los Angeles Dodgers vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+178Philadelphia Phillies 9-8+1.78MLB
07/13/2019Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies-119Washington Nationals 4-3-2.38MLB
07/05/2019San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles DodgersSan Diego Padres+185San Diego Padres 3-2+1.85MLB
07/04/2019New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+109New York Yankees 8-4-1.00MLB
06/28/2019Arizona Diamondbacks vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants+105San Francisco Giants+1.05MLB
06/28/2019Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+165Colorado Rockies 13-9+3.30MLB
06/28/2019Atlanta Braves vs New York MetsNew York Mets-133Atlanta Braves 6-2-1.33MLB
06/26/2019Texas Rangers vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+100Texas Rangers 4-1-1.00MLB
06/22/2019Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers-117Cincinnati Reds 6-5+1.00MLB
06/20/2019Baltimore Orioles vs Seattle MarinersBaltimore Orioles+134Seattle Mariners-1.00MLB
06/20/2019Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants+157Los Angeles Dodgers 9-8-1.00MLB
06/20/2019Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington NationalsPhiladelphia Phillies-105Washington Nationals 7-4-1.05MLB
06/19/2019Toronto Blue Jays vs Los Angeles AngelsToronto Blue Jays +1.5+100Los Angeles Angels 11-6-1.00MLB
06/19/2019New York Mets vs Atlanta BravesUNDER 10-110Atlanta Braves 7-2+1.00MLB
06/18/2019Milwaukee Brewers vs San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres +1.5-115San Diego Padres 4-1+1.00MLB
06/18/2019New York Mets vs Atlanta BravesNew York Mets-105New York Mets 10-2+1.00MLB
06/15/2019Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta BravesPhiladelphia Phillies-105Philadelphia Phillies 6-5+1.00MLB
06/15/2019Texas Rangers vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds-114Texas Rangers 4-3-1.14MLB
06/15/2019Pittsburgh Pirates vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins-122Miami Marlins 4-3+1.00MLB
06/10/2019Chicago Cubs vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies-128Colorado Rockies 6-5+1.00MLB
06/09/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago CubsSt. Louis Cardinals+154Chicago Cubs 5-1-1.00MLB
06/08/2019Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee BrewersPittsburgh Pirates+165Milwaukee Brewers 5-3-1.00MLB
06/07/2019Minnesota Twins vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+120Minnesota Twins 6-3-1.00MLB
06/05/2019Houston Astros vs Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners+152Seattle Mariners 14-1+1.52MLB
06/03/2019Houston Astros vs Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners+125Houston Astros 4-2-1.00MLB
06/03/2019Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks+130Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1-1.00MLB
05/31/2019New York Mets vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks+110New York Mets 5-4-1.00MLB
05/31/2019Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+114Cincinnati Reds+2.28MLB
05/28/2019Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds-102Cincinnati Reds 11-6+2.00MLB
05/25/2019Texas Rangers vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-115Los Angeles Angels 3-2+2.00MLB
05/24/2019Detroit Tigers vs New York MetsDetroit Tigers +1.5+120Detroit Tigers 9-8+1.20MLB
05/23/2019Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue JaysUNDER 10.5-110Boston Red Sox 8-2+2.00MLB
05/20/2019Washington Nationals vs New York MetsNew York Mets+150New York Mets 5-3+3.00MLB
05/19/2019Minnesota Twins vs Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners+105Seattle Mariners 7-4+2.10MLB
05/18/2019Oakland Athletics vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+105Oakland Athletics 4-1-1.00MLB
05/18/2019Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+150Cincinnati Reds 4-0+3.00MLB
05/17/2019New York Mets vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins +1.5+115Miami Marlins 8-6+1.15MLB
05/15/2019Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds-125Cincinnati Reds 6-5+2.00MLB
05/11/2019Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles DodgersWashington Nationals+125Washington Nationals 5-2+2.50MLB
05/08/2019Minnesota Twins vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays+103Minnesota Twins 9-1-2.00MLB
05/07/2019Minnesota Twins vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays-107Minnesota Twins 8-0-2.14MLB
05/07/2019Washington Nationals vs Milwaukee BrewersWashington Nationals-105Milwaukee Brewers 5-3-2.10MLB
05/07/2019Miami Marlins vs Chicago CubsMiami Marlins +1.5+120Miami Marlins 6-5+1.20MLB
05/02/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-148Washington Nationals 2-1+2.00MLB
05/01/2019St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-140St. Louis Cardinals 5-1-2.80MLB
04/24/2019New York Yankees vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+108New York Yankees 6-5-1.00MLB
04/21/2019Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-113Los Angeles Angels 8-6+3.00MLB
04/19/2019Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-116Seattle Mariners 5-3-1.16MLB
04/19/2019Los Angeles Dodgers vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers+100Los Angeles Dodgers 5-3-1.00MLB
04/19/2019Washington Nationals vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins+110Miami Marlins 3-2+2.20MLB
04/17/2019Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals+130St. Louis Cardinals 6-3+2.60MLB
04/14/2019Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco GiantsColorado Rockies-105Colorado Rockies 4-0+2.00MLB
04/14/2019Oakland Athletics vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers+136Texas Rangers 8-7+1.36MLB
04/09/2019San Diego Padres vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants+118San Francisco Giants 7-2+2.36MLB
04/09/2019Seattle Mariners vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+100Kansas City Royals 6-3-3.00MLB
04/08/2019Seattle Mariners vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+102Seattle Mariners 13-5-3.00MLB
04/06/2019Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh PiratesCincinnati Reds+100Pittsburgh Pirates 6-5-3.00MLB
04/01/2019Chicago Cubs vs Chicago CubsCUBS OVER 89.5-110Chicago Cubs 84-78-3.30MLB
02/11/2019Morgan State vs Savannah StateMorgan State +1-110Savannah State 88-85-2.20NCAAB
02/10/2019Loyola Chicago vs Valparaiso2H OVER 62-110Loyola Chicago 34-27-1.10NCAAB
02/05/2019Detroit Pistons vs New York KnicksNew York Knicks +4-110Detroit Pistons 105-92-2.20NBA
02/04/2019Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn NetsBrooklyn Nets +7.5-110Milwaukee Bucks 113-94-2.20NBA
02/04/2019Denver Nuggets vs Detroit PistonsDetroit Pistons +3-110Detroit Pistons 129-103+2.00NBA
02/03/2019New England vs Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles Rams+125New England Patriots 13-3-3.00NFL
01/26/2019Virginia vs Notre DameNotre Dame +12.5-110Virginia 82-55-2.20NCAAB
01/22/2019Mississippi vs AlabamaAlabama -1-110Alabama 74-53+2.00NCAAB
01/21/2019Norfolk State vs South Carolina StateSouth Carolina State +1+105Norfolk State 74-69-2.00NCAAB
01/05/2019Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee BucksToronto Raptors +5.5-110Toronto Raptors 123-116+2.00NBA
01/05/2019Nevada vs New MexicoNew Mexico +15-110New Mexico 85-58+2.00NCAAB
01/05/2019Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio SpursMemphis Grizzlies +10-110San Antonio Spurs 108-88-2.20NBA
01/03/2019Tennessee Martin vs Eastern IllinoisUNDER 152-110Eastern Illinois 92-87-2.20NCAAB
12/31/2018New Orleans Pelicans vs Chicago BearsPelicans Bears ML+104Philadelphia Eagles 16-15-2.00NFL
12/30/2018MTSU vs Rhode IslandMTSU +15-110Rhode Island 72-60+2.00NCAAB
12/28/2018Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami HeatCleveland Cavaliers +10-110Miami Heat 118-94-2.20NBA
12/26/2018TCU vs CALCAL +1-110TCU 10-7-2.20NCAAF
12/22/2018Baltimore Ravens vs San Diego ChargersChargers/Chiefs ML Parlay+105Baltimore Ravens 22-10-2.00NFL
12/15/2018Cleveland Browns vs Denver BroncosCleveland Browns +3.5-110Cleveland Browns 17-16+2.00NFL
12/03/2018Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia EaglesWashington Redskins +7-110Philadelphia Eagles 28-13-2.20NFL
12/02/2018Denver Broncos vs Cincinnati BengalsCincinnati Bengals +5.5-110Denver Broncos 24-10-2.20NFL
11/25/2018Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina PanthersSeattle Seahawks +4-110Seattle Seahawks 30-27+1.50NFL
11/22/2018Chicago Bears vs Detroit LionsDetroit Lions +4.5-110Chicago Bears 23-16-1.10NFL
11/20/2018Portland Trailblazers vs New York KnicksNew York Knicks +7.5-110Portland Trailblazers 118-114+2.00NBA
11/20/2018Los Angeles Clippers vs Washington WizardsWashington Wizards +1.5-110Washington Wizards 125-118+2.00NBA
11/18/2018Houston Texans vs Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins +3-110Houston Texans 23-21+2.00NFL
11/09/2018Minnesota Timberwolves vs Sacramento KingsMinnesota Timberwolves-120Sacramento Kings 121-110-2.00NBA
11/04/2018Kansas City Chiefs vs Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns +8.5-110Kansas City Chiefs 37-21-2.20NFL
11/03/2018Louisville vs ClemsonLouisville +40-110Clemson 77-16-1.10NCAAF
10/28/2018New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings +2.5-110New Orleans Saints 30-20-2.20NFL
10/27/2018Arizona State vs USCArizona State +6.5-110Arizona State 38-35+2.00NCAAF
10/27/2018Texas A&M vs Mississippi StateMississippi State +1-110Mississippi State 28-13+2.00NCAAF
10/20/2018Los Angeles Dodgers vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers+105Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1-2.00MLB
10/14/2018Carolina Panthers vs Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins -1-110Washington Redskins 23-17+2.00NFL
10/11/2018Georgia Southern vs Texas StateTexas State +18-110Georgia Southern 15-13+1.00NCAAF
10/09/2018Appalachian State vs Arkansas StateArkansas State +12-110Appalachian State 35-9-2.20NCAAF
10/07/2018Texas A&M vs Denver BroncosTexas A&M vs Denver Broncos-120New York Jets 34-16-2.40NFL
10/07/2018Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills +6-110Buffalo Bills 13-12+1.00NFL
10/06/2018Florida Atlantic vs Colorado RockiesFlorida Atlantic vs Colorado Rockies+102Colorado Rockies 6-0-2.00MLB
09/30/2018Houston Texans vs Indianapolis ColtsIndianapolis Colts -1-110Houston Texans 37-34-2.20NFL
09/29/2018USC vs ArizonaUSC -3-110USC 24-20+1.00NCAAF
09/29/2018Ohio State vs Penn StateOhio State -3-110Ohio State 27-26-1.10NCAAF
09/29/2018Army vs BuffaloArmy +9-110Army 42-13+1.00NCAAF
09/23/2018USC vs New England PatriotsMoneyline Parlay+105Detroit Lions 26-10-2.00NCAAF
09/23/2018San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City ChiefsSan Francisco 49ers +6-110Kansas City Chiefs 38-27-1.10NFL
09/15/2018North Texas vs ArkansasNorth Texas +7.5-110North Texas 44-17+1.00NCAAF
09/13/2018Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati BengalsCincinnati Bengals +1-110Cincinnati Bengals 34-23+2.00NFL
08/30/2018Chicago Cubs vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-127Chicago Cubs 5-4-2.54MLB
08/28/2018Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+120Cincinnati Reds 9-7+2.40MLB
08/26/2018Seattle Mariners vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks-162Arizona Diamondbacks 5-2+2.00MLB
08/24/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+101St. Louis Cardinals 7-5-1.00MLB
08/22/2018Texas Rangers vs Oakland AthleticsTexas Rangers+160Texas Rangers 4-2+1.60MLB
08/21/2018Chicago Cubs vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers +1.5+105Detroit Tigers 2-1+1.05MLB
08/21/2018Chicago Cubs vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+185Detroit Tigers 2-1+1.83MLB
08/21/2018Kansas City Royals vs Tampa Bay RaysOVER 7-110Tamba Bay Rays 4-1-2.20MLB
08/21/2018Baltimore Orioles vs Toronto Blue JaysBaltimore Orioles+126Toronto Blue Jays 8-2-1.00MLB
08/19/2018Colorado Rockies vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-126Colorado Rockies 4-2-1.26MLB
08/18/2018Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-140Pittsburgh Pirates 3-1+2.00MLB
08/15/2018Boston Red Sox vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+105Philadelphia Phillies 7-4+2.10MLB
08/11/2018Washington Nationals vs Chicago CubsWashington Nationals+112Washington Nationals 9-4+2.24MLB
08/11/2018Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays-102Tampa Bay Rays 3-1-2.04MLB
08/09/2018Atlanta Braves vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-115Washington Nationals 6-3+2.00MLB
08/06/2018Philadelphia Phillies vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks-130Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2+2.00MLB
08/05/2018Baltimore Orioles vs Texas RangersBaltimore Orioles+155Baltimore Orioles 9-6+1.55MLB
08/04/2018Detroit Tigers vs Oakland AthleticsDetroit Tigers+176Oakland Athletics 2-1-1.00MLB
08/04/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh PiratesSt. Louis Cardinals+115St. Louis Cardinals 8-4+2.30MLB
08/04/2018Atlanta Braves vs New York MetsNew York Mets+111New York Mets 3-0+2.22MLB
08/04/2018Detroit Tigers vs Oakland AthleticsDetroit Tigers +1.5-120Oakland Athletics 2-1+1.00MLB
08/01/2018Colorado Rockies vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals-130St. Louis Cardinals 6-3+1.00MLB
07/26/2018Arizona Diamondbacks vs Chicago CubsArizona Diamondbacks-102Chicago Cubs 7-6-2.04MLB
07/22/2018Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds-111Pittsburgh Pirates 9-2-2.22MLB
07/21/2018New York Mets vs New York YankeesNew York +1.5+120New York Yankees 7-6+1.20MLB
07/21/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago CubsSt. Louis Cardinals+100Chicago Cubs 7-2-2.00MLB
07/20/2018Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+101Pittsburgh 12-1-2.00MLB
07/10/2018Cincinnati Reds vs Cleveland IndiansCleveland Indians-225Cincinnati Reds 7-4-2.25MLB
07/10/2018New York Yankees vs Baltimore OriolesOVER 9.5-120Baltimore Orioles 6-5+1.00MLB
07/08/2018Philadelphia Phillies vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-150Pittsburgh Pirates 4-1+2.00MLB
07/04/2018Minnesota Twins vs Milwaukee BrewersMinnesota Twins+105Milwaukee Brewers 3-2-1.00MLB
07/03/2018Los Angeles Angels vs Seattle MarinersLos Angeles Angels+103Seattle Mariners 4-1-2.00MLB
07/03/2018Boston Red Sox vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-107Boston Red Sox 11-4-2.14MLB
06/28/2018Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco GiantsColorado Rockies-120Colorado Rockies 9-8+1.00MLB
06/28/2018Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White SoxMinnesota Twins-118Minnesota Twins 2-1+1.00MLB
06/26/2018San Diego Padres vs Texas RangersSan Diego Padres+115San Diego Padres 3-2+2.30MLB
06/24/2018Oakland Athletics vs Chicago White SoxUNDER 9.5-110Chicago White Sox 10-3-1.10MLB
06/24/2018Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York MetsNew York Mets+158Los Angeles Dodgers 8-7-1.00MLB
06/24/2018New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay RaysOVER 8-120Tampa Bay Rays 7-6+1.00MLB
06/23/2018Texas Rangers vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins-123Texas Rangers 9-6-2.46MLB
06/22/2018Kansas City Royals vs Houston AstrosKansas City Royals +1.5+140Kansas City Royals 1-0+1.40MLB
06/18/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+102Philadelphia Phillies 6-5+2.04MLB
06/17/2018Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals+112St. Louis Cardinals 5-0+2.24MLB
06/15/2018Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox-131Detroit Tigers 4-3-2.62MLB
06/14/2018Houston Astros vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics+182Houston Astros 7-3-1.00MLB
06/10/2018New York Yankees vs New York MetsNew York Mets+240New York Mets 2-0+2.40MLB
06/10/2018Los Angeles Angels vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins-110Minnesota Twins 7-5+2.00MLB
06/07/2018Seattle Mariners vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+102Seattle Mariners 5-4-2.00MLB
06/07/2018Philadelphia Phillies vs Chicago CubsPhiladelphia Phillies+110Chicago Cubs 4-3-2.00MLB
06/05/2018Miami Marlins vs St Louis CardinalsMiami Marlins+170Miami Marlins 7-4+1.70MLB
06/05/2018Tampa Bay Rays vs Washington NationalsOVER 6.5-110Washington Nationals 4-2-2.20MLB
06/01/2018Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+118Minnesota Twins 7-4+2.36MLB
06/01/2018Boston Red Sox vs Houston AstrosOVER 6.5-120Houston Astros 7-3+2.00MLB
05/24/2018Seattle Mariners vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics-120Oakland Athletics 4-3+2.00MLB
05/22/2018Los Angeles Angels vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays+100Toronto Blue Jays 5-3+2.00MLB
05/16/2018Tampa Bay Rays vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+103Tampa Bay Rays 5-3-2.00MLB
05/14/2018Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants-130San Francisco Giants 10-7+2.00MLB
05/07/2018San Francisco Giants vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+115Philadephia Phillies 11-0+2.30MLB
05/07/2018Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto RaptorsToronto Raptors Series-180Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0-7.20NBA
05/02/2018Colorado Rockies vs Chicago CubsOVER 10.5-105Colorado Rockies 11-2+1.00MLB
05/01/2018Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+111Milwaukee Brewers 7-6-1.00MLB
04/28/2018Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago CubsOVER 7+100Chicago Cubs 3-0-2.00MLB
04/28/2018Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals-130Chicago White Sox 8-0-2.60MLB
04/28/2018Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals-134Kansas City Royals 5-2+2.00MLB
04/27/2018Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals-110Chicago White Sox 7-4-3.30MLB
04/25/2018Oakland Athletics vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers-105Texas Rangers 4-2+1.00MLB
04/25/2018Milwaukee Brewers vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+103Milwaukee Brewers 6-2-2.00MLB
04/25/2018Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland IndiansCleveland Indians-122Cleveland Indians 4-1+2.00MLB
04/24/2018Oakland Athletics vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers-110Oakland Athletics 3-2-2.20MLB
04/21/2018Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis CardinalsCincinnati Reds+205St. Louis Cardinals 4-3-1.00MLB
04/20/2018Kansas City Royals vs Detroit TigersKansas City Royals+120Detroit Tigers 3-2-2.00MLB
04/19/2018Philadelphia Phillies vs Pittsburgh PiratesOVER 7-115Pittsburgh Pirates 7-0+0.00MLB
04/18/2018Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+112Minnesota Twins 2-1+2.24MLB
04/17/2018Tampa Bay Rays vs Los Angeles AngelsTampa Bay Rays / Los Angeles Angels+150Boston Red Sox 10-1-2.00MLB
04/14/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+119St. Louis Cardinals 6-1-2.00MLB
04/11/2018Tampa Bay Rays vs Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox+105Chicago White Sox 2-1+2.10MLB
04/09/2018Atlanta Braves vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-235Washington Nationals 2-0+1.00MLB
04/07/2018Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh PiratesCincinnati Reds+128Pittsburgh Pirates 7-4+2.56MLB
04/06/2018Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh PiratesCincinnati Reds-115Pittsburgh Pirates 14-3-1.15MLB
04/05/2018Seattle Mariners vs Minnesota TwinsSeattle Mariners-110Minnesota Twins 4-2-1.10MLB
04/03/2018Colorado Rockies vs San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres+100San Diego Padres 8-4+3.00MLB
04/03/2018Cleveland Indians vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-130Los Angeles Angels 13-2+2.00MLB
04/03/2018Washington Nationals vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+120Atlanta Braves 13-6+1.20MLB
03/15/2018Philadelphia 76ers vs New York KnicksNew York Knicks +10-110Philadelphia 76ers 118-110+1.00NBA
03/08/2018Boston Celtics vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves +3-110Boston Celtics 117-109-1.10NBA
03/05/2018Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee Bucks +2-110Milwaukee Bucks 118-110+1.00NBA
02/27/2018Ball State vs Central MichiganCentral Michigan +1-110Central Michigan 75-51+1.00NCAAB
02/25/2018Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington WizardsWashington Wizards ML-120Washington Wizards 109-94+1.00NBA
02/13/2018Houston Rockets vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves +3.5-110Houston Rockets 126-108-2.20NCAAB
02/10/2018Xavier vs CreightonCreighton -2-110Xavier 72-71-1.10NCAAB
01/16/2018Jacksonville Jaguars vs New England Patriots1H UNDER 23.5-110Jacksonville 14-10-2.20NFL
01/14/2018New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota VikingsNew Orleans Saints +4-110Minnesota Vikings 29-24-2.20NFL
01/13/2018La Salle vs DuquesneLa Salle +1.5-110Duquesne 101-94-1.10NCAAB
01/12/2018Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana PacersCleveland Cavaliers-120Indiana Pacers 97-95-2.00NBA
01/06/2018Atlanta Falcons vs Los Angeles RamsAtlanta Falcons +6.5-110Atlanta Falcons 26-13+2.00NFL
01/01/2018Portland Trailblazers vs Chicago BullsPortland Trailblazers +3-110Portland Trailblazers 124-120+1.00NBA
12/31/2017Green Bay Packers vs Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers +7-110Detroit Lions 35-11-1.10NFL
12/24/2017Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas CowboysSeattle Seahawks +5-110Seattle Seahawks 21-12+2.00NFL
12/24/2017Los Angeles Rams vs Tennessee TitansTennessee Titans +7-110Los Angeles Rams 27-23+2.00NFL
12/14/2017Texas Tech vs MichiganTexas Tech Michigan ML parlay-110South Carolina 26-19-2.00NCAAF
12/09/2017Army vs NavyOVER 44-110Army vs Navy-2.20NCAAF
12/02/2017Memphis vs Central FloridaMemphis +7.5-110Central Florida 62-55+2.00NCAAF
11/25/2017Iowa State vs Kansas StateKansas State ML-130Kansas State 20-19+2.00NCAAF
11/20/2017Atlanta Falcons vs Seattle SeahawksAtlanta Falcons +3-110Atlanta Falcons 34-31+2.00NFL
11/18/2017Utah vs WashingtonUTAH 17.5-110Washington 33-30+2.00NCAAF
11/18/2017Texas San Antonio vs Lousiana StateML Parlay-145Texas San Antonio 9-7+2.00NCAAF
11/12/2017Green Bay Packers vs Chicago BearsGreen Bay Packers +6-110Green Bay Packers 23-16+2.00NFL
11/11/2017Arkansas State vs South AlabamaSouth Alabama +12.5-110South Alabama 24-19+1.00NCAAF
11/05/2017Washington Redskins vs Seattle SeahawksWashington Redskins +7.5-110Washington Redskins 20-17+2.00NFL
11/02/2017Buffalo Bills vs New York JetsNew York Jets +3.5-110New York Jets 34-21+2.00NFL
10/26/2017Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore RavensBaltimore Ravens -3-110Baltimore Ravens 40-0+2.00NFL
10/22/2017New York Jets vs Miami DolphinsOVER 38-120Miami Dolphins 30-27+2.00NFL
10/21/2017Central Florida vs NavyNavy +8-110Central Florida 31-21-2.20NCAAF
10/20/2017Marshall vs Middle TennesseeMiddle Tennessee +3-115Marshall 38-10-2.30NCAAF
10/17/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago CubsChicago Cubs-111Los Angeles Dodgers 6-1-2.22MLB
10/15/2017Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Arizona CardinalsArizona Cardinals +2.5-110Arizona Cardinals 38-33+2.00NFL
10/15/2017Cleveland Browns vs Houston TexansCleveland Browns +10-110Houston Texans 33-17-2.20NFL
10/14/2017East Carolina vs Central FloridaEast Carolina +37-110Central Florida 63-21-1.10NCAAF
10/14/2017South Carolina vs TennesseeTennessee -2-110South Carolina 15-9-2.20NCAAF
10/09/2017Houston Astros vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 10.5-110Houston Astros 5-4+1.00MLB
10/08/2017Green Bay Packers vs Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys -1-110Green Bay Packers 35-31-2.20NFL
10/08/2017New York Jets vs Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns +1.5-110New York Jets 17-14-2.20NFL
10/08/2017Jacksonville Jaguars vs Pittsburgh SteelersUNDER 44.5-110Jacksonville Jaguars 30-9+2.00NFL
10/06/2017Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles DodgersArizona Diamondbacks +15+100Los Angeles Dodgers 9-5-1.00MLB
10/01/2017New England Patriots vs Carolina PanthersUNDER 49-110Carolina Panthers 33-30-2.20NFL
10/01/2017Detroit Lions vs Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings -1-110Detroit Lions 14-7-2.20NFL
10/01/2017Philadelphia Eagles vs San Diego ChargersSan Diego Chargers-130Philadelphia Eagles 26-24-2.00NFL
09/30/2017Middle Tennessee vs Florida AtlanticFlorida Atlantic -2.5-110Florida Atlantic 38-20+2.00NCAAF
09/29/2017BYU vs UTAH STATEBYU +1.5-110UTAH STATE 40-24-2.20NCAAF
09/24/2017Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego ChargersKansas City Chiefs -2.5 (buyback)-110Kansas City Chiefs 24-10+1.00NFL
09/24/2017Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego ChargersSan Diego Chargers +3.5-120Kansas City Chiefs 24-10-2.40NFL
09/24/2017Denver Broncos vs Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills +3.5-110Buffalo Bills 26-16+2.00NFL
09/24/2017Miami Dolphins vs New York JetsNew York Jets +6-110New York Jets 20-6+1.00NFL
09/23/2017Wake Forest vs Appalachian StateAppalachian State +6-110Wake Forest 20-19+1.00NCAAF
09/20/2017Oakland Athletics vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+105Oakland Athletics 3-2-1.00MLB
09/20/2017Cleveland Indians vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+105Cleveland Indians 6-5-2.00MLB
09/19/2017Cleveland Indians vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-110Cleveland Indians 6-3-2.20MLB
09/19/2017Chicago Cubs vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays-119Chicago Cubs 2-1-1.19MLB
09/19/2017Milwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+103Milwaukee Brewers 1-0-1.00MLB
09/18/2017Milwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-105Milwaukee Brewers 3-0-1.05MLB
09/17/2017Washington Redskins vs Los Angeles RamsWashington Redskins +3-110Washington Redskins 27-20+2.00NFL
09/17/2017Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville JaguarsTennessee Titans -1-110Tennessee Titans 37-16+2.00NFL
09/16/2017Wisconsin vs BYU2H BYU +7-110Wisconsin 16-0-2.20NCAAF
09/14/2017Houston Texans vs Cincinnati BengalsCincinnati Bengals -3-125Houston Texans 10-9-2.50NFL
09/14/2017Seattle Mariners vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers+104Seattle Mariners 10-4-1.00MLB
09/12/2017New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+135Tampa Bay Rays 2-1+1.35MLB
09/10/2017New York Yankees vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers+120New York Yankees 16-7-1.00MLB
09/10/2017Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns +10-110Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18+1.00NFL
09/10/2017Atlanta Falcons vs Chicago BearsChicago Bears +7-110Atlanta Falcons 23-17+2.00NFL
09/09/2017UTAH vs BYUBYU +3.5-110UTAH 19-13-1.10NCAAF
09/09/2017Mississippi State vs Louisiana TechLouisiana Tech +10-110Mississippi State 57-21-1.10NCAAF
09/09/2017UNLV vs IdahoUNLV +7-120UNLV 44-16+1.00NCAAF
09/09/2017Old Dominion vs UMASSUMASS +4-110Old Dominion 17-7-1.10NCAAF
09/06/2017Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles DodgersLos Angeles Dodgers W/ NFL-170Arizona Diamondbacks 3-1-2.00MLB
09/06/2017Texas Rangers vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+113Atlanta Braves 5-4+1.13MLB
09/06/2017Washington Nationals vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins+120Washington Nationals 8-1-2.00MLB
09/03/2017Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies-120Arizona Diamondbacks 5-1-2.40MLB
09/01/2017Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies-110Arizona Diamondbacks 9-5-2.20MLB
08/26/2017Texas Rangers vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics+105Oakland Athletics 8-3+1.05MLB
08/25/2017Colorado Rockies vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-110Atlanta Braves 5-2+1.00MLB
08/23/2017Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+115Philadelphia Phillies 8-0+1.00MLB
08/21/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+125Los Angeles Dodgers 6-5-1.00MLB
08/20/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+135Detroit Tigers 6-1+2.70MLB
08/19/2017Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ers -1 1H-110Denver Broncos 20-0-1.10NFL
08/18/2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+120St. Louis Cardinals 11-10-1.00MLB
08/17/2017New York Yankees vs New York MetsNew York Mets +1.5+105New York Yankees 7-5-1.00MLB
08/15/2017Los Angeles Angels vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-102Washington Nationals 3-1+1.00MLB
08/14/2017Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red SoxCleveland Indians-105Cleveland Indians 7-3+1.00MLB
08/12/2017Chicago Cubs vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks+117Arizona Diamondbacks 6-2+2.34MLB
08/12/2017Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers-150Milwaukee Brewers 6-5+1.00MLB
08/12/2017Minnesota Twins vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+117Detroit Tigers 11-10+2.34MLB
08/11/2017Chicago Cubs vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks-110Chicago Cubs 8-3-2.20MLB
08/11/2017Boston Red Sox vs New York YankeesNew York Yankees-129New York Yankees 5-4+1.00MLB
08/08/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks+123Arizona Diamondbacks 6-3+2.46MLB
08/08/2017Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay RaysOVER 7-105Boston Red Sox 2-0-1.05MLB
08/04/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York MetsNew York Mets+118Los Angeles Dodgers 6-0-1.00MLB
08/03/2017Philadelphia Phillies vs Los Angeles AngelsPhiladelphia Phillies+155Los Angeles Angels 5-4-1.00MLB
07/31/2017Kansas City Royals vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles+103Baltimore Orioles 2-1+2.06MLB
07/27/2017Los Angeles Angels vs Cleveland IndiansLos Angeles Angels+160Cleveland Indians 2-1-1.00MLB
07/26/2017New York Mets vs San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres+102San Diego Padres 6-3+1.02MLB
07/26/2017Houston Astros vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+105Philadelphia Phillies 9-0+1.05MLB
07/26/2017Kansas City Royals vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers-115Kansas City Royals 16-2-1.15MLB
07/25/2017Kansas City Royals vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers-118Kansas City Royals 3-1-1.18MLB
07/22/2017New York Yankees vs Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners+130Seattle Mariners 6-5+1.30MLB
07/22/2017Pittsburgh Pirates vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies-113Colorado Rockies 7-3+1.00MLB
07/20/2017New York Yankees vs Seattle MarinersNew York Yankees-135New York Yankees 4-1+1.00MLB
07/20/2017Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles DodgersAtlanta Braves +1.5-110Atlanta Braves 6-3+1.00MLB
07/19/2017Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+100Kansas City Royals 4-3+1.00MLB
07/19/2017Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+105Los Angeles Angels 7-0+1.05MLB
07/19/2017Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds +1.5-105Cincinnati Reds 4-3+1.00MLB
07/19/2017Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics-115Oakland Athletics 7-2+1.00MLB
07/03/2017Miami Marlins vs St. Louis CardinalsUNDER 10-105St. Louis Cardinals 14-6-1.05MLB
06/25/2017Colorado Rockies vs Los Angeles DodgersColorado Rockies+155Los Angeles Dodgers 12-6-2.00MLB
06/16/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds +1.5-110Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1-1.10MLB
06/15/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cleveland IndiansCleveland Indians+105Cleveland Indians 12-5+1.05MLB
06/14/2017Seattle Mariners vs Minnesota TwinsUNDER 10.5-115Seattle Mariners 6-4+2.00MLB
06/14/2017Boston Red Sox vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+113Boston Red Sox 7-3-1.00MLB
06/13/2017Seattle Mariners vs Minnesota TwinsUNDER 11-110Minnesota Twins 20-7-1.10MLB
06/12/2017Colorado Rockies vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-119Pittsburgh Pirates 7-2+1.00MLB
06/11/2017Baltimore Orioles vs New York YankeesUNDER 10.5+110New York Yankees 14-3-2.00MLB
06/08/2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati RedsSt. Louis Cardinals-107Cincinnati Reds 5-2-1.07MLB
06/07/2017Chicago White Sox vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays-170Tampa Bay Rays 3-1+1.00MLB
06/05/2017San Francisco Giants vs Milwaukee BrewersSan Francisco Giants-118San Francisco Giants 7-2+1.00MLB
06/05/2017Houston Astros vs Kansas City RoyalsUNDER 10.5-110Houston Astros 7-3+2.00MLB
06/05/2017Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta BravesUNDER 10+100Philadelphia Phillies 11-4-3.00MLB
06/01/2017Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles+116Baltimore Orioles 7-5+1.16MLB
05/31/2017Houston Astros vs Minnesota TwinsUNDER 10+100Houston Astros 17-6-3.00MLB
05/30/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals+110Los Angeles Dodgers 9-4-3.00MLB
05/26/2017Arizona Diamondbacks vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers-107Arizona Diamondbacks 4-2-2.14MLB
05/24/2017Pittsburgh Pirates vs Atlanta BravesUNDER 9.5-110Pittsburgh Pirates 12-5-2.20MLB
05/24/2017Cincinnati Red vs Cleveland IndiansUNDER 10-110Cincinnati Reds 4-3+2.00MLB
05/23/2017Colorado Rockies vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+129Colorado Rockies 8-2-2.00MLB
05/22/2017Minnesota Twins vs Baltimore OriolesUNDER 10-110Minnesota Twins 14-7-2.20MLB
05/21/2017Philadelphia Phillies vs Pittsburgh PiratesPhiladelphia Phillies-118Pittsburgh Pirates 1-0-1.18MLB
05/21/2017Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati RedsUNDER 10-120Colorado Rockies 6-4+0.00MLB
05/20/2017Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds-109Cincinnati Reds 12-8+2.00MLB
05/19/2017Cleveland Indians vs Houston AstrosCleveland Indians+128Cleveland Indians 5-2+2.56MLB
05/19/2017Boston Red Sox vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics +1.5+100Oakland Athletics 3-2+1.00MLB
05/19/2017Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+100Colorado Rockies 12-6-1.00MLB
05/18/2017Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago CubsUNDER 10.5-105Chicago Cubs 9-5-2.10MLB
05/16/2017New York Yankees vs Kansas City RoyalsUNDER 10-110New York Yankees 7-1+2.00MLB
05/14/2017Atlanta Braves vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins-125Miami Marlins 3-1+2.00MLB
05/11/2017Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants-112Cincinnati Reds 3-2-2.24MLB
05/10/2017Boston Red Sox vs Milwaukee BrewersUNDER 9.5-110Milwaukee Brewers 7-4-1.10MLB
05/10/2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins-112St. Louis Cardinals 7-5-1.12MLB
05/10/2017Cleveland Indians vs Toronto Blue JaysOVER 7.5-110Toronto Blue Jays 7-5+2.00MLB
05/09/2017New York Yankees vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+100Cincinnati Reds 5-3+2.00MLB
05/09/2017Cleveland Indians vs Toronto Blue JaysOVER 8-105Cleveland Indians 6-0-1.05MLB
05/07/2017Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+105Cleveland Indians 1-0-2.00MLB
05/07/2017Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota TwinsOVER 7-110Boston Red Sox 17-6+2.00MLB
05/07/2017Miami Marlins vs New York MetsUNDER 9-115Miami Marlins 7-0+2.00MLB
05/06/2017Miami Marlins vs New York MetsUNDER 9-105New York Mets 8-7-1.05MLB
05/06/2017Detroit Tigers vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics-132Oakland Athletics 6-5+2.00MLB
05/06/2017Miami Marlins vs New York MetsUNDER 9-105New York Mets 11-3-1.05MLB
05/06/2017Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies-116Washington Nationals 6-2-1.16MLB
05/06/2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-114St. Louis Cardinals 5-3-1.14MLB
05/05/2017Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland IndiansKansas City Royals+162Kansas City Royals 3-1+1.62MLB
05/05/2017Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+137Minnesota Twins 4-3+1.37MLB
05/05/2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-111St. Louis Cardinals 10-0-1.11MLB
05/03/2017Los Angeles Angels vs Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners-116Seattle Mariners 8-7+2.00MLB
05/03/2017Oakland Athletics vs Minnesota TwinsOakland Athletics+115Minnesota Twins 7-4-1.00MLB
05/02/2017Cleveland Indians vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+122Detroit Tigers 5-2+1.22MLB
04/30/2017Seattle Mariners vs Cleveland IndiansUNDER 9.5+100Cleveland Indians 12-4-2.00MLB
04/29/2017San Diego Padres vs San Francisco GiantsSan Diego Padres+110San Diego Padres 12-4+2.20MLB
04/29/2017Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee BrewersUNDER 9-105Atlanta Braves 11-3-1.05MLB
04/27/2017San Diego Padres vs Arizona DiamondbacksUNDER 10.5-110Arizona Diamondbacks 6-2+3.00MLB
04/27/2017Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia PhilliesMiami Marlins+100Philadelphia Phillies 3-2-1.00MLB
04/26/2017San Diego Padres vs Arizona DiamondbacksUNDER 10.5-105San Diego Padres 8-5-3.15MLB
04/26/2017Kansas City Royals vs Chicago White SoxKansas City Royals+127Chicago White Sox 5-2-2.00MLB
04/24/2017Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers+110Milwaukee Brewers 11-7+2.20MLB
04/22/2017Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+105Tampa Bay Rays 6-3+2.10MLB
04/22/2017Seattle Mariners vs Oakland AthleticsSeattle Mariners+113Oakland Athletics 4-3-2.00MLB
04/21/2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee BrewersSt. Louis Cardinals-110St. Louis Cardinals 6-3+1.00MLB
04/21/2017Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White SoxOVER 6.5-110Cleveland Indians 3-0-2.20MLB
04/21/2017New York Yankees vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates+102Pittsburgh Pirates 6-3+2.04MLB
04/20/2017San Francisco Giants vs Kansas City RoyalsOVER 8-105Kansas City Royals 2-0-2.10MLB
04/20/2017Boston Redsox vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays+105Toronto Blue Jays 3-0+2.10MLB
04/17/2017San Diego Padres vs Atlanta BravesSan Diego Padres+138Atlanta Braves 5-4-1.00MLB
04/17/2017Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals-113St. Louis Cardinals 2-1+2.00MLB
04/14/2017New York Mets vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins+146Miami Marlins 3-2+1.46MLB
04/13/2017Seattle Mariners vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals-128Kansas City Royals 3-1+2.00MLB
04/13/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago CubsOVER 7-110Chicago Cubs 4-0-1.10MLB
04/10/2017Houston Astros vs Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners-120Seattle Mariners 6-0+1.00MLB
04/09/2017New York Yankees vs Baltimore OriolesNew York Yankees+110New York Yankees 7-3+1.00MLB
04/08/2017Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies-115Philadelphia Phillies 17-3+2.00MLB
04/05/2017Toronto Bluejays vs Baltimore OriolesOVER 8.5-105Baltimore Orioles 3-1-1.05MLB
04/03/2017Kansas City Royals vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins-103Minnesota Twins 7-1+2.00MLB
04/02/2017New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+110Tampa Bay Rays 7-3+3.30MLB
09/13/2016Colorado Rockies vs Arizona DiamondbacksUNDER 10-110Arizona Diamondbacks 11-4-4.00MLB
09/12/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York YankeesNew York Yankees+140Los Angeles Dodgers 8-2-2.00MLB
09/09/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins+150Miami Marlins 4-1+3.00MLB
09/02/2016Boston Red Sox vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics+155Boston Red Sox 16-2-1.00MLB
09/02/2016Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado RockiesArizona Diamondbacks-115Colorado Rockies 14-7-2.30MLB
09/02/2016Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+100Chicago White Sox 11-4-1.00MLB
09/01/2016Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+110Minnesota Twins 8-5+3.30MLB
09/01/2016San Francisco Giants vs Chicago CubsSan Francisco Giants+125Chicago Cubs 5-4-1.00MLB
08/31/2016Chicago White Sox vs Detroit TigersChicago White Sox+120Detroit Tigers 3-2-1.00MLB
08/29/2016Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-138Los Angeles Angels 9-2+2.00MLB
08/29/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+124Colorado Rockies 8-1+1.24MLB
08/29/2016Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red SoxTampa Bay Rays+190Boston Red Sox 9-4-1.00MLB
08/27/2016Colorado Rockies vs Washington NationalsUNDER 9.5+100Colorado Rockies 9-4-1.00MLB
08/22/2016Colorado Rockies vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers-104Milwaukee Brewers 4-2+2.00MLB
08/20/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cincinnati RedsUNDER 9.5-105Cincinnati Reds 11-1-2.10MLB
08/18/2016Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels-103Los Angeles Angels 6-4+3.00MLB
08/18/2016Miami Marlins vs Cincinnati RedsOVER 7-110Cincinnati Reds 5-4+3.00MLB
08/18/2016Washington Nationals vs Atlanta BravesUNDER 9-110Washington Nationals 8-2-1.10MLB
08/18/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs Philadelphia PhilliesUNDER 9-110Philadelphia Phillies 5-4+0.00MLB
08/16/2016Washington Nationals vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+135Colorado Rockies 6-2+5.40MLB
08/16/2016Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+110Los Angeles Angels 7-6+4.40MLB
08/15/2016Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+120Seattle Mariners 3-2-2.00MLB
08/15/2016Washington Nationals vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+180Washington Nationals 5-4-2.00MLB
08/13/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago CubsSt. Louis Cardinals+195St. Louis Cardinals 8-4+3.90MLB
08/12/2016San Diego Padres vs New York MetsUNDER 9.5-110San Diego Padres 8-6-2.50MLB
08/12/2016Seattle Mariners vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics-125Oakland Athletics 6-3+3.00MLB
07/29/2016Washington Nationals vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants+140Washington Nationals 4-1-1.00MLB
07/29/2016Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles DodgersArizona Diamondbacks+200Los Angeles Dodgers 9-7-1.00MLB
07/29/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers+121Milwaukee Brewers 3-1+1.21MLB
07/29/2016Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+126Minnesota Twins 2-1+2.52MLB
07/29/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins+105St. Louis Cardinals 11-6-2.00MLB
07/29/2016Houston Astros vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+140Detroit Tigers 14-6+2.80MLB
07/29/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Toronto Blue JaysOVER 9+105Toronto Blue Jays 6-4+2.10MLB
07/28/2016Kansas City Royals vs Texas RangersKansas City Royals+150Texas Rangers 3-2-2.00MLB
07/28/2016Chicago White Sox vs Chicago CubsOVER 6.5-115Chicago Cubs 3-1-3.45MLB
07/28/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+111Minnesota Twins 6-2+2.22MLB
07/26/2016Oakland Athletics vs Texas RangersUNDER 10.5+110Oakland Athletics 6-3+1.10MLB
07/26/2016Los Angeles Angels vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+110Los Angeles Angels 13-0-2.00MLB
07/26/2016New York Yankees vs Houston AstrosOVER 8.5-105New York Yankees 6-3+2.00MLB
07/26/2016Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 11+100Detroit Tigers 9-8-1.00MLB
07/25/2016Arizona Diamondbacks vs Milwaukee BrewersUNDER 9.5-110Milwaukee Brewers 7-2+3.00MLB
07/23/2016Texas Rangers vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+110Texas Rangers 7-4-3.00MLB
07/23/2016New York Mets vs Miami MarlinsOVER 6-115Miami Marlins 7-2+4.00MLB
07/22/2016Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers+150Chicago Cubs 5-2-2.00MLB
07/22/2016Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox+140Detroit Tigers 7-5-2.00MLB
07/22/2016San Francisco Giants vs New York YankeesOVER 7-110New York Yankees 3-2-3.30MLB
07/21/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs Washington NationalsLos Angeles Dodgers+180Los Angeles Dodgers 6-3+5.40MLB
07/21/2016Baltimore Orioles vs New York YankeesOVER 8.5-105Baltimore Orioles 4-1-3.45MLB
07/19/2016Texas Rangers vs Los Angeles AngelsUNDER 10-105Los Angeles Angels 8-6-3.45MLB
07/17/2016Colorado Rockies vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-105Atlanta Braves 1-0+3.00MLB
07/07/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals-130St. Louis Cardinals 5-1+3.00MLB
07/06/2016Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago CubsUNDER 11+105Cincinnati Reds 5-3+2.10MLB
07/06/2016Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland IndiansDetroit Tigers+115Detroit Tigers 12-2+3.45MLB
07/05/2016San Diego Padres vs Arizona DiamondbacksUNDER 9.5+100Arizona Diamondbacks 7-5-2.00MLB
07/05/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis CardinalsUNDER 9-105Pittsburgh Pirates 5-2+1.00MLB
07/05/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals-130Pittsburgh Pirates 5-2-1.00MLB
07/04/2016New York Yankees vs Chicago White SoxUNDER 10-110Chicago White Sox 8-2+0.00MLB
07/04/2016Oakland Athletics vs Minnesota TwinsUNDER 10-110Oakland Athletics 3-1+2.00MLB
07/04/2016Texas Rangers vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 11.5+100Boston Red Sox 12-5-2.00MLB
07/02/2016Cleveland Indians vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays -1-120Toronto Blue Jays 9-6+4.00MLB
07/01/2016Texas Rangers vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins+117Texas Rangers 3-2-2.00MLB
07/01/2016Kansas City Royals vs Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies+120Philadelphia Phillies 4-3+2.40MLB
07/01/2016Detroit Tigers vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+110Detroit Tigers 10-2-3.00MLB
07/01/2016Cleveland Indians vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays-130Cleveland Indians 2-1-3.00MLB
06/30/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners-115Seattle Mariners 5-3+4.00MLB
06/29/2016Toronto Blue Jays vs Colorado RockiesUNDER 12.5-110Toronto Blue Jays 5-3+4.00MLB
06/29/2016Baltimore Orioles vs San Diego PadresUNDER 9.5+100Baltimore Orioles 12-6-2.00MLB
06/28/2016Toronto Blue Jays vs Colorado RockiesUNDER 13-110Toronto Blue Jays 14-9-3.30MLB
06/28/2016Texas Ranges vs New York YankeesNew York Yankees+105Texas Rangers 7-1-3.00MLB
06/26/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs Pittsburgh PiratesUNDER 6.5-110Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3+3.00MLB
06/26/2016Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado RockiesUNDER 12.5-105Colorado Rockies 9-7-3.15MLB
06/26/2016Boston Red Sox vs Texas RangersUNDER 10-110Texas Rangers 6-2+3.00MLB
06/26/2016Houston Astros vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+115Kansas City Royals 6-1+3.45MLB
06/26/2016Washington Nationals vs Milwaukee BrewersUNDER 9.5-110Washington Nationals 3-2+3.00MLB
06/26/2016Tampa Bay Rays vs Baltimore OriolesTampa Bay Rays+115Baltimore Orioles 12-5-3.00MLB
06/26/2016New York Mets vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+120Atlanta Braves 5-2+2.40MLB
06/26/2016Cleveland Indians vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers-125Cleveland Indians 9-3-3.75MLB
06/25/2016Houston Astros vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals+125Houston Astros 13-5-3.00MLB
06/25/2016Tampa Bay Rays vs Baltimore OriolesTampa Bay Rays+140Baltimore Orioles 5-0-3.00MLB
06/23/2016Philadelphia Phillies vs Minnesota TwinsPhiladelphia Phillies+139Philadelphia Phillies 7-3+2.78MLB
06/23/2016Boston Red Sox vs Chicago White SoxUNDER 10.5-105Boston Red Sox 8-7-3.15MLB
06/22/2016San Diego Padres vs Baltimore OriolesUNDER 10.5-115Baltimore Orioles 7-2+5.00MLB
06/22/2016San Francisco Giants vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-115San Francisco Giants 7-6-2.30MLB
06/22/2016Tampa Bay Rays vs Cleveland IndiansTampa Bay Rays+102Cleveland Indians 6-1-1.00MLB
06/20/2016Seattle Mariners vs Detroit TigersUNDER 10.5-110Detroit Tigers 8-7-3.30MLB
06/18/2016Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles AngelsUNDER 8.5-110Los Angeles Angels 7-1+2.00MLB
06/18/2016Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 10-115Boston Red Sox 6-2+2.00MLB
06/18/2016Toronto Blue Jays vs Baltimore OriolesUNDER 10+105Baltimore Orioles 4-2+3.15MLB
06/16/2016Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City RoyalsDetroit Tigers-105Detroit Tigers 10-4+2.00MLB
06/16/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 10.5-110Baltimore Orioles 5-1+3.00MLB
06/15/2016Miami Marlins vs San Diego PadresUNDER 9-130San Diego Padres 6-3+0.00MLB
06/13/2016Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles AngelsUNDER 9-105Minnesota Twins 9-4-3.15MLB
06/13/2016Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White SoxUNDER 10+100Chicago White Sox 10-9-3.00MLB
06/11/2016Minnesota Twins vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 10-110Boston Red Sox 15-4-3.30MLB
06/11/2016San Diego Padres vs Colorado RockiesUNDER 12.5-110Colorado Rockies 5-3+3.00MLB
06/10/2016San Diego Padres vs Colorado RockiesUNDER 12-115San Diego Padres 7-5+0.00MLB
06/10/2016Miami Marlins vs Arizona DiamondbacksUNDER 10-110Miami Marlins 8-6-3.30MLB
06/10/2016Detroit Tigers vs New York YankeesUNDER 10-110New York Yankees 4-0+3.00MLB
06/07/2016Cleveland Indians vs Seattle MarinersUNDER 9-110Seattle Mariners 7-1+3.00MLB
06/07/2016Oakland Athletics vs Milwaukee BrewersUNDER 9.5-110Milwaukee Brewers 5-4+3.00MLB
06/07/2016Houston Astros vs Texas RangersHouston Astros-110Texas Ranges 4-3-3.30MLB
06/07/2016Los Angeles Angels vs New York YankeesUNDER 9.5-110New York Yankees 6-3+3.00MLB
06/02/2016Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore OriolesUNDER 9.5+100Baltimore Orioles 12-7-2.00MLB
06/01/2016Minnesota Twins vs Oakland AthleticsUNDER 9-110Oakland Athletics 5-1+2.00MLB
05/31/2016San Francisco Giants vs Atlanta BravesUNDER 9-116San Francisco Giants 4-0+2.00MLB
05/30/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs Miami MarlinsUNDER 9.5-110Pittsburgh Pirates 10-0-3.30MLB
05/29/2016Detroit Tigers vs Oakland AthleticsUNDER 9+105Oakland Athletics 4-2+3.15MLB
05/28/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-110St. Louis Cardinals 9-4-2.20MLB
05/28/2016New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays-105Tampa Bay Rays 9-5+3.00MLB
05/28/2016Milwaukee Brewers vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+115Atlanta Braves 7-2+1.15MLB
05/27/2016New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+105New York Yankees 4-1-2.00MLB
05/26/2016Milwaukee Brewers vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-125Milwaukee Brewers 6-2-3.75MLB
05/25/2016Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles DodgersCincinnati Reds+170Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1-1.00MLB
05/25/2016Arizona Diamondbacks vs Pittsburgh PiratesUNDER 8.5-105Pittsburgh Pirates 5-4-4.20MLB
05/25/2016Milwaukee Brewers vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+105Milwaukee Brewers 3-2-3.00MLB
05/25/2016Toronto Blue Jays vs New York YankeesNew York Yankees-103Toronto Blue Jays 8-4-2.06MLB
05/25/2016New York Mets vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals+110New York Mets 2-0-2.00MLB
05/24/2016Milwaukee Brewers vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-110Milwaukee Brewers 2-1-3.30MLB
05/24/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Houston AstrosHouston Astros+110Houston Astros 3-2+3.30MLB
05/22/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Los Angeles AngelsUNDER 9-105Los Angeles Angels 10-2-3.15MLB
05/14/2016San Francisco Giants vs Arizona DiamondbacksUNDER 9.5-110San Francisco Giants 5-3+2.00MLB
05/13/2016New York Mets vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+105Colorado Rockies 5-2+2.10MLB
05/12/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+117St. Louis Cardinals 12-10-2.00MLB
05/12/2016Detroit Tigers vs Baltimore OriolesUNDER 9.5-110Baltimore Orioles 7-5-2.20MLB
05/12/2016Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta BravesOVER 7-110Philadelphia Phillies 7-4+2.00MLB
05/11/2016Milwaukee Brewers vs Miami MarlinsUNDER 8.5-110Miami Marlins 3-2+3.00MLB
05/11/2016Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+111Atlanta Braves 5-1+3.33MLB
05/10/2016New York Mets vs Los Angeles DodgersLos Angeles Dodgers-110Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2+3.00MLB
05/10/2016Toronto Blue Jays vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants+115Toronto Blue Jays 4-0-2.00MLB
05/10/2016Chicago White Sox vs Texas RangersTexas Rangers+115Texas Rangers 13-11+3.45MLB
05/08/2016Washington Nationals vs Chicago CubsWashington Nationals+200Chicago Cubs 4-3-2.00MLB
05/07/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis CardinalsUNDER 9-110St. Louis Cardinals 6-4-3.30MLB
05/05/2016Texas Rangers vs Toronto Blue JaysOVER 8.5-110Toronto Blue Jays 12-2+1.00MLB
05/05/2016New York Yankees vs Baltimore OriolesOVER 7-110Baltimore Orioles 1-0-3.30MLB
05/04/2016Boston Red Sox vs Chicago White SoxBoston Red Sox+110Boston Red Sox 5-2+2.20MLB
05/04/2016San Francisco Giants vs Cincinnati RedsCincinnati Reds+100Cincinnati Reds 7-4+3.00MLB
05/01/2016Miami Marlins vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers+110Milwaukee Brewers 14-5+3.30MLB
04/27/2016Houston Astros vs Seattle MarinersHouston Astros+120Houston Astros 7-4+2.40MLB
04/27/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies-115Pittsburgh 9-8-3.45MLB
04/26/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies+155Pittsburgh Pirates 9-4-3.00MLB
04/26/2016Boston Celtics vs Atlanta HawksOVER 198-110Atlanta Hawks 110-83-1.10NBA
04/25/2016Pittsburgh Pirates vs Colorado RockiesUNDER 12-110Pittsburgh Pirates 6-1+3.00MLB
04/23/2016Cleveland Indians vs Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers+105Cleveland Indians 6-3-3.00MLB
04/21/2016Oakland Athletics vs New York YankeesNew York Yankees-125Oakland Athletics 7-3-3.75MLB
04/20/2016Washington Nationals vs Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins+100Washington Nationals 3-1-2.00MLB
04/15/2016Kansas City Royals vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics-113Kansas City Royals 4-2-2.26MLB
04/15/2016Chicago White Sox vs Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays+100Chicago White Sox 1-0-3.00MLB
04/13/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox-120Boston Red Sox 4-2+3.00MLB
04/12/2016Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox-155Baltimore Orioles 9-5-4.65MLB
04/08/2016Oakland Athletics vs Seattle MarinersUNDER 8.5-115Oakland Athletics 3-2+2.00MLB
04/07/2016Minnesota Twins vs Baltimore OriolesMinnesota Twins+125Baltimore Orioles 4-2-2.00MLB
04/06/2016Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres+132Los Angeles Dodgers 7-0-2.00MLB
04/05/2016New Orleans Pelicans vs Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ers-130Philadelphia 76ers 107-93+1.00NBA
04/05/2016Houston Astros vs New York YankeesOVER 6.5-115Houston Astros 5-3+3.00MLB
04/05/2016Boston Red Sox vs Cleveland IndiansOVER 6-110Boston Red Sox 6-2+3.00MLB
04/04/2016Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels+132Chicago Cubs 9-0-3.00MLB
03/30/2016Old Dominion vs OaklandOld Dominion +2-110Old Dominion 68-67+1.00NCAAB
03/30/2016Los Angeles Clippers vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves +6-110Los Angeles Clippers 99-79-1.10NBA
03/22/2016Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City ThunderUNDER 226-110Oklahoma City Thunder 111-107+1.00NBA
03/19/2016Miami Florida vs Wichita StateMiami Florida +2-110Miami Florida 65-57+1.00NCAAB
03/18/2016Minnesota Timberwolves vs Houston RocketsUNDER 225-110Houston Rockets 116-111-1.10NBA
03/17/2016Wichita State vs ArizonaArizona -1-110Wichita State 65-55-1.10NCAAB
03/15/2016Mercer vs Coastal CarolinaMercer +7-120Coastal Carolina 65-57-1.20NCAAB
03/11/2016Houston Rockets vs Boston CelticsUNDER 223-110Houston Rockets 102-98+1.00NBA
03/09/2016Houston Rockets vs Philadelphia 76ersUNDER 221-110Houston Rockets 118-104-1.10NBA
03/07/2016Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas MavericksDallas Mavericks +6-110Los Angeles Clippers 109-90-1.10NBA
03/06/2016Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers +17.5-110Los Angeles 112-95+1.00NBA
03/04/2016Texas vs Oklahoma StateOklahoma State +5.5-110Texas 62-50-1.10NCAAB
03/02/2016Washington Wizards vs Minnesota TimberwolvesUNDER 220-110Washington Wizards 104-98+1.00NBA
11/01/2015New York Mets vs Kansas City Royalsunder 7.5-115kansas city royals 7 - 2-3.45MLB
10/27/2015Kansas City Royals vs New York Metskansas city royals-103kansas city royals 5 - 4+5.00MLB
10/23/2015Kansas City Royals vs Toronto Blue Jaystoronto blue jays-128kansas city royals 4 - 3-3.84MLB
10/18/2015New York Mets vs Chicago Cubsnew york mets+135new york mets 4 - 1+6.75MLB
10/09/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubsst. louis cardinals-108st. louis cardinals 4 - 0+5.00MLB
10/08/2015Kansas City Royals vs Houston Astrosover 7-120houston astros 5 - 2+0.00MLB
10/02/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubsover 7+100chicago cubs 6 - 1+0.00MLB
09/24/2015Colorado Rockies vs Pittsburgh Piratescolorado rockies+115pittsburgh pirates 5 - 4-5.00MLB
09/24/2015Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacksover 6-110los angeles dodgers 6 - 3+5.00MLB
09/23/2015Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indiansminnesota twins+125minnesota twins 4 - 2+6.25MLB
09/23/2015Oakland Athletics vs Texas Rangersoakland athletics+110texas rangers 10 - 3-5.00MLB
09/23/2015San Diego Padres vs San Francisco Giantssan diego padres-103san diego padres 5 - 4+5.00MLB
09/23/2015Colorado Rockies vs Pittsburgh Piratescolorado rockies+130pittsburgh pirates 13 - 7-5.00MLB
09/22/2015Colorado Rockies vs Pittsburgh Piratescolorado rockies+135pittsburgh pirates 6 - 3-5.00MLB
09/22/2015Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee brewers +1.5+125chicago cubs 4 - 0-1.00MLB
09/22/2015Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees+105new york yankees 6 - 4+5.25MLB
09/21/2015Colorado Rockies vs Pittsburgh Piratescolorado rockies+105pittsburgh pirates 9 - 3-5.00MLB
09/19/2015Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Angelsminnesota twins+115los angeles angels 5 - 2-3.00MLB
09/14/2015Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royalscleveland indians-135cleveland indians 8 - 3+3.00MLB
09/12/2015Los Angeles Angels vs Houston Astroshouston astros-125los angeles angels 3 - 2-3.75MLB
09/11/2015Los Angeles Angels vs Houston Astroslos angeles angels+138los angeles angels 3 - 2+4.14MLB
09/11/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgersarizona diamondbacks+110arizona diamondbacks 12 - 4+5.50MLB
09/11/2015Atlanta Braves vs New York Metsatlanta braves+183new york mets 5 - 1-2.00MLB
09/03/2015Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Soxchicago white sox+110chicago white sox 6 - 4+3.30MLB
09/02/2015Atlanta Braves vs Miami Marlinsatlanta braves+108miami marlins 7 - 3-3.00MLB
08/30/2015San Francisco Giants vs St. Louis Cardinalssan francisco giants+115st. louis cardinals 7 - 5-5.00MLB
08/29/2015Chicago White Sox vs Seattle Marinerschicago white sox-105seattle mariners 7 - 6-3.15MLB
08/27/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Metsphiladelphia phillies +1.5-120new york mets 9 - 5-3.60MLB
08/26/2015Kansas City Royals vs Baltimore Oriolesbaltimore orioles+150baltimore orioles 8 - 5+4.50MLB
08/25/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs St. Louis Cardinalsarizona diamondbacks+115st. louis cardinals 9 - 1-1.00MLB
08/25/2015New York Yankees vs Houston Astrosnew york yankees+135houston astros 15 - 1-2.00MLB
08/25/2015Miami Marlins vs Pittsburgh Piratesmiami marlins+140miami marlins 5 - 2+7.00MLB
08/25/2015San Francisco Giants vs Chicago Cubssan francisco giants+135chicago cubs 8 - 5-3.00MLB
08/23/2015Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbackscincinnati reds-124arizona diamondbacks 4 - 0-6.20MLB
08/21/2015Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbackscincinnati reds+135arizona diamondbacks 6 - 3-2.00MLB
08/20/2015Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangersdetroit tigers-107detroit tigers 4 - 0+5.00MLB
08/20/2015Boston Red Sox vs Kansas City Royalsunder 9-110boston red sox 4 - 1+5.00MLB
08/19/2015Boston Red Sox vs Cleveland Indiansboston red sox+125boston red sox 6 - 4+6.25MLB
08/19/2015Cincinnati Reds vs Kansas City Royalscincinnati reds+106kansas city royals 4 - 3-5.00MLB
08/13/2015Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees-117new york yankees 8 - 6+5.00MLB
08/11/2015Seattle Mariners vs Baltimore Oriolesseattle mariners-131seattle mariners 6 - 5+5.00MLB
08/04/2015Chicago White Sox vs Tampa Bay Raysover 6.5+100tampa bay rays 11 - 3+5.00MLB
08/03/2015Atlanta Braves vs San Francisco Giantsunder 8-117atlanta braves 9 - 8-5.85MLB
08/03/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs San Diego Padresmilwaukee brewers-105san diego padres 13 - 5-5.25MLB
08/02/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubsmilwaukee brewers-112chicago cubs 4 - 3-5.60MLB
07/31/2015Miami Marlins vs San Diego Padresmiami marlins-114san diego padres 8 - 3-5.70MLB
07/29/2015Boston Red Sox vs Chicago White Soxboston red sox-114chicago white sox 9 - 2-5.70MLB
07/27/2015Boston Red Sox vs Chicago White Soxboston red sox -1-123chicago white sox 10 - 8-6.15MLB
07/26/2015Kansas City Royals vs Houston Astroskansas city royals+110kansas city royals 5 - 1+3.30MLB
07/26/2015Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankeesminnesota twins+106new york yankees 7 - 2-3.00MLB
07/26/2015New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgersover 6-110new york mets 3 - 2-3.30MLB
07/25/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs Milwaukee Brewersarizona diamondbacks-115arizona diamondbacks 2 - 0+3.00MLB
07/25/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta Bravesover 6.5-115st. louis cardinals 1 - 0-3.45MLB
07/25/2015Boston Red Sox vs Detroit Tigersunder 9.5-120detroit tigers 5 - 1+2.00MLB
07/25/2015Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia Philliesover 6-115philadelphia phillies 5 - 0-3.45MLB
07/23/2015New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgersover 6.5+100los angeles dodgers 3 - 0-3.00MLB
07/21/2015New York Yankees vs Baltimore Oriolesbaltimore orioles+113new york yankees 3 - 2-2.00MLB
07/21/2015Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Marinersunder 9.5-120seattle mariners 11 - 9-2.40MLB
07/20/2015Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Marinersunder 9.5-105detroit tigers 5 - 4+3.00MLB
07/20/2015Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubsunder 9.5-110cincinnati reds 5 - 4+3.00MLB
07/20/2015San Diego Padres vs San Francisco Giantssan diego padres+107san diego padres 4 - 2+3.21MLB
07/18/2015Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royalschicago white sox-123kansas city royals 7 - 6-2.46MLB
07/08/2015Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigersunder 8-120detroit tigers 5 - 4-6.00MLB
07/07/2015San Francisco Giants vs New York Metssan francisco giants-120san francisco giants 3 - 0+3.00MLB
07/07/2015Minnesota Twins vs Baltimore Oriolesover 7-120minnesota twins 8 - 3+2.00MLB
07/07/2015Colorado Rockies vs Los Angeles Angelscolorado rockies+105los angeles angels 10 - 2-3.00MLB
07/05/2015Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jaysunder 9-105toronto blue jays 10 - 5-3.15MLB
07/03/2015Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astrosboston red sox-115houston astros 12 - 8-3.45MLB
07/03/2015Atlanta Braves vs Philadelphia Philliesphiladelphia phillies+150atlanta braves 2 - 1-3.00MLB
07/03/2015Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Metsover 5.5-130new york mets 2 - 1-2.60MLB
07/02/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs Milwaukee Brewersphiladelphia phillies+129milwaukee brewers 8 - 7-3.00MLB
07/01/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago White Soxover 6.5-115chicago white sox 7 - 1+2.00MLB
06/30/2015Atlanta Braves vs Washington Nationalsatlanta braves+105washington nationals 6 - 1-3.00MLB
06/30/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago White Soxchicago white sox-105chicago white sox 2 - 1+3.00MLB
06/30/2015Tampa Bay Rays vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians-129cleveland indians 6 - 2+3.00MLB
06/26/2015New York Mets vs Cincinnati Redsnew york mets+110new york mets 2 - 1+2.20MLB
06/25/2015Miami Marlins vs St. Louis Cardinalsmiami marlins+109st. louis cardinals 5 - 1-3.00MLB
06/24/2015Miami Marlins vs St. Louis Cardinalsmiami marlins+110st. louis cardinals 6 - 1-2.00MLB
06/24/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Redsover 6.5-105cincinnati reds 5 - 2+2.00MLB
06/23/2015Colorado Rockies vs Arizona Diamondbackscolorado rockies+110colorado rockies 10 - 5+4.40MLB
06/20/2015Chicago White Sox vs Texas Rangerschicago white sox-125chicago white sox 3 - 2+3.00MLB
06/19/2015Seattle Mariners vs Houston Astrosseattle mariners+128seattle mariners 5 - 2+3.84MLB
06/19/2015Washington Nationals vs Pittsburgh Pirateswashington nationals+115washington nationals 4 - 1+3.45MLB
06/18/2015Chicago White Sox vs Pittsburgh Pirateschicago white sox+120pittsburgh pirates 3 - 2-3.00MLB
06/17/2015Minnesota Twins vs St. Louis Cardinalsover 7.5-115minnesota twins 3 - 1-3.45MLB
06/15/2015Miami Marlins vs New York Yankeesover 6.5-110miami marlins 2 - 1-3.30MLB
06/15/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago White Soxover 7-110pittsburgh pirates 11 - 0+3.00MLB
06/14/2015Texas Rangers vs Minnesota Twinsminnesota twins+110minnesota twins 4 - 3+3.30MLB
06/14/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Washington Nationalsover 7-120washington nationals 4 - 0-3.60MLB
06/14/2015Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jaysboston red sox-114toronto blue jays 13 - 5-3.42MLB
06/14/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs Philadelphia Philliesover 6.5-120pittsburgh pirates 1 - 0-3.60MLB
06/12/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs Kansas City Royalsover 6.5-120st. louis cardinals 4 - 0-3.60MLB
06/12/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs Philadelphia Philliesphiladelphia phillies +1.5-105pittsburgh pirates 1 - 0+1.00MLB
06/11/2015New York Mets vs San Francisco Giantsnew york mets-120new york mets 5 - 4+3.00MLB
06/10/2015Oakland Athletics vs Texas Rangersoakland athletics -1+100oakland athletics 5 - 4+0.00MLB
06/09/2015Colorado Rockies vs St Louis Cardinalscolorado rockies+110colorado rockies 4 - 3+2.20MLB
06/09/2015Chicago White Sox vs Houston Astroschicago white sox+125chicago white sox 4 - 2+3.75MLB
06/09/2015Atlanta Braves vs San Diego Padresatlanta braves+112atlanta braves 6 - 5+3.36MLB
06/07/2015Cincinnati Reds vs San Diego Padresunder 7.5-110cincinnati reds 4 - 0+2.00MLB
06/07/2015Seattle Mariners vs Tampa Bay Raysover 6.5+100tampa bay rays 3 - 1-3.00MLB
06/07/2015Los Angeles Dodgers vs St Louis Cardinalsover 6.5-110st louis cardinals 4 - 2-3.30MLB
06/07/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs San Francisco Giantsphiladelphia phillies+135philadelphia phillies 6 - 4+2.70MLB
06/06/2015Atlanta Braves vs Pittsburgh Piratesunder 8-120atlanta braves 5 - 4-3.60MLB
06/05/2015Seattle Mariners vs Tampa Bay Raysseattle mariners-115tampa bay rays 1 - 0-3.45MLB
06/05/2015Minnesota Twins vs Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee brewers+119milwaukee brewers 10 - 5+2.38MLB
06/04/2015Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinalslos angeles dodgers-110st. louis cardinals 7 - 1-2.20MLB
06/03/2015Detroit Tigers vs Oakland Athleticsdetroit tigers-105oakland athletics 6 - 1-3.15MLB
06/02/2015San Diego Padres vs New York Metssan diego padres+105san diego padres 7 - 2+3.15MLB
06/02/2015Miami Marlins vs Chicago Cubsmiami marlins+100miami marlins 5 - 2+3.00MLB
06/02/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs Atlanta Bravesarizona diamondbacks+100arizona diamondbacks 7 - 6+3.00MLB
05/31/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Arizona Diamondbacksmilwaukee brewers+110milwaukee brewers 7 - 6+3.30MLB
05/30/2015Houston Astros vs Chicago White Soxover 7-110houston astros 3 - 0-3.30MLB
05/30/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgerslos angeles dodgers+125los angeles dodgers 5 - 1+3.75MLB
05/29/2015New York Mets vs Miami Marlinsover 6.5-115miami marlins 4 - 3+3.00MLB
05/26/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs San Francisco Giantsmilwaukee brewers+130san francisco giants 6 - 3-3.00MLB
05/23/2015Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco Giantscolorado rockies-105san francisco giants 10 - 8-3.15MLB
05/22/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Metsover 6.5-115pittsburgh pirates 4 - 1-3.45MLB
05/20/2015Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indiansover 4 (1st 5 innings)-130chicago white sox 1 - 0-2.60MLB
05/20/2015Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indiansover 8-110cleveland indians 4 - 3-3.30MLB
05/19/2015New York Mets vs St Louis Cardinalsover 7+100st louis cardinals 10 - 2+3.00MLB
05/19/2015Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indiansover 7.5+110cleveland indians 3 - 1-3.00MLB
05/18/2015Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians+127chicago white sox 2 - 1-1.00MLB
05/18/2015Colorado Rockies vs Philadelphia Philliescolorado rockies+101philadelphia phillies 4 - 3-3.00MLB
05/18/2015Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indiansover 7+102chicago white sox 2 - 1-3.00MLB
05/14/2015Cleveland Indians vs St. Louis Cardinalscleveland indians+100st. louis cardinals 2 - 1-3.00MLB
05/13/2015Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankeestampa bay rays-105tampa bay rays 3 - 2+3.00MLB
05/13/2015Cleveland Indians vs St Louis Cardinalscleveland indians -1+110cleveland indians 2 - 0+3.30MLB
05/12/2015Texas Rangers vs Kansas City Royalskansas city royals-125kansas city royals 7 - 6+3.00MLB
05/12/2015Cleveland Indians vs St Louis Cardinalsunder 8.5-135st louis cardinals 8 - 3-4.05MLB
05/12/2015Houston Astros vs San Francisco Giantssan francisco giants+152san francisco giants 8 - 1+4.56MLB
05/12/2015Los Angeles Angels vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies+180los angeles angels 5 - 2-1.00MLB
05/12/2015Baltimore Orioles vs Toronto Blue Jaysbaltimore orioles-120toronto blue jays 10 - 2-3.60MLB
05/11/2015Texas Rangers vs Kansas City Royalsover 7.5-105texas rangers 8 - 2+3.00MLB
05/11/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs Washington Nationalsarizona diamondbacks+140washington nationals 11 - 1-3.00MLB
05/11/2015Oakland Athletics vs Boston Red Soxoakland athletics-116boston red sox 5 - 4-2.32MLB
05/09/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinalspittsburgh pirates-110pittsburgh pirates 7 - 5+3.00MLB
05/09/2015Chicago White Sox vs Cincinnati Redschicago white sox+130cincinnati reds 10 - 4-2.00MLB
05/09/2015Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota Twinscleveland indians-107minnesota twins 7 - 4-3.21MLB
05/08/2015Los Angeles Angels vs Houston Astroslos angeles angels-115los angeles angels 2 - 0+3.00MLB
05/08/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Metsphiladelphia phillies+120philadelphia phillies 3 - 1+3.60MLB
05/08/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs St Louis Cardinalspittsburgh pirates-115st louis cardinals 8 - 5-3.45MLB
05/07/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Redspittsburgh pirates -1+110pittsburgh pirates 7 - 2+3.30MLB
05/06/2015San Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padressan diego padres+130san diego padres 9 - 1+3.90MLB
05/05/2015Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankeestoronto blue jays+115new york yankees 6 - 3-2.00MLB
05/05/2015Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Raysover 8+105boston red sox 2 - 0-3.00MLB
05/05/2015Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigerschicago white sox-115chicago white sox 5 - 2+3.00MLB
05/04/2015Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankeestoronto blue jays-115toronto blue jays 3 - 1+3.00MLB
05/03/2015Houston Astros vs Seattle Marinersseattle mariners-110houston astros 7 - 6-3.30MLB
05/02/2015Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Soxunder 9.5-110minnesota twins 5 - 3+3.00MLB
05/01/2015Houston Astros vs Seattle Marinersseattle mariners-105houston astros 4 - 3-3.15MLB
04/30/2015Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigerskansas city royals-110kansas city royals 8 - 1+3.00MLB
04/28/2015Texas Rangers vs Seattle Marinerstexas rangers+110seattle mariners 2 - 1-2.00MLB
04/26/2015Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royalschicago white sox+115chicago white sox 5 - 3+3.45MLB
04/25/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs St Louis Cardinalsover 7-135st louis cardinals 5 - 3+2.00MLB
04/25/2015San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgerssan diego padres+110los angeles dodgers 11 - 8-3.00MLB
04/25/2015Oakland Athletics vs Houston Astrosunder 8.5-115houston astros 9 - 3-3.45MLB
04/25/2015Miami Marlins vs Washington Nationalsmiami marlins+148miami marlins 8 - 0+4.44MLB
04/24/2015Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royalschicago white sox+100(draw) 2 - 2+0.00MLB
04/24/2015Miami Marlins vs Washington Nationalsmiami marlins+110miami marlins 3 - 2+3.30MLB
04/24/2015New York Yankees vs New York Metsnew york yankees-125new york yankees 6 - 1+2.00MLB
04/23/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati Redsmilwaukee brewers+100milwaukee brewers 4 - 2+4.00MLB
04/22/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati Redsmilwaukee brewers+125cincinnati reds 2 - 1-3.00MLB
04/22/2015Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padrescolorado rockies-102colorado rockies 5 - 4+3.00MLB
04/22/2015San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgersover 5.5-115san francisco giants 3 - 2-3.45MLB
04/21/2015Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees+115new york yankees 5 - 2+2.30MLB
04/21/2015Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padrescolorado rockies-105san diego padres 7 - 6-3.15MLB
04/21/2015San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgerssan francisco giants+131san francisco giants 6 - 2+3.93MLB
04/21/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati Redsmilwaukee brewers-127cincinnati reds 16 - 10-3.81MLB
04/20/2015Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padressan diego padres+135san diego padres 14 - 3+2.70MLB
04/20/2015Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees+120detroit tigers 2 - 1-3.00MLB
04/19/2015Chicago Cubs vs San Diego Padreschicago cubs-110san diego padres 5 - 2-3.30MLB
04/18/2015Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees-105new york yankees 9 - 0+3.00MLB
04/17/2015Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indiansminnesota twins +1.5+105minnesota twins 3 - 2+1.05MLB
04/17/2015San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondbackssan francisco giants-140arizona diamondbacks 9 - 0-4.20MLB
04/16/2015San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondbacksover 6-120arizona diamondbacks 7 - 6+3.00MLB
04/15/2015Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White Soxcleveland indians-113cleveland indians 4 - 2+3.00MLB
04/14/2015New York Mets vs Philadelphia Philliesover 6-120new york mets 6 - 5+3.00MLB
04/13/2015Los Angeles Dodgers vs Seattle Marinersseattle mariners+115los angeles dodgers 6 - 5-1.00MLB
04/13/2015Atlanta Braves vs Miami Marlinsmiami marlins+115atlanta braves 3 - 2-3.00MLB
04/13/2015Houston Astros vs Oakland Athleticsover 7.5-120oakland athletics 8 - 1+3.00MLB
04/13/2015Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Redschicago cubs-130chicago cubs 7 - 6+2.00MLB
04/13/2015Houston Astros vs Oakland Athleticshouston astros+110oakland athletics 8 - 1-3.00MLB
04/13/2015Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royalsminnesota twins+128kansas city royals 12 - 3-3.00MLB
04/13/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigerspittsburgh pirates+100pittsburgh pirates 5 - 4+3.00MLB
04/12/2015Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigerscleveland indians+110detroit tigers 8 - 5-2.00MLB
04/11/2015Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigersover 6-110detroit tigers 9 - 6+3.00MLB
04/11/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Piratesmilwaukee brewers-111milwaukee brewers 6 - 0+3.00MLB
04/11/2015Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigerscleveland indians-105detroit tigers 9 - 6-1.05MLB
04/11/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationalsphiladelphia phillies-105philadelphia phillies 3 - 2+3.00MLB
04/10/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgersarizona diamondbacks+129arizona diamondbacks 4 - 3+3.87MLB
04/10/2015Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigerscleveland indians-112detroit tigers 8 - 4-3.36MLB
04/09/2015Washington Nationals vs New York Metsover 6-115new york mets 6 - 3+3.00MLB
04/09/2015Kansas City Royals vs Chicago White Soxchicago white sox+135kansas city royals 4 - 1-3.00MLB
04/08/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Colorado Rockiesover 8-110colorado rockies 5 - 4+3.00MLB
04/08/2015Milwaukee Brewers vs Colorado Rockiesmilwaukee brewers-135colorado rockies 5 - 4-1.35MLB
04/08/2015Houston Astros vs Cleveland Indiansover 7.5-120cleveland indians 2 - 0-3.60MLB
04/08/2015Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Bravesmiami marlins-134atlanta braves 2 - 0-4.02MLB
04/08/2015New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jaysover 6.5-120new york yankees 4 - 3+3.00MLB
04/07/2015Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Bravesmiami marlins-120atlanta braves 12 - 2-2.40MLB
04/06/2015Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padreslos angeles dodgers -1-120los angeles dodgers 6 - 3+3.00MLB
10/15/2014San Francisco Giants vs St. Louis Cardinalsst. louis cardinals-101san francisco giants 6 - 4-3.03MLB
10/12/2014St. Louis Cardinals vs San Francisco Giantsst. louis cardinals-134st. louis cardinals 5 - 4+5.00MLB
09/26/2014Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles Angelsseattle mariners-118seattle mariners 4 - 3+3.00MLB
09/15/2014Colorado Rockies vs Los Angeles Dodgerscolorado rockies+114los angeles dodgers 11 - 3-1.00MLB
09/14/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Houston Astroshouston astros+154houston astros 6 - 1+1.54MLB
09/09/2014Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Oriolesboston red sox+125baltimore orioles 4 - 1-3.00MLB
09/08/2014Cleveland Indians vs Los Angeles Angelscleveland indians-109los angeles angels 12 - 3-3.27MLB
09/06/2014Texas Rangers vs Seattle Marinerstexas rangers+138seattle mariners 4 - 2-2.00MLB
09/05/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis Cardinalsmilwaukee brewers-116milwaukee brewers 6 - 2+3.00MLB
09/05/2014Texas Rangers vs Seattle Marinerstexas rangers+172seattle mariners 7 - 5-2.00MLB
09/04/2014Texas Rangers vs Seattle Marinersover 8.5-115seattle mariners 10 - 2+2.00MLB
09/04/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Cincinnati Redscincinnati reds+171baltimore orioles 9 - 7-2.00MLB
09/02/2014Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Angelshouston astros+150houston astros 8 - 3+1.50MLB
08/29/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Minnesota Twinsminnesota twins +1.5-135baltimore orioles 9 - 1-1.35MLB
08/29/2014San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgerssan diego padres-106san diego padres 3 - 2+2.00MLB
08/27/2014Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indianschicago white sox +1.5+100chicago white sox 3 - 2+1.00MLB
08/27/2014New York Mets vs Atlanta Bravesnew york mets+126atlanta braves 3 - 2-2.00MLB
08/25/2014San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies+165colorado rockies 3 - 2+1.65MLB
08/25/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Raystampa bay rays+122baltimore orioles 9 - 1-3.00MLB
08/23/2014Boston Red Sox vs Seattle Marinersboston red sox+100seattle mariners 7 - 3-3.00MLB
08/22/2014Washington Nationals vs San Francisco Giantssan francisco giants+135san francisco giants 10 - 3+4.05MLB
08/22/2014Boston Red Sox vs Seattle Marinersboston red sox +1.5+100seattle mariners 5 - 3-1.00MLB
08/22/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Piratespittsburgh pirates+138pittsburgh pirates 8 - 3+4.14MLB
08/21/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Detroit Tigerstampa bay rays+111tampa bay rays 1 - 0+3.33MLB
08/21/2014Washington Nationals vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+175washington nationals 1 - 0-3.00MLB
08/20/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Toronto Blue Jaysunder 9-110toronto blue jays 9 - 5-3.30MLB
08/20/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Detroit Tigerstampa bay rays-119detroit tigers 6 - 0-2.38MLB
08/19/2014Oakland Athletics vs New York Metsnew york mets +1.5-105oakland athletics 6 - 2-2.10MLB
08/19/2014Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angelsboston red sox+120los angeles angels 4 - 3-3.00MLB
08/19/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Detroit Tigersover 6.5-115detroit tigers 8 - 6+2.00MLB
08/17/2014Texas Rangers vs Los Angeles Angelstexas rangers+122texas rangers 3 - 2+2.44MLB
08/16/2014Atlanta Braves vs Oakland Athleticsatlanta braves-103atlanta braves 4 - 3+3.00MLB
08/15/2014Cleveland Indians vs Baltimore Oriolesbaltimore orioles+138cleveland indians 2 - 1-1.00MLB
08/15/2014Texas Rangers vs Los Angeles Angelstexas rangers +1.5+110los angeles angels 5 - 4+1.10MLB
08/15/2014Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astroshouston astros+130houston astros 5 - 3+1.30MLB
08/15/2014Atlanta Braves vs Oakland Athleticsatlanta braves-130atlanta braves 7 - 2+1.00MLB
08/14/2014New York Mets vs Washington Nationalsnew york mets+144washington nationals 4 - 1-1.00MLB
08/13/2014Texas Rangers vs Tampa Bay Raystexas rangers+130tampa bay rays 10 - 1-2.00MLB
08/13/2014Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgersover 6.5-115atlanta braves 3 - 2-1.15MLB
08/13/2014San Diego Padres vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies+163san diego padres 5 - 3-2.00MLB
08/12/2014Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgersunder 8-125los angeles dodgers 4 - 2+1.00MLB
08/12/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigersunder 8.5-110pittsburgh pirates 4 - 2+3.00MLB
08/07/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Los Angeles Dodgerslos angeles angels-110los angeles angels 7 - 0-3.30MLB
08/06/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Baltimore Oriolestoronto blue jays+101toronto blue jays 5 - 1+3.03MLB
08/04/2014New York Mets vs San Francisco Giantsnew york mets+124san francisco giants 4 - 3-1.00MLB
08/02/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Los Angeles Angelstampa bay rays-121tampa bay rays 10 - 3+3.00MLB
08/01/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubschicago cubs+155chicago cubs 8 - 2+4.65MLB
08/01/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Pittsburgh Piratesarizona diamondbacks+112pittsburgh pirates 9 - 4-1.00MLB
08/01/2014Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota Twinsover 7-125chicago white sox 10 - 8+1.00MLB
07/30/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Los Angeles Angelsbaltimore orioles+126baltimore orioles 4 - 3+1.26MLB
07/30/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacksover 7-115arizona diamondbacks 5 - 4+3.00MLB
07/29/2014Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jaysboston red sox-107toronto blue jays 4 - 2-2.14MLB
07/29/2014Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jaysunder 9-125toronto blue jays 4 - 2+1.00MLB
07/29/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Atlanta Bravesatlanta braves+139los angeles dodgers 8 - 4-3.00MLB
07/28/2014Houston Astros vs Oakland Athleticshouston astros+175houston astros 7 - 3+1.75MLB
07/27/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Soxboston red sox+141boston red sox 3 - 2+4.23MLB
07/27/2014Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Soxminnesota twins-124minnesota twins 4 - 3+3.00MLB
07/27/2014Houston Astros vs Miami Marlinshouston astros-121miami marlins 4 - 2-1.21MLB
07/27/2014Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians+104cleveland indians 10 - 3+3.12MLB
07/27/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs Arizona Diamondbacksunder 9-120philadelphia phillies 4 - 2+3.00MLB
07/26/2014San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgerssan francisco giants+180los angeles dodgers 5 - 0-1.00MLB
07/25/2014Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians+110kansas city royals 6 - 4-1.00MLB
07/23/2014Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indiansminnesota twins+119minnesota twins 3 - 1+1.19MLB
07/22/2014Oakland Athletics vs Houston Astroshouston astros+240houston astros 3 - 2+2.40MLB
07/22/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Soxtoronto blue jays+110toronto blue jays 7 - 3+1.10MLB
07/22/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Los Angeles Dodgerspittsburgh pirates-113pittsburgh pirates 12 - 7+3.00MLB
07/21/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs San Francisco Giantsphiladelphia phillies-128san francisco giants 7 - 4-1.28MLB
07/21/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Soxtoronto blue jays+102boston red sox 14 - 1-2.00MLB
07/21/2014Seattle Mariners vs New York Metsseattle mariners-121seattle mariners 5 - 2+3.00MLB
07/12/2014Seattle Mariners vs Oakland Athleticsseattle mariners-110seattle mariners 6 - 2+3.00MLB
07/12/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis Cardinalsover 7-110st. louis cardinals 10 - 2+3.00MLB
07/11/2014New York Mets vs Miami Marlinsnew york mets-119new york mets 7 - 1+2.00MLB
07/10/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubschicago cubs+134chicago cubs 6 - 4+2.68MLB
07/09/2014San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athleticssan francisco giants+113san francisco giants 5 - 2+3.39MLB
07/09/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Kansas City Royalsover 6.5-115kansas city royals 5 - 4+3.00MLB
07/08/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubschicago cubs+210cincinnati reds 4 - 2-3.00MLB
07/07/2014Boston Red Sox vs Chicago White Soxunder 10-125chicago white sox 4 - 0+3.00MLB
07/07/2014St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Piratespittsburgh pirates+175st. louis cardinals 2 - 0-3.00MLB
07/06/2014Atlanta Braves vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+160arizona diamondbacks 3 - 1+1.60MLB
07/06/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Houston Astroshouston astros+197los angeles angels 6 - 1-1.00MLB
07/06/2014Oakland Athletics vs Toronto Blue Jaystoronto blue jays+142oakland athletics 4 - 2-1.00MLB
07/05/2014Atlanta Braves vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+142atlanta braves 10 - 4-1.00MLB
07/03/2014Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia Philliesphiladelphia phillies+123philadelphia phillies 5 - 4+3.69MLB
07/02/2014San Diego Padres vs Cincinnati Redsover 5.5-110san diego padres 3 - 0-3.30MLB
07/01/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Milwaukee Brewerstoronto blue jays-130toronto blue jays 4 - 1+3.00MLB
06/30/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians-115los angeles dodgers 1 - 0-3.45MLB
06/28/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Chicago White Soxtoronto blue jays+108chicago white sox 4 - 3-3.00MLB
06/28/2014San Francisco Giants vs Cincinnati Redssan francisco giants-110cincinnati reds 7 - 3-3.30MLB
06/27/2014Texas Rangers vs Minnesota Twinstexas rangers-130texas rangers 5 - 4+3.00MLB
06/27/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Raystampa bay rays-105baltimore orioles 4 - 1-1.05MLB
06/27/2014New York Yankees vs Boston Red Soxnew york yankees-110new york yankees 6 - 0+3.00MLB
06/26/2014Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigerstexas rangers+112detroit tigers 6 - 0-3.00MLB
06/25/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Washington Nationalsmilwaukee brewers+127milwaukee brewers 9 - 2+1.27MLB
06/24/2014Kansas City Royals vs Los Angeles Dodgerskansas city royals+142los angeles dodgers 2 - 0-1.00MLB
06/24/2014New York Mets vs Oakland Athleticsnew york mets+125new york mets 10 - 1+3.75MLB
06/24/2014Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Soxboston red sox+100seattle mariners 8 - 2-3.00MLB
06/24/2014Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Redschicago cubs+107chicago cubs 7 - 3+3.21MLB
06/24/2014Colorado Rockies vs St. Louis Cardinalscolorado rockies-110colorado rockies 10 - 5+3.00MLB
06/23/2014Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Soxunder 6.5-120seattle mariners 12 - 3-3.60MLB
06/23/2014Colorado Rockies vs St. Louis Cardinalsover 10.5+100st. louis cardinals 8 - 0-1.00MLB
06/23/2014Kansas City Royals vs Los Angeles Dodgerskansas city royals+115kansas city royals 5 - 3+3.45MLB
06/22/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs San Francisco Giantsarizona diamondbacks+135san francisco giants 4 - 1-3.00MLB
06/22/2014Colorado Rockies vs Milwaukee Brewerscolorado rockies+115milwaukee brewers 6 - 5-3.00MLB
06/22/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Houston Astrostampa bay rays-106tampa bay rays 5 - 2+3.00MLB
06/22/2014New York Yankees vs Baltimore Oriolesbaltimore orioles+190baltimore orioles 8 - 0+1.90MLB
06/21/2014Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Soxunder 9.5-110minnesota twins 4 - 3+1.00MLB
06/21/2014Kansas City Royals vs Seattle Marinersunder 9-115seattle mariners 2 - 1+1.00MLB
06/20/2014Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirateschicago cubs+112chicago cubs 6 - 3+3.36MLB
06/19/2014Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royalsdetroit tigers-156detroit tigers 2 - 1+2.00MLB
06/19/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Redspittsburgh pirates+102pittsburgh pirates 4 - 3+3.06MLB
06/18/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Redspittsburgh pirates-131cincinnati reds 11 - 4-3.93MLB
06/18/2014New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jaysnew york yankees-109new york yankees 7 - 3+3.00MLB
06/13/2014St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationalsst. louis cardinals-115st. louis cardinals 1 - 0+3.00MLB
06/13/2014Miami Marlins vs Pittsburgh Piratespittsburgh pirates+115pittsburgh pirates 8 - 6+3.45MLB
06/12/2014Seattle Mariners vs New York Yankeesseattle mariners-106new york yankees 6 - 3-3.18MLB
06/12/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Toronto Blue Jaysbaltimore orioles-108baltimore orioles 4 - 2+3.00MLB
06/10/2014Colorado Rockies vs Atlanta Bravescolorado rockies+111atlanta braves 13 - 10-3.00MLB
06/10/2014New York Mets vs Milwaukee Brewersnew york mets+120new york mets 6 - 2+1.20MLB
06/10/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota Twinsover 9-125minnesota twins 4 - 0-3.75MLB
06/10/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs St. Louis Cardinalstampa bay rays+130st. louis cardinals 1 - 0-3.00MLB
06/09/2014Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indiansunder 10-115cleveland indians 17 - 7-3.45MLB
06/09/2014Colorado Rockies vs Atlanta Bravescolorado rockies+120atlanta braves 3 - 1-1.00MLB
06/09/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Oakland Athleticsunder 8.5-120los angeles angels 4 - 1+3.00MLB
06/09/2014Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigerschicago white sox+117chicago white sox 6 - 5+1.17MLB
06/09/2014Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indianstexas rangers+101cleveland indians 17 - 7-1.00MLB
06/09/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Soxbaltimore orioles-107baltimore orioles 4 - 0+1.00MLB
06/08/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewersunder 8.5-110milwaukee brewers 1 - 0+3.00MLB
06/08/2014Chicago Cubs vs Miami Marlinsover 6.5-115miami marlins 4 - 3+3.00MLB
06/08/2014Minnesota Twins vs Houston Astrosminnesota twins-105houston astros 14 - 5-3.15MLB
06/08/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Athleticsbaltimore orioles+120oakland athletics 11 - 1-3.00MLB
06/08/2014Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indiansunder 10-115cleveland indians 3 - 2+5.00MLB
06/07/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Chicago White Soxlos angeles angels+106los angeles angels 6 - 5+1.06MLB
06/07/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Athleticsbaltimore orioles (1st 5 innings)+131baltimore orioles 4 - 1+1.31MLB
06/07/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Atlanta Bravesarizona diamondbacks+105arizona diamondbacks 4 - 3+5.25MLB
06/07/2014San Diego Padres vs Washington Nationalssan diego padres-132san diego padres 4 - 3+1.00MLB
06/07/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Athleticsbaltimore orioles+137baltimore orioles 6 - 3+6.85MLB
06/07/2014San Diego Padres vs Washington Nationalsover 6.5-120san diego padres 4 - 3+1.00MLB
06/06/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Athleticsbaltimore orioles+101oakland athletics 4 - 3-3.00MLB
06/06/2014San Diego Padres vs Washington Nationalsover 6.5-105washington nationals 6 - 0-3.15MLB
06/06/2014Minnesota Twins vs Houston Astrosover 7.5-115houston astros 5 - 4+3.00MLB
06/06/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Seattle Marinerstampa bay rays-140tampa bay rays 4 - 0+3.00MLB
06/06/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Philadelphia Philliesphiladelphia phillies+130philadelphia phillies 8 - 0+3.69MLB
06/05/2014Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giantscincinnati reds+122san francisco giants 6 - 1-3.00MLB
06/03/2014Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giantscincinnati reds-115cincinnati reds 8 - 3+3.00MLB
06/03/2014San Diego Padres vs Pittsburgh Piratessan diego padres+110pittsburgh pirates 4 - 1-3.00MLB
06/03/2014Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Angelshouston astros +1-110houston astros 7 - 2+3.00MLB
06/03/2014New York Yankees vs Oakland Athleticsnew york yankees+120oakland athletics 5 - 2-3.00MLB
06/03/2014Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jaysdetroit tigers-135toronto blue jays 5 - 3-1.35MLB
06/02/2014Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red Soxcleveland indians+109cleveland indians 3 - 2+3.27MLB
06/02/2014Miami Marlins vs Tampa Bay Raysmiami marlins+132miami marlins 3 - 1+3.96MLB
06/02/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago White Soxchicago white sox +1.5-130los angeles dodgers 5 - 2-1.30MLB
06/02/2014Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red Soxunder 8+105cleveland indians 3 - 2+3.15MLB
06/02/2014New York Yankees vs Seattle Marinersnew york yankees+118seattle mariners 10 - 2-3.00MLB
06/02/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Metsphiladelphia phillies+101new york mets 11 - 2-3.00MLB
06/01/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubsover 7-110milwaukee brewers 9 - 0+1.00MLB
06/01/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati Redsarizona diamondbacks-142cincinnati reds 4 - 3-4.26MLB
06/01/2014Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles Angelsoakland athletics-135oakland athletics 6 - 3+3.00MLB
06/01/2014Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Raystampa bay rays+152boston red sox 4 - 0-4.00MLB
06/01/2014Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Bravesmiami marlins-109atlanta braves 4 - 2-1.09MLB
06/01/2014Cleveland Indians vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies+118cleveland indians 9 - 4-3.00MLB
06/01/2014Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigersseattle mariners+135seattle mariners 4 - 0+1.35MLB
05/31/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Kansas City Royalsunder 9.5-125toronto blue jays 12 - 2-3.75MLB
05/31/2014Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles Angelsoakland athletics-123oakland athletics 11 - 3+1.00MLB
05/31/2014Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Raystampa bay rays-103boston red sox 7 - 1-3.09MLB
05/31/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati Redsarizona diamondbacks-105cincinnati reds 5 - 0-3.15MLB
05/30/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati Redscincinnati reds+111cincinnati reds 6 - 4+3.24MLB
05/30/2014Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigersseattle mariners+110detroit tigers 6 - 3-3.69MLB
05/30/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Pittsburgh Piratespittsburgh pirates+125pittsburgh pirates 2 - 1+3.48MLB
05/30/2014St. Louis Cardinals vs San Francisco Giantsover 6.5+100san francisco giants 9 - 4+3.00MLB
05/29/2014Minnesota Twins vs Texas Rangersminnesota twins-116texas rangers 5 - 4-1.16MLB
05/27/2014Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles Angelsover 7-120los angeles angels 6 - 4+3.00MLB
05/24/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Soxboston red sox+153tampa bay rays 6 - 5-3.00MLB
05/23/2014Miami Marlins vs Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee brewers+103milwaukee brewers 9 - 5+3.09MLB
05/23/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Washington Nationalspittsburgh pirates-115pittsburgh pirates 4 - 3+1.00MLB
05/23/2014Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinalscincinnati reds-113cincinnati reds 5 - 3+3.00MLB
05/22/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland Athleticstampa bay rays+105tampa bay rays 5 - 2+5.25MLB
05/22/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland Athleticstampa bay rays (1st 5 innings)-110(draw) 0 - 0+0.00MLB
05/22/2014Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jaysboston red sox-135toronto blue jays 7 - 2-1.35MLB
05/21/2014St. Louis Cardinals vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+160st. louis cardinals 3 - 2-1.00MLB
05/21/2014Kansas City Royals vs Chicago White Soxkansas city royals-112kansas city royals 3 - 1+2.00MLB
05/21/2014Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia Philliesphiladelphia phillies+127miami marlins 14 - 5-3.00MLB
05/21/2014New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgersnew york mets+123los angeles dodgers 4 - 3-3.00MLB
05/21/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland Athleticstampa bay rays+103oakland athletics 3 - 2-3.00MLB
05/21/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Baltimore Oriolespittsburgh pirates-108pittsburgh pirates 9 - 8+3.00MLB
05/21/2014Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jaysboston red sox-118toronto blue jays 6 - 4-1.18MLB
05/21/2014Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee Brewersover 6.5-115milwaukee brewers 6 - 1+3.00MLB
05/20/2014Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee Brewersover 6.5-120atlanta braves 5 - 0-3.60MLB
05/20/2014New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgersnew york mets+122los angeles dodgers 9 - 4-3.00MLB
05/20/2014Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jaysboston red sox-125toronto blue jays 7 - 4-3.75MLB
05/20/2014Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigerscleveland indians +1-110cleveland indians 6 - 2+1.00MLB
05/20/2014Chicago Cubs vs New York Yankeeschicago cubs +1.5-110chicago cubs 6 - 1+3.00MLB
05/19/2014Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigerscleveland indians-105cleveland indians 5 - 4+5.00MLB
05/18/2014Houston Astros vs Chicago White Soxunder 9.5-110houston astros 8 - 2-3.30MLB
05/18/2014San Francisco Giants vs Miami Marlinsunder 7.5-110san francisco giants 4 - 1+1.00MLB
05/17/2014San Francisco Giants vs Miami Marlinsunder 8-115miami marlins 5 - 0+1.00MLB
05/17/2014Kansas City Royals vs Baltimore Oriolesover 7-105kansas city royals 1 - 0-3.15MLB
05/17/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgersarizona diamondbacks+165arizona diamondbacks 18 - 7+4.95MLB
05/17/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs Cincinnati Redsphiladelphia phillies-120philadelphia phillies 12 - 1+3.00MLB
05/17/2014Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padressan diego padres+120san diego padres 8 - 5+3.60MLB
05/17/2014Boston Red Sox vs Detroit Tigersboston red sox-125detroit tigers 6 - 1-3.75MLB
05/17/2014Texas Rangers vs Toronto Blue Jaystexas rangers-105toronto blue jays 4 - 2-3.15MLB
05/16/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs Cincinnati Redsphiladelphia phillies-110cincinnati reds 3 - 0-1.10MLB
05/16/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Tampa Bay Raysunder 8.5-110tampa bay rays 3 - 0+1.00MLB
05/16/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgersarizona diamondbacks+135los angeles dodgers 7 - 0-1.00MLB
05/14/2014Oakland Athletics vs Chicago White Soxunder 9-110chicago white sox 4 - 2+4.00MLB
05/14/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigersbaltimore orioles+135detroit tigers 7 - 5-2.00MLB
05/13/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Piratesover 7-125milwaukee brewers 5 - 2+0.00MLB
05/13/2014San Francisco Giants vs Atlanta Bravesatlanta braves+100atlanta braves 5 - 0+3.00MLB
05/13/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Washington Nationalsunder 8-110arizona diamondbacks 3 - 1+2.00MLB
05/13/2014Houston Astros vs Texas Rangershouston astros+120houston astros 8 - 0+3.60MLB
05/11/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Los Angeles Angelstoronto blue jays-122los angeles angels 9 - 3-1.22MLB
05/09/2014San Diego Padres vs Miami Marlinsover 5.5-110san diego padres 10 - 1+2.00MLB
05/09/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs New York Yankeesover 7-120new york yankees 5 - 3+4.00MLB
05/08/2014Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubschicago cubs+107chicago cubs 12 - 5+3.21MLB
05/07/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Philadelphia Philliesover 4 (1st 5 innings)-110toronto blue jays 1 - 0-1.10MLB
05/07/2014San Diego Padres vs Kansas City Royalssan diego padres-111kansas city royals 8 - 0-1.11MLB
05/07/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Philadelphia Philliesover 7.5-110toronto blue jays 10 - 0+3.00MLB
05/07/2014Miami Marlins vs New York Metsnew york mets+102miami marlins 1 - 0-3.00MLB
05/05/2014Miami Marlins vs New York Metsnew york mets+130miami marlins 4 - 3-1.00MLB
05/05/2014Los Angeles Angels vs New York Yankeesunder 8.5-115los angeles angels 4 - 1+3.00MLB
05/05/2014Los Angeles Angels vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees+150los angeles angels 4 - 1-1.00MLB
05/02/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Toronto Blue Jayspittsburgh pirates-135pittsburgh pirates 6 - 5+1.00MLB
05/02/2014Miami Marlins vs Los Angeles Dodgersmiami marlins+111miami marlins 6 - 3+1.11MLB
05/02/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Texas Rangersunder 9-115texas rangers 5 - 2+1.00MLB
05/02/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewerscincinnati reds-118milwaukee brewers 2 - 0-3.54MLB
05/02/2014Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White Soxcleveland indians-135cleveland indians 12 - 5+2.00MLB
05/02/2014Boston Red Sox vs Oakland Athleticsunder 10-110boston red sox 7 - 1+1.00MLB
05/01/2014Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Dodgersunder 9-115los angeles dodgers 4 - 3+4.00MLB
05/01/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewerscincinnati reds-119cincinnati reds 8 - 3+3.00MLB
05/01/2014Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Dodgersunder 8.5-105los angeles dodgers 9 - 4-1.05MLB
04/30/2014Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athleticstexas rangers-104oakland athletics 12 - 1-3.12MLB
04/29/2014Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigerschicago white sox+130detroit tigers 4 - 3-1.00MLB
04/29/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Cleveland Indiansunder 8.5-115los angeles angels 6 - 4-2.30MLB
04/29/2014Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Bravesover 6-110miami marlins 9 - 0+3.00MLB
04/29/2014Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athleticsover 8-110oakland athletics 9 - 3+1.00MLB
04/29/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockiesunder 9-115colorado rockies 5 - 4+0.00MLB
04/28/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockiesarizona diamondbacks-130colorado rockies 8 - 5-6.50MLB
04/27/2014Houston Astros vs Oakland Athleticsunder 9.5-110houston astros 5 - 1+1.00MLB
04/27/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Soxtoronto blue jays +105+105toronto blue jays 7 - 1+2.10MLB
04/27/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubsover 7-115chicago cubs 4 - 0+0.00MLB
04/26/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubsover 7.5-105milwaukee brewers 5 - 3+4.00MLB
04/26/2014New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Angelsunder 9.5-110new york yankees 4 - 3+1.00MLB
04/25/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Philadelphia Philliesarizona diamondbacks-134arizona diamondbacks 5 - 4+1.00MLB
04/25/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Philadelphia Philliesarizona diamondbacks (1st 5 innings)-133arizona diamondbacks 4 - 0+1.00MLB
04/24/2014Houston Astros vs Oakland Athleticsover 7.5-115oakland athletics 10 - 1+5.00MLB
04/24/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Redspittsburgh pirates+105cincinnati reds 2 - 1-1.00MLB
04/23/2014New York Mets vs St. Louis Cardinalsover 6.5-110new york mets 3 - 2-1.10MLB
04/23/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Redspittsburgh pirates-123cincinnati reds 5 - 2-1.23MLB
04/23/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs San Diego Padresover 7-110milwaukee brewers 5 - 2+0.00MLB
04/23/2014Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankeesboston red sox-110boston red sox 5 - 1+4.00MLB
04/22/2014Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Angelswashington nationals-110los angeles angels 7 - 2-3.30MLB
04/22/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs San Diego Padresover 8-105san diego padres 2 - 1-1.05MLB
04/22/2014Chicago Cubs vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+104chicago cubs 9 - 2-1.00MLB
04/21/2014Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royalscleveland indians-147cleveland indians 4 - 3+1.00MLB
04/21/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs San Diego Padresover 7.5-110milwaukee brewers 4 - 3-3.30MLB
04/18/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankeestampa bay rays-107tampa bay rays 11 - 5+3.00MLB
04/18/2014Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Redschicago cubs-114cincinnati reds 4 - 1-1.14MLB
04/18/2014Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Oriolesover 7.5-115baltimore orioles 8 - 4+2.00MLB
04/17/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewerspittsburgh pirates-105pittsburgh pirates 11 - 2+3.00MLB
04/17/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewersover 6.5-120pittsburgh pirates 11 - 2+3.00MLB
04/16/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs New York Metsarizona diamondbacks-144new york mets 5 - 2-1.44MLB
04/16/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs New York Metsunder 9-120new york mets 5 - 2+1.00MLB
04/15/2014San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgersunder 8-110san francisco giants 3 - 2+2.00MLB
04/14/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Oakland Athleticsunder 8.5-115oakland athletics 3 - 2+3.00MLB
04/14/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Raysbaltimore orioles+102baltimore orioles 7 - 1+3.06MLB
04/13/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgersarizona diamondbacks+112los angeles dodgers 8 - 6-3.00MLB
04/12/2014San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockiesunder 8-130colorado rockies 1 - 0+3.00MLB