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Mark joined HPD in 2005 and has been a big part of their success.  Annual members receive his complete service free.  Mark is not an “action handicapper” and only invests in the best situations.  This makes his volume lower than most but also allows him to win at a higher %.  He handicaps NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NBA & NCAAB.  Be sure you take a moment to review is long term documented history.  Like AJ Atencio, Mark has set the industry standard in the Las Vegas betting community for over a decade.

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Pick History

10/17/2021Dallas Cowboys vs New England PatriotsNew England Patriots +4-110Dallas Cowboys 35-29-2.20NFL
10/10/2021San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ers +5-110Arizona Cardinals 17-10-2.20NFL
10/03/2021Washington Redskins vs Atlanta BearsWashington Redskins -1-110Washington Redskins 34-30+2.00NFL
09/26/2021Miami Dolphins vs Las Vegas RaidersMiami Dolphins +4-110Las Vegas Raiders 31-28+2.00NFL
09/16/2021New York Giants vs Washington RedskinsOVER 40.5-110Washington Redskins 30-29+1.00NFL
09/12/2021NFL SEASON WINS IIWashington Redskins UNDER 8.5-115+0.00NFL
07/06/2021Milwauke Bucks vs Phoenix SunsMilwaukee Bucks +5.5-110Phoenix Suns 118-105-1.10NBA
06/30/2021Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Clippers PICK-110Phoenix Suns 130-103-2.20NBA
06/28/2021Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix SunsLos Angeles Clippers +5.5-110Los Angeles Clippers 116-102+2.00NBA
06/24/2021Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Clippers +1-110Los Angeles Clippers 106-92+2.00NBA
06/22/2021Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix SunsLos Angeles Clippers +5.5-110Phoenix Suns 104-103+2.00NBA
06/15/2021Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets2H OVER 115-110Brooklyn Nets 71-49+1.00NBA
06/02/2021Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz2H UNDER 116-110Memphis Grizzlies 59-51+1.00NBA
05/08/2021Washington Wizards vs Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers +4-110Washington Wizards 133-132+2.00NBA
04/18/2021New Orleans Pelicans vs New York Knicks2H New Orleans Pelicans -4-110New Orleans Pelicans 68-65-2.20NBA
04/14/2021Washington Wizards vs Sacramento KingsSacramento Kings +2.5-110Washington Wizards 123-111-2.00NBA
04/09/2021Memphis Grizzlies vs New York KnicksNew York Knicks +1.5-110New York Knicks 133-129+2.00NBA
04/05/2021Phoenix Suns vs Houston RocketsHouston Rockets +14.5-110Phoenix Suns 133-130+2.00NBA
03/25/2021Boise State vs MemphisBoise State +5-110Memphis 59-56+1.00NCAAB
03/20/2021Dayton vs MemphisMemphis +5.5-110Memphis 71-60-1.10NCAAB
03/03/2021Charlotte Hornets vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves +3-110Charlotte Hornets 135-102-1.10NBA
03/01/2021Cleveland Cavaliers vs Houston RocketsHouston Rockets -1.5-110Cleveland Cavaliers 101-90-1.10NBA
02/27/2021Indiana State vs ValparaisoValparaiso +1-110Valparaiso 70-58+1.00NCAAB
02/27/2021UL Lafayette vs Arkansas LRArkansas LR Pick-110Arkansas LR+1.00NCAAB
02/25/2021Sacramento Kings vs New York KnicksSacramento Kings +1-110New York Knick 140-121-1.10NBA
02/06/2021Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ersUNDER 237-110Philadelphia 76ers 124-108+1.00NBA
02/03/2021Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans +3.5-110New Orleans Pelicans 123-101+1.00NBA
01/28/2021Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix SunsPhoenix Suns -1-110Phoenix Suns 114-93+2.00NBA
01/27/2021Drake vs Missouri StateMissouri State +4-110Drake 78-73-1.10NCAAB
01/27/2021Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ers +4.5-110Philadelphia 76ers 107-106+1.00NBA
01/23/2021Golden State Warriors vs Utah JazzGolden State Warriors +7-110Utah Jazz 127-108-2.20NBA
01/14/2021Houston Rockets vs San Antonio SpursHouston Rockets +7.5-110Houston Rockets 109-105+2.00NBA
01/03/2021New England Patriots vs New York Jets2H OVER 20-110New England Patriots 21-7+1.00NFL
01/01/2021Phoenix Suns vs Denver NuggetsDenver Nuggets -3.5-110Phoenix Suns 106-103-1.10NBA
12/29/2020Boston Celtics vs Indiana PacersBoston Celtics +1-110Boston Celtics 116-111+1.00NBA
12/27/2020Carolina Panthers vs Washington RedskinsCarolina Panthers Pick-110Carolina Panthers 20-13+1.00NFL
12/20/2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons +6.5-110Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-21+1.00NFL
12/18/2020Oregon vs USCOregon Ducks +3.5-110Oregon 31-24+2.00NCAAF
12/06/2020Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona CardinalsArizona Cardinals +3-110Los Angeles Rams 38-28-2.20NFL
12/05/2020Kansas vs Texas TechKansas +27-110Texas Tech 16-13+2.00NCAAF
12/02/2020Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens +4.5-110Pittsburgh Steelers 19-14-1.10NFL
11/08/2020Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo BillsBUFFALO BILLS +3-110Buffalo Bills 44-34+2.00NFL
11/06/2020BYU vs Boise StateBoise State +4-110BYU 51-17-1.10NCAAF
10/18/2020Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Steelers -3-110Pittsburgh Steelers 34-7+1.00NFL
10/13/2020Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee TitansTennessee Titans +3.5-110Tennessee Titans 42-16+2.00NFL
10/11/2020Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons -1.5-110Carolina Panthers 23-16-1.10NFL
09/27/2020Tennessee Titans vs Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings +3-110Tennessee Titans 31-30+1.00NFL
09/21/2020NFL SEASON WINS 1Dallas Cowboys U 10-110Dallas Cowboys 6-10+2.00NFL
09/13/2020Chicago Bears vs Detroit LionsDetroit Lions -2.5-110Chicago Bears 27-23-1.10NFL
09/13/2020Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons -1-110Seattle Seahawks 38-25-1.10NFL
09/09/2020Boston Celtics vs Toronto RaptorsOVER 209-110Toronto Raptors 125-122+2.00NBA
09/07/2020Toronto Raptors vs Boston CelticsOVER 211-110Boston Celtics 111-89-1.65NBA
09/06/2020Miami Heat vs Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee Bucks Pick-110Milwaukee Bucks 118-115+2.00NBA
09/03/2020Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics2H Raptors -4-110Toronto Raptors 57-46+1.00NBA
09/01/2020Boston Celtics vs Toronto RaptorsToronto Raptors -1-110Boston Celtics 102-99-1.10NBA
03/08/2020New Orleans Pelicans vs Minnesota Timberwolves2H UNDER 121-110New Orleans Pelicans 49-44+1.00NBA
03/07/2020Arkansas State vs UL Lafayette2H UNDER 84-110UL Lafayette 40-37+1.00NCAAB
03/01/2020Minnesota Timberwolves vs Dallas MavericksUNDER 244.5-110Dallas Mavericks 111-91+1.00NBA
03/01/2020Fairfield vs Rider2H OVER 67-110Rider 38-28-1.10NCAAB
02/29/2020Bucknell vs Boston U2H OVER 71-110Boston U 49-41+1.00NCAAB
02/16/2020San Diego State vs Boise StateBoise State +6-110San Diego State 72-55-1.10NCAAB
02/10/2020Minnesota Timberwolves vs Toronto RaptorsMinnesota Timberwolves +9.5-110Toronto Raptors 137-126-1.10NBA
02/03/2020Missouri vs Texas A&MMissouri -1-110Texas A&M 68-51-1.10NCAAB
01/25/2020Oklahoma City Thunder vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves -1-110Oklahoma City Thunder 113-104-1.10NBA
01/25/2020Baylor vs FloridaFlorida ML-125Baylor 72-61-1.10NCAAB
01/18/2020Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston RocketsHouston Rockets -2.5-110Los Angeles Lakers 124-115-2.20NBA
01/18/2020Toledo vs AkronToledo +7-110Toledo 99-89+1.00NCAAB
01/15/2020St. Francis vs Fairleigh DickinsonFairleigh Dickinson +3.5-110St. Francis 100-85-1.10NCAAB
01/11/2020Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore RavensTennessee Titans +10-110Tennessee Titans 28-12+1.00NFL
01/11/2020New Orleans Pelicans vs New York KnicksNew York Knicks +5-110New Orleans Pelicans 123-111-2.20NBA
01/07/2020Portland Trailblazers vs Toronto RaptorsPortland Trailblazers +3-110Portland Trailblazers 101-99+1.00NBA
01/06/2020Utah Jazz vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans +4.5-110Utah Jazz 128-126+2.00NBA
01/05/2020Loyola Maryland vs LehighLehigh Pick-110Lehigh 78-71+1.00NCAAB
01/04/2020San Diego State vs Utah State2H Utah State -4-110San Diego State 43-41-1.10NCAAB
01/04/2020Oklahoma City Thunder vs Cleveland CavaliersCleveland Cavaliers +7-110Oklahoma City Thunder 121-106-1.10NBA
01/02/2020Oklahoma City Thunder vs San Antonio SpursSan Antonio Spurs ML-130Oklahoma City Thunder 109-103-2.00NBA
12/31/2019Georgetown vs ProvidenceProvidence +1-110Providence 76-60+2.00NCAAB
12/29/2019Oakland Raiders vs Denver BroncosOakland Raiders +4-110Denver Broncos 16-15+1.00NFL
12/29/2019Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Chargers +10-110Kansas City Chiefs 31-21+0.00NFL
12/29/2019Green Bay Packers vs Detroit LionsDetroit Lions +13-110Green Bay Packers 23-20+1.00NFL
12/29/2019New Orleans Saints vs Carolina PanthersCarolina Panthers +14.5-110New Orleans Saints 42-10-1.10NFL
12/20/2019Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland CavaliersCleveland Cavaliers +3-110Memphis Grizzlies 114-107+1.00NBA
12/17/2019Brooklyn Nets vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans +2.5-110Brooklyn Nets 108-101-2.20NBA
12/17/2019Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers +3-110Indiana Pacers 105-102+2.00NBA
12/15/2019Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys +1-110Dallas Cowboys 44-21+2.00NFL
12/13/2019Los Angeles Clippers vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves +6-110Los Angeles Clippers 124-117-2.20NBA
12/13/2019New Orleans Pelicans vs Philadelphia 76ersNew Orleans Pelicans +8.5-110Philadelphia 76ers 116-109+1.10NBA
12/11/2019Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando MagicOrlando Magic +8.5-110Los Angeles Lakers 96-87-1.10NBA
12/11/2019Boston Celtics vs Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers Pick-110Indiana Pacers 122-117+2.00NBA
12/09/2019Detroit Pistons vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans Pick-110Detroit Pistons 105-103-2.20NBA
12/08/2019Sacramento Kings vs Dallas MavericksSacramento Kings +9-110Sacramento Kings 110-106+1.00NBA
12/08/2019Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona CardinalsArizona Cardinals +2.5-110Pittsburgh Steelers 23-17-2.20NFL
12/05/2019Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington WizardsWashington Wizards +8-110Washington Wizards 119-113+1.00NBA
12/04/2019Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah JazzUtah Jazz -2-110Los Angeles Lakers 121-96-1.00NBA
12/04/2019Minnesota Timberwolves vs Dallas MavericksMinnesota Timberwolves +5.5-110Dallas Mavericks 121-114-1.65NBA
12/03/2019Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver NuggetsDenver Nuggets -3.5-110Denver Nuggets 47-45-1.00NBA
12/01/2019New England Patriots vs Houston TexansHouston Texans +3.5-110Houston Texans 28-22+2.00NFL
11/30/2019CFB SEASON WINS 2OKLAHOMA OVER 10.5-105Oklahoma 11-1+2.00NCAAF
11/27/2019Orlando Magic vs Cleveland CavaliersOrlando Magic +1-110Orlando Magic 116-104+1.00NBA
11/25/2019Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles Rams +3.5-110Baltimore Ravens 45-6-2.20NFL
11/24/2019Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati BengalsSTEELERS/BENGALS OVER 38-110Pittsburgh Steelers 16-10-1.65NFL
11/22/2019Boston Celtics vs Denver Nuggets2H OVER 105-110Boston Celtics 58-51+1.00NBA
11/22/2019Cleveland Cavaliers vs Dallas MavericksCleveland Cavaliers +10-110Dallas Mavericks 143-101-1.10NBA
11/22/2019Sacramento Kings vs Brooklyn NetsBrooklyn Nets -1-110Brooklyn Nets 116-97+1.00NBA
11/20/2019Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta HawksAtlanta Hawks +11-110Milwaukee Bucks 135-127+1.00NBA
11/17/2019Cincinnati Bengals vs Oakland RaidersCincinnati Bengals +13-110Oakland Raiders 17-10+1.50NFL
11/14/2019Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns -2.5-110Cleveland Browns 21-7+2.00NFL
11/10/2019Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons +14-110Atlanta Falcons 26-9+1.50NFL
11/09/2019Baylor vs TCUTCU +2.5-110Baylor 29-23-2.20NCAAF
11/01/2019New York Knicks vs Boston CelticsNew York Knicks +10.5-110Boston Celtics 104-102+1.50NBA
10/27/2019Cleveland Browns vs New England PatriotsCleveland Browns +13-110New England Patriots 27-13-2.20NFL
10/26/2019California vs UtahOVER 36.5-110Utah 35-0-1.10NCAAF
10/20/2019Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle SeahawksBaltimore Ravens +3-110Baltimore Ravens 30-16+1.50NFL
10/20/2019San Francisco 49ers vs Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins +10.5-110San Francisco 49ers 9-0+1.50NFL
09/29/2019Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears2H Minnesota Vikings -3-110Minnesota Vikings 6-6-1.10NFL
09/26/2019Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay PackersPhiladelphia Eagles +4,5-110Philadelphia Eagles 34-27+2.00NFL
09/21/2019NFL Season Wins 2Kansas City Chiefs O 10+105Kansas City Chiefs 12-4+2.10NFL
09/15/2019Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins2H Washington Redskins +3-105Dallas Cowboy 17-14+0.00NFL
09/14/2019CFB SEASON WINS 1TEXAS OVER 9+100Texas 7-5-2.20NCAAF
05/19/2019Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto RaptorsToronto Raptors -2-110Toronto Raptors 118-112+2.00NBA
05/02/2019Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ersToronto Raptors +1-110Philadelphia 76ers 116-95-2.20NBA
04/30/2019Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto RaptorsToronto Raptors-160Toronto Raptors 92-90+1.00NBA
04/08/2019Texas Tech vs VirginiaVirginia -1-110Virginia85-77+2.00NCAAB
04/02/2019Wichita State vs LipscombLipscomb -1-110Lipscomb 71-64+1.50NCAAB
03/30/2019South RegionVirginia+140Virginia 80-75+1.40NCAAB
03/21/2019New Mexico State vs AuburnAuburn -5-110Auburn 78-77-1.10NCAAB
03/08/2019Western Carolina vs Virginia MilitaryWestern Carolina Pick-110Virginia Military 96-83-1.10NCAAB
02/28/2019Marshall vs Louisiana TechMarshall +7-110Marshall 90-79+1.50NCAAB
02/24/2019Quinnipiac vs Monmouth2H Monmouth -2.5-110Quinnipiac 33-31-1.10NCAAB
02/22/2019Bowling Green vs OhioOhio +5-110Ohio 92-87+1.50NCAAB
02/03/2019Super Bowl 53UNDER 58.5-110New England 13-3+2.00NFL
02/03/2019Memphis Grizzlies vs New York Knicks2H OVER 98-110Memphis Grizzlies 54-43-1.10NBA
02/01/2019Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami HeatMiami Heat +5-110Oklahoma City Thunder 118-102-2.00NBA
01/31/2019Purdue vs Penn State2H Penn State +2.5-110Purdue 49-46-1.10NCAAB
01/30/2019Marquette vs Butler2H Butler -4.5-110Marquette 42-33-1.10NCAAB
01/26/2019Bowling Green vs Miami OhioMiami Ohio +1-110Miami Ohio 67-53+1.50NCAAB
01/26/2019Lamar vs Sam Houston StateLamar +7.5-110Sam Houston State 69-59-1.65NCAAB
01/18/2019Maryland vs Ohio State2H Ohio State -3-110Maryland 30-23-1.10NCAAB
01/17/2019UTSA vs Middle TennesseeMiddle Tennessee +4-110Middle Tennessee 89-86+1.50NCAAB
01/07/2019Clemson vs AlabamaAlabama Teased-120Clemson 44-16-2.00NCAAF
01/05/2019Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys -1-110Dallas Cowboys 24-22+2.00NFL
01/02/2019Orlando Magic vs Chicago BullsOVER 199-110Orlando Magic 112-84-2.20NBA
12/29/2018Houston Rockets vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans +3-110Houston Rockets 108-104-1.65NBA
12/23/2018Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle SeahawksKansas City Chiefs -1-110Seattle Seahawks 38-31-1.65NFL
12/18/2018Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers2H OVER 106-110Cleveland Cavaliers 47-47-1.10NBA
12/17/2018New Orleans Saints vs Carolina PanthersCarolina Panthers +6.5-110New Orleans 12-9+1.50NFL
12/13/2018San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs2H San Diego Chargers +0.5-110San Diego Chargers 22-14+1.00NFL
12/01/2018UAB vs Middle Tennessee StateUAB +2-110UAB 27-25+1.50NCAAF
11/30/2018Denver Nuggets vs Portland TrailblazersPortland Trailblazers -1.5-110Denver Nuggets 113-112-2.20NBA
11/27/2018Toronto Raptors vs Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies +6-110Toronto Raptors 122-114-2.20NBA
11/23/2018Oklahoma vs West VirginiaUNDER 86-110Oklahoma 59-56-2.20NCAAF
11/18/2018Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville JaguarsJacksonville Jaguars +6-110Pittsburgh Steelers 20-16+1.50NFL
11/17/2018Utah State vs Colorado StateColorado State +30-110Utah State 29-24+1.00NCAAF
11/11/2018Atlanta Falcons vs Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns +6-110Cleveland Browns 28-16+2.00NFL
11/10/2018Washington State vs ColoradoColorado +7-110Washington State 31-7-1.10NCAAF
11/05/2018New Orleans Pelicans vs Oklahoma City ThunderNew Orleans Pelicans +4-110Oklahoma City Thunder 122-116-1.65NBA
11/01/2018Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston CelticsBoston Celtics -2-110Boston Celtics 117-113+2.00NBA
10/28/2018Washington Redskins vs New York GiantsNew York Giants +1-110Washington Redskins 20-13-2.20NFL
10/21/2018Cincinnati Bengals vs Kansas City ChiefsCincinnati Bengals +6.5-110Kansas City Chiefs 45-10-1.65NFL
10/19/2018Sacramento Kings vs Sacramento KingsSacramento Kings OVER25.5Sacramento Kings 26++1.00NBA
10/14/2018Kansas City Chiefs vs New England PatriotsNew England Patriots -3-110New England Patriots 43-40+0.00NFL
10/07/2018Atlanta Falcons vs Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Steelers -3-110Pittsburgh Steelers 41-17+1.50NFL
09/30/2018Cleveland Browns vs Oakland RaidersOakland Raiders-130Oakland Raiders 45-42+2.00NFL
09/29/2018Purdue vs NebraskaNebraska +3.5-110Purdue 42-28-1.10NCAAF
09/27/2018Minnesota Vikings vs Los Angeles RamsMinnesota Vikings +7-110Los Angeles Rams 38-31+0.00NFL
09/24/2018Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tampa Bay BuccaneersUNER 55.5-110Pittsburgh Steelers 30-27-2.20NFL
09/23/2018Los Angeles Chargers vs Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles Chargers +7-110Los Angeles Rams 35-23-1.10NFL
09/09/2018CFB ML Parlay vs NFLMichigan State ML with Baltimore Ravens ML-115Arizona State 16-13-2.00NCAAF
09/04/2018San Diego Padres vs Arizona DiamondbacksOVER 7.5-110Arizona Diamondbacks 6-0-1.10MLB
08/04/2018Baltimore Orioles vs Texas RangersUNDER 10.5-110Texas Ranges 3-1+1.00MLB
07/31/2018Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates-108Pittsburgh Pirates 5-4+1.00MLB
07/24/2018Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles+138Baltimore Orioles 7-6+1.38MLB
07/09/2018Philadelphia Phillies vs New York MetsNew York Mets+105New York Mets 4-3+1.05MLB
06/28/2018Seattle Mariners vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles +1.5-110Seattle Mariners 4-2-1.10MLB
06/20/2018Texas Rangers vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals-105Texas Rangers 3-2-1.05MLB
05/16/2018Golden State Warriors vs Houston RocketsHouston Rockets -1-110Houston Rockets 127-105+1.00NBA
04/25/2018Tampa Bay Rays vs Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles-109Tampa Bay Rays 9-5-1.09MLB
04/24/2018Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ersMiami Heat +10.5-110Philadephia 76ers 104-91-1.10NBA
04/12/2018Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland IndiansOVER 8-115Cleveland Indians 9-3+2.00MLB
03/31/2018Loyola Chicago vs MichiganMichigan -5.5 2H-110Michigan 47-28+1.00NCAAB
03/23/2018Texas A&M vs PurduePurdue ML-130Texas A&M 78-65-1.00NCAAB
03/23/2018Boston Celtics vs Portland TrailblazersBoston Celtics +7.5-110Boston Celtics 105-100+1.00NBA
03/19/2018Eastern Washington vs Sam Houston StateSam Houston State +2-110Sam Houston state 69-62+1.00NCAAB
03/18/2018Butler vs PurduePurdue -3-120Purdue 76-73+0.00NCAAB
03/16/2018Texas vs NevadaTexas +1-110Nevada 87-83-1.10NCAAB
03/16/2018Providence vs Texas A&MProvidence +4.5-110Texas A&M 73-69+1.00NCAAB
03/15/2018Charlotte Hornets vs Atlanta HawksAtlanta Hawks +5.5-110Charlotte Hornets 129-117-1.10NBA
03/13/2018St. Bonaventure vs UCLASt. Bonaventure +3.5-110St. Bonaventure 65-58+1.00NCAAB
03/10/2018West Virginia vs KansasWest Virginia ML-120Kansas 81-70-1.10NCAAB
03/08/2018Butler vs Seton HallButler -3 2H-110Butler 40-31+1.00NCAAB
03/05/2018Furman vs East Tennessee StateEast Tennessee State +1.5-110East Tennessee State 63-52+1.00NCAAB
03/01/2018Northern Iowa vs EvansvilleOVER 116-110Northern Iowa 60-50-1.10NCAAB
02/24/2018Charleston vs William & MaryWilliam & Mary +2-110William & Mary 114-104+1.00NCAAB
02/22/2018Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State WarriorsUNDER 235.5-110Golden State Warriors 134-127-1.10NBA
02/17/2018Middle Tennessee vs Louisiana TechLouisiana Tech +3.5-110Middle Tennessee State 87-70-1.10NCAAB
02/10/2018Texas San Antonio vs UTEPUTEP +2.5-110Texas San Antonio 63-59-1.10NCAAB
02/07/2018Utah Jazz vs Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies +7-110Utah Jazz 92-88+1.00NBA
02/05/2018Indiana vs Rutgers2H OVER 67-110Indiana 39-27-1.10NCAAB
02/05/2018Utah Jazz vs New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans PICK-110Utah Jazz 133-109-1.10NBA
01/26/2018Buffalo vs OhioOhio +7.5-110Buffalo 73-66+1.00NCAAB
01/15/2018Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland CavaliersCleveland Cavaliers +6-110Golden State Warriors 118-108-2.20NBA
01/08/2018Georgia vs Pittsburgh Steelers6 Point Tease-120Jacksonville Jaguars 45-42-2.40NCAAF
01/06/2018Utah State vs UNLV2H UNDER 84-110UNLV 42-39+1.00NCAAB
01/06/2018Mississippi State vs Mississippi2H Mississippi -3-110Mississippi 36-24+1.00NCAAB
01/04/2018Northern Iowa vs Missouri StateNorthern Iowa +6-110Missouri State 62-55-1.10NCAAB
12/31/2017Washington Redskins vs New York GiantsNew York Giants +5-110New York Giants 18-10+1.00NFL
12/30/2017Delaware vs North Carolina WilmingtonNorth Carolina Wilmington Pick-110Delaware 58-56-2.20NCAAB
12/27/2017Texas vs MissouriTexas +3-110Texas 33-16+1.00NCAAF
12/24/2017Los Angeles Clippers vs Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies +1-110Memphis Grizzlies 115-112+2.00NBA
12/23/2017Idaho State vs Cal State NorthridgeCal State Northridge +2-110Idaho State 67-55-1.10NCAAB
12/21/2017North Dakota State vs North Carolina WilmingtonNorth Carolina Wilmington +3-110North Dakota State 100-63-1.65NCAAB
12/19/2017New Orleans Pelicans vs Washington WizardsWashington Wizards ML-135Washington Wizards 116-106+2.00NBA
12/06/2017Middle Tennessee State vs VanderbiltVanderbilt ML-140Middle Tennessee 66-63-2.00NCAAB
12/03/2017Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle SeahawksSeattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos Teased-110Denver Broncos 23-0+2.00NFL
11/25/2017Wisconsin vs MinnesotaMinnesota +19-110Wisconsin 31-0-1.10NCAAF
11/25/2017Boston College vs SyracuseSyracuse +4.5-110Boston College 42-14-1.10NCAAF
11/22/2017Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento KingsSacramento Kings +1-110Sacramento Kings 113-102+2.00NBA
11/19/2017Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys +4-110Philadelphia Eagles 37-9-2.20NFL
11/18/2017Milwaukee Bucks vs Dallas MavericksDallas Mavericks +7-110Dallas Mavericks 111-79+1.00NBA
11/18/2017South Alabama vs Georgia SouthernOVER 44-110Georgia Southern 52-0+1.00NCAAF
11/14/2017Toronto Raptors vs Houston RocketsToronto Raptors +7-110Toronto Raptors 129-113+1.00NBA
11/11/2017Georgia vs AuburnAuburn +3-110Auburn 40-17+2.00NCAAF
11/08/2017Indiana Pacers vs Detroit PistonsIndiana Pacers +7-110Detroit Pistons 114-97-1.10NBA
11/05/2017Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina PanthersAtlanta Falcons PICK-110Carolina Panthers 20-17-2.20NFL
11/05/2017Los Angeles Rams vs New York GiantsNew York Giants +4.5-11051-17-2.20NFL
11/04/2017Georgia State vs Georgia SouthernGeorgia Southern +4.5-110Georgia State 21-17+2.00NCAAF
11/04/2017Wake Forest vs Notre DameWake Forest +17-110Notre Dame 48-37+2.00NCAAF
10/28/2017Miami Florida vs North CarolinaNorth Carolina +22-110Miami Florida 24-19+1.00NCAAF
10/28/2017Boston Celtics vs Miami HeatMiami Heat +3.5-110Boston Celtics 96-90-2.20NBA
10/23/2017Philadelphia 76ers vs Detroit PistonsPhiladelphia 76ers +4-115Philadelphia 76ers 97-86+1.00NBA
10/22/2017Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys6-point TeaserOakland Raiders +9 Dallas Cowboys -0Dallas Cowboys 40-10+1.00NFL
10/21/2017New York Yankees vs Houston AstrosHouston Astros-134Houston Astros 4-0+2.00MLB
10/15/2017Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings +3.5-110Minnesota Vikings 23-10+2.00NFL
10/14/2017Auburn vs LSULSU +8-120LSU 27-23+2.00NCAAF
10/14/2017Virginia vs North CarolinaNorth Carolina +4-120Virginia 20-16-2.40NCAAF
10/05/2017Louisville vs NC StateNC State +4-120NC State 39-25+1.00NCAAF
09/23/2017Florida vs KentuckyKentucky +3-115Florida 28-27+2.00NCAAF
09/17/2017Dallas Cowboys vs Denver BroncosDallas Cowboys -1-125Denver Broncos 42-17-2.50NFL
09/06/2017Los Angeles Angels vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics+120Oakland Athletics 3-1+1.20MLB
08/31/2017Washington Nationals vs Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers-112Milwaukee Brewers 6-3+1.00MLB
08/21/2017Milwaukee Brewers vs San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants+115San Francisco Giants 2-0+1.73MLB
08/06/2017Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York MetsNew York Mets+155Los Angeles Dodgers 8-0-1.00MLB
06/04/2017Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors2H UNDER 111-110Golden State Warriors 65-49-1.10NBA
06/03/2017Washington Nationals vs Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics+100Oakland Athletics 10-4+1.50MLB
05/19/2017Washington Nationals vs Atlanta BravesUNDER 9.5+100Atlanta Braves 7-4-1.50MLB
05/18/2017Colorado Rockies vs Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins-128Minnesota Twins 2-0+1.50MLB
05/15/2017Washington Wizards vs Boston CelticsWashington Wizards +5.5-110Boston Celtics 115-105-1.10NBA
05/07/2017St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves+100St. Louis Cardinals 6-4-1.50MLB
04/27/2017New York Yankees vs Boston Red SoxOVER 7-110New York Yankees 3-0-1.65MLB
04/22/2017Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee BucksToronto Raptors +3-110Toronto Raptors 87-76+1.00NBA
04/03/2017Portland Trailblazers vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves-120Minnesota Timberwolves 110-109+1.50NBA
03/31/2017Houston Rockets vs Golden State WarriorsHouston Rockets +10-115Golden State Warriors 107-98+1.00NBA
03/26/2017Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets2H UNDER 113-110Oklahoma City Thunder 66-58-1.10NBA
03/18/2017MTSU vs ButlerButler -2.5-110Butler 74-65+1.00NCAAB
03/12/2017Cleveland Cavaliers vs Houston Rockets2H UNDER 116-110Houston Rockets 59-45+1.00NBA
03/09/2017Utep vs RiceRice -1-110Utep 86-76-1.65NCAAB
03/04/2017Wake Forest vs Virginia TechWake Forest +3-110Wake Forest 89-84+1.50NCAAB
02/26/2017North Carolina vs VirginiaVirginia +4-110Virginia 53-43+1.50NCAAB
02/21/2017Eastern Michigan vs Ball StateEastern Michigan +3-110Ball State 79-72-1.10NCAAB
02/13/2017Golden State Warriors vs Denver NuggetsDenver Nuggets +12.5-110Denver Nuggets 132-110+1.00NBA
02/09/2017Belmont vs Jacksonville StateJacksonville State +5.5-110Belmont 66-53-1.65NCAAB
02/05/2017New England Patriots vs Atlanta FalconsUNDER 59-110New England 34-28-1.65NFL
02/04/2017Purdue vs MarylandPurdue +1-110Purdue 73-72+1.00NCAAB
02/02/2017Belmont vs Murray StateMurray State +3-110Belmont 81-69-1.65NCAAB
01/28/2017Elon vs Hofstra2H Hofstra -3-110Elon 42-38-1.10NCAAB
01/25/2017Creighton vs GeorgetownGeorgetown +2.5-110Georgetown 71-51+1.50NCAAB
01/14/2017Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta FalconsUNDER 52.5-110Atlanta Falcons 36-20-1.65NFL
01/08/2017Wisconsin vs PurduePurdue-140Purdue 66-55+1.50NCAAB
01/01/2017Green Bay Packers vs Detroit LionsDetroit Lions +3.5-110Green Bay Packers 31-24-1.65NFL
12/31/2016Peach BowlWashington +17-120Alabama 24-7+0.00NCAAF
12/28/2016Northwestern vs PittsburghUNDER 71 - Teased with Chargers week 15-110Northwestern 31-24+1.00NCAAF
12/27/2016Wake Forest vs TempleWake Forest +14-110Wake Forest 34-26+1.00NCAAF
12/24/2016Arizona vs SeattleArizona +8.5-110Arizona Cardinals 34-31+1.50NFL
12/22/2016San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Clippers +2-110Los Angeles Clippers 106-101+1.00NBA
12/18/2016Cleveland Browns vs Buffalo BillsCleveland Browns +11-110Buffalo Bills 33-13-1.10NFL
12/18/2016Detroit Lions vs New York GiantsOVER 40.5-110New York Giants 17-6-1.65NFL
12/13/2016New York Knicks vs Phoenix SunsPhoenix Suns +3-120Phoenix Suns 113-111+1.50NBA
12/05/2016Indianapolis Colts vs New York JetsNew York Jets +2-110Indianapolis Colts 41-10-1.65NFL
12/03/2016Temple vs NavyNavy-125Temple 34-10-1.50NCAAF
11/27/2016Carolina Panthers vs Oakland RaidersCarolina Panthers +4-115Oakland Raiders 33-30+1.50NFL
11/24/2016Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys2H Washington Redskins Pick-120Washington Redskins 20-14+1.00NFL
11/22/2016Akron vs Ohio2H OVER 22.5-110Akron 3-3-1.00NCAAF
11/20/2016Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas CowboysBaltimore Ravens +7.5-115Dallas Cowboys 27-17-1.15NFL
11/13/2016Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves -3-110Minnesota Timberwolves 125-99+1.00NBA
11/13/2016San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ers +14-110Arizona Cardinals 23-20+1.00NFL
11/13/2016Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Steelers -2.5-120Dallas Cowboys 35-30-1.50NFL
11/12/2016Cincinnati vs Central FloridaCincinnati +12.5-110Central Florida 24-3-1.10NCAAF
11/12/2016Mississippi vs AlabamaMississippi +3--110Alabama 51-3-1.10NCAAF
11/06/2016New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ers +6-110New Orleans Saints-1.65NFL
10/31/2016Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago BearsChicago Bears +6-110Chicago Bears+1.00NFL
10/23/2016Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles +3-110Philadelphia Eagles 21-10+2.00NFL
10/13/2016Denver Broncos vs San Diego ChargersSan Diego Chargers +3.5-110San Diego Chargers 21-13+1.50NFL
10/03/2016New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings7-point Tease-140Minnesota Vikings 24-10-1.40NFL
10/02/2016New York Jets vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers6 Point Tease-130Seattle Seahawks 27-17-1.30NFL
09/25/2016Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville JaguarsJacksonville Jaguars +2.5-110Baltimore Ravens 19-17+1.00NFL
09/25/2016Arizona Cardinals vs Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills +5-110Buffalo Bills 33-18+1.00NFL
09/18/2016Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns +7-110Baltimore Ravens 25-20+1.50NFL
08/18/2016Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago CubsMilwaukee Brewers +1.5+130Chicago Cubs 9-6-1.00MLB
07/25/2016Chicago White Sox vs Chicago CubsOVER 6.5-110Chicago Cubs 3-1-1.65MLB
06/30/2016Cleveland Indians vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays+115Cleveland Indians 4-1-1.50MLB
06/22/2016San Diego Padres vs Baltimore OriolesUNDER 10.5-115Baltimore Orioles 7-2+1.50MLB
06/09/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati RedsUNDER 10-120St. Louis Cardinals 3-2+1.50MLB
06/08/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati RedsUNDER 9.5-105St. Louis Cardinals 12-7-1.05MLB
06/07/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati RedsUNDER 9.5+100Cincinnati Reds 7-6+1.50MLB
05/28/2016St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington NationalsWashington Nationals-110St. Louis Cardinals 9-4-1.65MLB
05/23/2016Colorado Rockies vs Pittsburgh PiratesUNDER 8.5-105Pittsburgh Pirates 6-3-1.58MLB
05/21/2016Toronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota TwinsUNDER 10-105Minnesota Twins 5-3+1.50MLB
05/14/2016Houston Astros vs Boston Red SoxUNDER 10-110Boston Red Sox 6-5-1.65MLB
05/13/2016Toronto Blue Jays vs Texas RangersUNDER 10-110Toronto Blue Jays 5-0+1.00MLB
05/10/2016Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves-115Philadelphia Phillies 3-2-1.72MLB
05/07/2016Toronto Raptors vs Miami HeatOVER 186-110Toronto Raptors 95-91+0.00NBA
05/03/2016Washington Nationals vs Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals-115Kansas City Royals 7-6+1.50MLB
04/24/2016Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati RedsUNDER 9-115Chicago Cubs 9-0+0.00MLB
04/22/2016Oakland Athletics vs Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays-125Oakland Athletics 8-5-1.50MLB
04/21/2016Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas MavericksOVER 197-110Oklahoma City Thunder 131-102+2.00NBA
04/18/2016Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder2H OVER 101-110Oklahoma City Thunder 41-40-1.10NBA
04/13/2016Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State WarriorsMemphis Grizzlies +19-110Golden State Warriors 125-104-1.65NBA
03/21/2016Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota TimberwolvesUNDER 233-110Golden State Warriors 109-104+1.50NBA
03/19/2016Butler vs Virginia2H OVER 68-110Butler 54-44+1.00NCAAB
03/18/2016Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors2H Celtics -3.5-110Toronto Raptors 50-50-1.10NBA
03/14/2016Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte HornetsDallas Mavericks +7-120Dallas Mavericks 107-96+1.50NBA
03/07/2016San Antonio Spurs vs Indiana Pacers2H OVER 101.5-110San Antonio Spurs 59-54+1.50NBA
03/05/2016California vs Arizona StateArizona State +6-110California 68-65+1.50NCAAB
02/28/2016Duke vs PittsburghPittsburgh +1-110Pittsburgh 76-62+1.50NCAAB
02/26/2016Harvard vs Yale2H Harvard +3-110Harvard 28-23+1.00NCAAB
02/25/2016Brooklyn Nets vs Phoenix SunsPhoenix Suns +1.5-110Brooklyn Nets 116-106-1.65NBA
02/24/2016Duquesne vs St. BonaventureUNDER 160-110St. Bonaventure 80-76+1.50NCAAB
02/23/2016Sacramento Kings vs Denver NuggetsUNDER 223.5-110Sacramento Kings 114-110-1.10NBA
02/21/2016California vs Washington StateWashington State +10.5-110California 80-62-1.65NCAAB
02/18/2016Florida Atlantic vs Rice2H UNDER 82-110Florida Atlantic 50-36-1.10NCAAB
02/18/2016Charlotte vs MarshallUNDER 179-110Marshall 87-72+1.50NCAAB
02/16/2016Michigan vs Ohio StateOhio State +1-110Ohio State 76-66+1.00NCAAB
02/14/2016Syracuse vs Boston CollegeOVER 124-110Syracuse 75-61+1.00NCAAB
02/09/2016Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee Bucks +4.5-110Milwaukee Bucks 112-111+2.00NBA
02/06/2016Arizona vs Washington2H UNDER 87.5-110Washington 34-33+1.00NCAAB
02/04/2016Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans PelicansUNDER 211-110Los Angeles Lakers 99-96+1.50NBA
01/30/2016Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Lakers +15-110Los Angeles Clippers 105-93+1.50NBA
01/25/2016Houston Rockets vs New Orleans Pelicans2H UNDER 107.5-110Houston Rockets 54-51+1.50NBA
01/22/2016Toledo vs Northern IllinoisToledo +1-110Northern Illinois 58-49-2.20NCAAB
01/20/2016Golden State Warriors vs Chicago BullsChicago Bulls +7-110Golden State Warriors 125-94-1.65NBA
01/17/2016Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs2H OVER 96.5-110San Antonio Spurs 66-47+1.00NBA
01/15/2016Canisius vs ManhattanCanisius-120Canisius 65-62+1.83NCAAB
01/09/2016IPFW vs DenverDenver ML-125IPFW 65-64-2.20NCAAB
01/03/2016New York Jets vs Buffalo Billsbuffalo bills +3-110buffalo bills 22-17+1.50NFL
01/02/2016Penn State vs Georgiapenn state +7-120georgia 24-17+0.00NCAAF
12/29/2015Cleveland Cavaliers vs Denver Nuggets2h denver nuggets pick-110denver nuggets 45-40+1.00NBA
12/26/2015Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eaglesphiladelphia eagles -2.5-120washington redskins 38-24-1.65NFL
12/20/2015Carolina Panthers vs New York Giants2h new york giants +0.5-110new york giants 28-17+1.00NFL
12/20/2015Carolina Panthers vs New York Giantsnew york giants +5.5-110carolina panthers 38-35+1.50NFL
12/19/2015Purdue vs Butlerunder 152-110butler 74-68+1.00NCAAB
12/17/2015Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs St. Louis Ramsover 40.5-110st. louis rams 31-23+2.00NFL
12/15/2015Houston Rockets vs Sacramento KingsUNDER 222-110Sacramento Kings 107-97+1.00NBA
12/13/2015Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder2H OVER 106-110Oklahoma City Thunder 66-47+1.00NBA
12/13/2015Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthersatlanta falcons +8.5-110carolina panthers 38-0-1.10NFL
12/11/2015Oklahoma City Thunder vs Utah JazzUtah Jazz +4-110oklahoma city thunder 94-90+0.00NBA
12/11/2015Golden State Warriors2H UNDER 107-110Golden State Warriors 67-66-1.10NBA
12/06/2015Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans Saints-120Carolina Panthers 41-38+1.00NFL
12/06/2015Atlanta Falcons vs Air Force6 Point Tease-110Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23-19+2.00NCAAF
12/06/2015Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota VikingsSeattle Seahawks Pick-110Seattle Seahawks 38-7+1.50NFL
12/03/2015Green Bay Packers vs Detroit LionsGreen Bay Packers -3-110Green Bay Packers 27-23+2.00NFL
11/29/2015Oakland Raiders vs Tennessee Titans2H Tennessee Titans Pick+105Tennessee Titans 15-14+1.05NFL
11/29/2015Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta Falcons2H OVER 22-105Minnesota Vikings 13-7-1.05NFL
11/29/2015Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons ML-125Minnesota Vikings 20-10-1.50NFL
11/28/2015Vanderbilt vs TennesseeOVER 40.5-110Tennessee 53-38+2.50NCAAF
11/26/2015Carolina Panthers vs Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys +1-110Carolina Panthers 33-14-4.40NFL
11/24/2015Indiana Pacers vs Washington WizardsWashington Wizards -2-110Indiana Pacers 123-106-1.65NBA
11/23/2015Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriotsbuffalo bills +7.5-120new england patriots 20-13+1.83NFL
11/22/2015Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikingsgreen bay packers +1-110green bay packers 30-13+2.50NFL
11/22/2015Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego Chargerssan diego chargers +3+105kansas city chiefs 33-3-2.00NFL
11/21/2015Texas AM vs Vanderbiltover 42.5-110texas am 25-0-1.65NCAAF
11/21/2015Florida Atlantic vs Florida2h over 21+100florida 20-14+0.50NCAAF
11/20/2015Los Angeles Clippers vs Portland Trailblazersportland trailblazers +3.5-110portland trailblazers 102-91+1.50NBA
11/18/2015Central Michigan vs Kent Stateover 40-110central michigan 24-17+1.00NCAAF
11/15/2015New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins2h under 28-115washington redskins 20-0+1.50NBA
11/11/2015Detroit Pistons vs Sacramento Kingssacramento kings +2-110sacramento kings 101-92+2.00NBA
11/10/2015Dallas Mavericks vs New Orleans Pelicansnew orleans pelicans ml-120new orleans pelicans 120-105+1.83NBA
11/09/2015Portland Trailblazers vs Denver Nuggetsdenver nuggets +1.5-110denver nuggets 108-104+1.50NBA
11/08/2015Tennessee Titans vs New Orleans Saintstennessee titans +8-110tennessee titans 34-28+1.50NFL
11/08/2015Oakland Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelerspittsburgh steelers -4-110pittsburgh steelers 38-35-2.20NFL
11/05/2015Oklahoma City Thunder vs Chicago Bullsunder 211-110chicago bulls 104-98+1.50NBA
11/02/2015Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rocketshouston rockets +4.5-110houston rockets 110-105+2.00NBA
10/25/2015USC vs Kansas City Chiefs6 point tease-110kansas city chiefs 23-13+2.00NFL
10/24/2015Florida State vs Georgia Tech2h georgia tech +1.5-110georgia tech 14-9+2.00NCAAF
10/24/2015Louisiana Monroe vs Idaholouisiana monroe +1.5-110idaho 27-13-1.65NCAAF
10/18/2015New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts2h under 30.5-110new england patriots 14-6+1.00NFL
10/18/2015Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings2h kansas city chiefs pick-105kansas city chiefs 10-6+1.00NFL
10/18/2015Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns2h browns +0.5-110cleveland browns 23-16+1.00NFL
10/18/2015Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Brownscleveland browns +4-110denver broncos 26-23+3.00NFL
10/16/2015UNLV vs Fresno Statefresno state +7-110fresno state 31-28+1.50NCAAF
10/11/2015Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefskansas city chiefs -9-110chicago bears 18-17-2.20NFL
10/10/2015Connecticut vs Central Floridacentral florida +1-110connecticut 40-13-2.20NCAAF
10/04/2015Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskinswashington redskins +3-105washington redskins 23-20+2.00NFL
10/03/2015Florida International vs Massachusettsmassachusetts -2.5-110massachusetts 24-14+2.00NCAAF
09/27/2015Pittsburgh Steelers vs St. Louis Ramsst. louis rams +1.5-110pittsburgh steelers 12-6-3.30NFL
09/27/2015Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Jetsphiladelphia eagles +2-110philadelphia eagles 24-17+2.00NFL
09/26/2015Mississippi St. vs Auburnauburn ml-120mississippi st. 17-9-2.20NCAAF
09/20/2015New England Patriots vs Buffalo Billsbuffalo bills +1-110new england patriots 40-32-2.20NFL
09/19/2015Western Kentucky vs Indianaindiana ml-140indiana 38-35+1.42NCAAF
09/17/2015Houston Astros vs Texas Rangershouston astros-118texas rangers 8-2-1.50MLB
09/14/2015Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falconsunder 56-110atlanta falcons 26-24+2.00NFL
09/13/2015Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bearschicago bears +7-110green bay packers 31-23-2.20NFL
09/12/2015Oklahoma vs Tennesseetennessee volunteers +2-110oklahoma sooners 31-24-1.65NCAAF
09/11/2015Utah State vs Utahover 44.5-110utah 24-14-2.20NCAAF
08/26/2015Houston Astros vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees-124houston astros 6-2-1.00MLB
08/23/2015New York Mets vs Colorado Rockiesunder 11.5+105new york mets 5-1+1.05MLB
08/16/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs Atlanta Bravesatlanta braves+108atlanta braves 2-1+1.62MLB
08/07/2015New York Mets vs Tampa Bay Raystampa bay rays+110new york mets 4-3-1.50MLB
08/04/2015New York Mets vs Miami Marlinsmiami marlins+117new york mets 5-1-1.50MLB
07/28/2015Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians-116kansas city royals 2-1-1.74MLB
07/25/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs Chicago Cubsover 6-110philadelphia phillies 5-0-1.10MLB
07/21/2015Texas Rangers vs Colorado Rockiesunder 11.5-110texas rangers 9-0+1.50MLB
07/08/2015Los Angeles Angels vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies+125los angeles angels 3-2-2.00MLB
07/08/2015Oakland Athletics vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees+100new york yankees 5-4+1.00MLB
07/01/2015Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Bravesatlanta braves+123atlanta braves 4-1+1.85MLB
06/30/2015San Francisco Giants vs Miami Marlinsmiami marlins-120miami marlins 5-3+1.25MLB
06/24/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankeesnew york yankees-131new york yankees 10-2+1.00MLB
06/23/2015Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians-109detroit tigers 7-3-1.50MLB
06/23/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankeesunder 9.5-105philadelphia phillies 11-6-1.58MLB
06/15/2015Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Metsnew york mets-115new york mets 4-3+2.17MLB
06/14/2015Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Soxboston red sox-114toronto blue jays 13-5-1.14MLB
06/12/2015Philadelphia Phillies vs Pittsburgh Piratesunder 8.5-110pittsburgh pirates 1-0+1.50MLB
06/11/2015Washington Nationals vs Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee brewers-103milwaukee brewers 6-5+2.00MLB
06/11/2015Colorado Rockies vs Miami Marlinsunder 8.5-110miami marlins 6-0+1.00MLB
06/09/2015San Diego Padres vs Atlanta Bravesatlanta braves+118atlanta braves 6-5+1.77MLB
06/05/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgerslos angeles dodgers-115st. louis cardinals 2-1-1.50MLB
06/04/2015Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigersdetroit tigers-103oakland athletics 7-4-3.09MLB
05/27/2015San Francisco Giants vs Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee brewers-119san francisco giants 3-1-2.38MLB
05/24/2015Atlanta Hawks vs Cleveland Cavaliersover 189.5-110cleveland cavaliers 114-111+2.00NBA
05/22/2015Baltimore Orioles vs Miami Marlinsmiami marlins+105baltimore orioles 8-5-3.00MLB
05/19/2015St. Louis Cardinals vs New York Metsnew york mets+110st. louis cardinals 10-2-2.00MLB
05/16/2015Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubspittsburgh pirates-103chicago cubs 4-1-2.06MLB
05/15/2015Tampa Bay Rays vs Minnesota Twinsminnesota twins+100minnesota twins 3-2+2.00MLB
05/11/2015Kansas City Royals vs Texas Rangersover 7.5-110texas rangers 8-2+3.00MLB
05/06/2015Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies-140arizona diamondbacks 5-1-2.00MLB
05/02/2015Seattle Mariners vs Houston Astrosseattle mariners+130houston astros 11-4-2.00MLB
04/30/2015Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royalskansas city royals-116kansas city royals 8-1+2.15MLB
04/25/2015Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicansunder 209-110golden state warriors 109-98+1.50NBA
04/23/2015Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee brewers-105milwaukee brewers 4-2+2.00MLB
04/22/2015Portland Trailblazers vs Memphis Grizzliesportland trailblazers +7-120memphis grizzlies 97-82-1.50NBA
04/22/2015Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giantsover 5.5-110san francisco giants 3-2-1.10MLB
04/19/2015Colorado Rockies vs Los Angeles DodgersUNDER 8-115Los Angeles Dodgers 7-0+2.00MLB
04/15/2015Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians-115cleveland indians 4-2+1.00MLB
04/13/2015Oakland Athletics vs Houston Astrosover 7.5-115oakland athletics 8-1+1.00MLB
04/11/2015Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Philliesphiladelphia phillies+100philadelphia phillies 3-2+1.00MLB
04/07/2015San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunderoklahoma city thunder +6-110san antonio spurs 113-88-1.10NBA
04/04/2015Los Angeles Clippers vs Denver Nuggetsdenver nuggets +10-110los angeles clippers 107-92-1.10NBA
04/04/2015Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericksdallas mavericks +6-110golden state warriors 123-110-1.10NBA
03/28/2015Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks2h milwaukee bucks pick-110golden state warriors 60-57-1.10NBA
03/20/2015Dayton vs Providenceprovidence ml-140dayton 66-53-2.00NCAAB
03/20/2015Oklahoma State vs Oregon2h oklahoma state -1-110oregon 36-34-1.65NCAAB
03/20/2015Buffalo vs West Virginiabuffalo +5-110west virginia 68-62-1.10NCAAB
03/17/2015Mississippi vs BYUmississippi +4-110mississippi 94-90+2.00NCAAB
03/13/2015La Salle vs Davidsonla salle +10-110davidson 67-66+1.00NCAAB
03/12/2015Texas State vs Texas Arlingtontexas state +2-110texas state 68-62+2.00NCAAB
03/09/2015Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Hornetswashington wizards +2-110washington wizards 95-69+2.00NBA
03/06/2015Miami Ohio vs Ohioohio ml-130ohio 95-65+2.00NCAAB
03/04/2015Portland Trailblazers vs Los Angeles Clippersportland trailblazers pick-110portland trailblazers 98-93+2.00NBA
03/03/2015Wright State vs Illinois Chicagowright state ml-130illinois chicago 60-57-2.00NCAAB
02/28/2015Georgia Tech vs Clemsonover 114.5-110clemson 71-63+1.00NCAAB
02/23/2015Brooklyn Nets vs Denver Nuggets2h denver nuggets -1.5-110brooklyn nets 56-37-1.10NBA
02/23/2015San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazzover 185.5-110utah jazz 90-81-1.10NBA
02/21/2015Louisiana Monroe vs Arkansas Statearkansas state +2.5-110arkansas state 70-68+2.00NCAAB
02/19/2015Eastern Kentucky vs Belmontbelmont ml-130belmont 66-61+1.00NCAAB
02/15/2015Iona vs Quinnipiacquinnipiac +1.5-110iona 60-57-1.10NCAAB
02/09/2015New York Knicks vs Miami Heatover 180.5-110miami heat 109-95+2.00NBA
02/07/2015Texas AM vs Missouriover 120-110texas am 83-61+2.00NCAAB
02/07/2015Kansas vs Oklahoma Stateoklahoma state +2-110oklahoma state 67-62+1.00NCAAB
02/03/2015St. Josephs vs St. Louisover 117-110st. louis 68-61+1.00NCAAB
02/02/2015Rider vs Siennasienna +3.5-110sienna 79-72+1.00NCAAB
02/01/2015New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawksseattle seahawks pick-110new england patriots 28-24-1.65NFL
01/31/2015Idaho vs Eastern Washingtonunder 166-110eastern washington 98-95-1.10NCAAB
01/31/2015Valparaiso vs Illinois Chicagoillinois chicago +10-110valparaiso 70-65+2.00NCAAB
01/29/2015Dayton vs UMASSumass +2-110umass 66-64+1.00NCAAB
01/27/2015Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriorschicago bulls +11-110chicago bulls 113-111+1.50NBA
01/27/2015Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriorsunder 212-110chicago bulls 113-111-1.65NBA
01/26/2015Philadelphia 76ers vs New Orleans Pelicansover 186-110new orleans pelicans 99-74-2.20NBA
01/25/2015Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix Sunsunder 222-110los angeles clippers 120-100+1.00NBA
01/24/2015Detroit Pistons vs Milwaukee Bucksmilwaukee bucks +3-110milwaukee bucks 101-86+2.00NBA
01/23/2015Sacramento Kings vs Golden State Warriorsunder 219-110golden state warriors 126-101-1.10NBA
01/22/2015Utah Jazz vs Milwaukee Bucksover 184-110utah jazz 101-99+3.00NBA
01/21/2015Buffalo vs Central Michiganbuffalo +3-110central michigan 84-73-1.10NCAAB
01/19/2015Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucksover 196.5-110toronto raptors 92-89-1.10NBA
01/18/2015Oklahoma City Thunder vs Orlando Magicunder 214-110oklahoma city thunder 127-99-1.10NBA
01/18/2015Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriotsindianapolis colts teased-110new england patriots 45-7-1.10NFL
01/15/2015Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakerscleveland cavaliers teased-110cleveland cavaliers 109-102+0.00NBA
01/14/2015New Orleans Pelicans vs Detroit Pistonsnew orleans pelicans +4.5-110new orleans pelicans 105-94+2.00NBA
01/13/2015Arkansas vs Tennesseetennessee +3.5-110tennessee 74-69+1.00NCAAB
01/10/2015Old Dominion vs Western Kentuckywestern kentucky +2-110western kentucky 75-62+1.00NCAAB
01/09/2015Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizardswashington wizards -1-110washington 102-86+2.00NBA
01/08/2015Stanford vs UCLAucla pick-110ucla 86-81+1.00NCAAB
01/08/2015Arizona State vs Oregon Statearizona state +1-110oregon state 55-47-1.10NCAAB
01/08/2015Rutgers vs Nebraskaover 115.5-110nebraska 65-49-1.10NCAAB
01/05/2015Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriorsoklahoma city thunder +3.5-110golden state warriors-1.10NBA
01/04/2015Milwaukee Bucks vs New York Knicksnew york knicks +7-110milwaukee bucks 95-82-2.20NBA
01/03/2015Colorado State vs New Mexiconew mexico +1-110new mexico 66-53+1.50NCAAB
01/02/2015UCLA vs Coloradoucla +5.5-110colorado 62-56-1.10NCAAB
12/30/2014Notre Dame vs LSUnotre dame +9-110notre dame 31-28+1.00NCAAF
12/28/2014Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurssan antonio spurs -1-110san antonio spurs 110-106+2.00NBA
12/28/2014San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefskansas city chiefs-140kansas city chiefs 19-7+1.00NFL
12/27/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah JazzPhiladelphia 76ers +10-110Utah Jazz 88-71-0.55NBA
12/21/2014Indiana Pacers vs Minnesota Twolvesminnesota twolves +3-110indiana pacers 100-96-1.10NBA
12/19/2014Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistonsdetroit pistons +8-110toronto raptors 110-100-1.10NBA
12/19/2014Washington Wizards vs Miami Heatmiami heat +6-110washington wizards 105-103+1.00NBA
12/18/2014Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguarstennessee titans +4.5-110jacksonville jaguars 21-13-1.10NFL
12/17/2014Houston Rockets vs Denver Nuggetsdenver nuggets +2.5-110houston rockets 115-111-2.20NBA
12/15/2014Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans2h pelicans +1.5-110new orleans pelicans 71-68+1.00NBA
12/13/2014Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericksunder 217-110golden state warriors 105-98+1.00NBA
12/12/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Washington Wizardswashington wizards +2.5-110washington wizards 104-96+1.00NBA
12/10/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Indiana Pacersindiana pacers +7-120los angeles clippers 103-96+0.00NBA
12/07/2014Indianapolis Colts vs Cleveland Brownsunder 50-110indianapolis colts 25-24+2.00NFL
12/05/2014Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericksunder 216-110phoenix suns 118-106-1.10NBA
12/05/2014Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolvesminnesota timberwolves +7-110houston rockets 114-112+2.00NBA
12/02/2014Oklahoma City Thunder vs New Orleans Pelicansnew orleans pelicans +3.5-110new orleans pelicans 112-104+2.00NBA
11/30/2014Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefsunder 50-110denver broncos 29-16+1.00NFL
11/30/2014Cincinnati Bengals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneerstampa bay buccaneers +6-110tampa bay buccaneers 14-13+2.00NFL
11/29/2014Oregon vs Oregon Stateoregon 47-19-110oregon st +20-2.20NCAAF
11/28/2014Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistonsdetroit pistons -2-110milwaukee bucks 104-88-1.10NBA
11/27/2014Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboysunder 57.5-110philadelphia eagles 33-10+2.00NFL
11/26/2014Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunderover 185-110oklahoma city 97-82-1.10NBA
11/26/2014Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magicorlando magic +9-110golden state warriors 111-96-1.10NBA
11/23/2014Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakerslos angeles lakers +2-115denver nuggets 101-94-1.15NBA
11/23/2014Detroit Lions vs New England Patriotsdetroit lions +7.5-115new england patriots 34-9-1.15NFL
11/22/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs New York Knicksphiladelphia 76ers +12-110new york knicks 91-83+1.00NBA
11/22/2014Missouri vs Tennesseetennessee teased-130missouri 29-21-1.30NCAAF
11/21/2014Phoenix Suns vs Philadelphia 76ersphiladelphia 76ers +10-115phoenix suns 122-96-1.10NBA
11/17/2014Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titanstennessee titans +7-110pittsburgh steelers 27-24+1.00NFL
11/16/2014New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Coltsunder 58-110new england 42-20-3.30NFL
11/15/2014TCU vs Kansaskansas +29-110tcu vs kansas+2.00NCAAF
11/09/2014Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Jetsnew york jets +4.5-120new york jets 20-13+5.00NFL
11/08/2014Colorado State vs Hawaiihawaii +21-110colorado state 49-22-2.20NCAAF
11/08/2014Duke vs Syracusesyracuse +4-110duke 27-10-2.20NCAAF
11/06/2014Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengalsunder 46.5-110cleveland browns 24-3+2.00NFL
11/05/2014Sacramento Kings vs Denver Nuggetsdenver nuggets +4-110sacramento kings 131-109-2.20NBA
11/04/2014Bowling Green vs Akron2h over 23.5-115bowling green 21-7+1.00NCAAF
11/02/2014Cleveland Browns vs Tampa Bay Buccaneerstampa bay buccaneers +7-110cleveland browns 22-17+2.00NFL
11/01/2014Phoenix Suns vs Utah Jazzutah jazz +2.5-110utah jazz 118-91+1.00NBA
10/26/2014Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falconsatlanta falcons +4-110detroit lions 22-21+2.00NFL
10/25/2014Ohio State vs Penn Statepenn state +13.5-110ohio state 31-24+2.00NCAAF
10/25/2014Florida Atlantic vs Marshallflorida atlantic +28-110marshall 35-16+1.50NCAAF
10/25/2014Texas Tech vs TCUtexas tech +23-110tcu 82-27-1.10NCAAF
10/19/2014Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguarsjacksonville jaguars +5.5-110jacksonville jaguars 24-6+2.00NFL
10/18/2014Akron vs Ohioover 42-110ohio 23-20+1.00NCAAF
10/12/2014Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Brownsunder 47-110cleveland browns 31-10+1.00NFL
10/10/2014UNLV vs Fresno Stateunlv +11-120unlv 30-27+1.00NCAAF
10/09/2014Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Coltshouston texans +3-110indianapolis colts 33-28-1.10NFL
10/06/2014Washington Nationals vs San Francisco Giantswashington nationals+126washington nationals 4-1+1.26MLB
10/05/2014Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texanshouston texans +6-110dallas cowboys 20-17+1.00NFL
10/04/2014Old Dominion vs Marshallunder 77-120marshall 56-14+1.00NCAAF
10/04/2014North Carolina vs Virginia Technorth carolina +3-110virginia tech 34-17-1.10NCAAF
09/29/2014Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriotskansas city chiefs +4-110kansas city chiefs 41-14+2.00NFL
09/28/2014Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargersjacksonville jaguars +14-120san diego chargers 33-14-1.20NFL
09/28/2014Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bearsgreen bay packers pk-110green bay packers 38-17+2.00NFL
09/27/2014Tulsa vs Texas Stateunder 68-110texas state 37-34-1.65NCAAF
09/27/2014Temple vs UCONNuconn +7-120temple 36-10-1.20NCAAF
09/27/2014SMU vs TCUsmu +32.5-110tcu 56-0-1.10NCAAF
09/21/2014Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Coltsjacksonville jaguars +7-110indianapolis colts 44 - 17-1.10NFL
09/20/2014Syracuse vs Marylandmaryland +2-110maryland 34 - 20+1.00NCAAF
09/14/2014San Diego Chargers vs Seattle Seahawkssan diego chargers +6-110san diego chargers 30 - 21+2.00NFL
09/14/2014Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphinsbuffalo bills +1-110buffalo bills 29 - 10+1.00NFL
09/14/2014New York Giants vs Arizona Cardinalsnew york giants +2-110arizona cardinals 25 - 14-1.10NFL
09/10/2014Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Oriolesboston red sox+121baltimore orioles 10 - 6-3.00MLB
09/08/2014Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Oriolesboston red sox-115baltimore orioles 4 - 0-1.15MLB
09/07/2014Houston Texans vs Washington Redskinshouston texans-155houston texans 17 - 6+1.00NFL
09/06/2014Georgia State vs New Mexico Stategeorgia state +2-110new mexico state 34 - 31-1.10NCAAF
09/06/2014Vanderbilt vs Mississippivanderbilt +20-110mississippi 41 - 3-2.20NCAAF
09/05/2014Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Angelsminnesota twins+150los angeles angels 7 - 6-1.00MLB
08/30/2014Miami Ohio vs Marshallmiami ohio +24-110marshall 42 - 27+1.50NCAAF
08/25/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Raystampa bay rays+108baltimore orioles 9 - 1-1.00MLB
08/22/2014Colorado Rockies vs Miami Marlinscolorado rockies+120miami marlins 13 - 5-1.00MLB
08/21/2014Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angelsboston red sox+124los angeles angels 2 - 0-1.00MLB
08/21/2014Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indiansminnesota twins+140minnesota twins 4 - 1+1.40MLB
08/19/2014Chicago Cubs vs San Francisco Giantschicago cubs+103chicago cubs 2 - 0+1.03MLB
08/19/2014Chicago White Sox vs Baltimore Orioleschicago white sox+104baltimore orioles 5 - 1-2.00MLB
08/18/2014Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angelsboston red sox+117los angeles angels 4 - 2-1.00MLB
08/16/2014Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royalsminnesota twins+110minnesota twins 4 - 1+2.20MLB
08/14/2014Texas Rangers vs Tampa Bay Raystexas rangers+124tampa bay rays 6 - 3-1.00MLB
08/13/2014San Francisco Giants vs Chicago White Soxsan francisco giants-121san francisco giants 7 - 1+1.00MLB
08/13/2014Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgersatlanta braves-110atlanta braves 3 - 2+1.00MLB
08/12/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigersunder 8.5-110pittsburgh pirates 4 - 2+1.00MLB
08/12/2014San Diego Padres vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies+125san diego padres 4 - 1-1.00MLB
08/07/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Kansas City Royalsarizona diamondbacks+100kansas city royals 6 - 2-1.00MLB
08/05/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Los Angeles Angelslos angeles angels+220los angeles dodgers 5 - 4-1.00MLB
08/03/2014Oakland Athletics vs Kansas City Royalskansas city royals+150kansas city royals 4 - 2+1.50MLB
08/01/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Los Angeles Angelstampa bay rays+105los angeles angels 5 - 3-1.00MLB
08/01/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubschicago cubs+140chicago cubs 8 - 2+1.40MLB
07/30/2014Cleveland Indians vs Seattle Marinersover 6.5+105cleveland indians 2 - 0-1.00MLB
07/30/2014San Francisco Giants vs Pittsburgh Piratessan francisco giants-112san francisco giants 7 - 5+1.00MLB
07/30/2014Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jaysboston red sox-109toronto blue jays 6 - 1-1.09MLB
07/29/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacksover 7+100cincinnati reds 3 - 0-2.00MLB
07/29/2014San Diego Padres vs St. Louis Cardinalsover 6-110san diego padres 3 - 1-1.20MLB
07/29/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Los Angeles Angelsbaltimore orioles+125baltimore orioles 7 - 6+1.25MLB
07/27/2014Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athleticstexas rangers+185oakland athletics 9 - 3-1.00MLB
07/27/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs Arizona Diamondbacksunder 9-120philadelphia phillies 4 - 2+2.00MLB
07/25/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Soxover 6-110tampa bay rays 6 - 4+1.00MLB
07/23/2014Colorado Rockies vs Washington Nationalscolorado rockies+135colorado rockies 6 - 4+1.35MLB
07/21/2014Colorado Rockies vs Washington Nationalscolorado rockies+140washington nationals 7 - 2-1.00MLB
07/21/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Soxtoronto blue jays+105boston red sox 14 - 1-1.00MLB
07/20/2014Miami Marlins vs San Francisco Giantsmiami marlins+120miami marlins 3 - 2+1.20MLB
07/12/2014Texas Rangers vs Los Angeles Angelstexas rangers+154los angeles angels 5 - 2-1.00MLB
07/12/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis Cardinalsover 7-115st. louis cardinals 10 - 2+1.00MLB
07/10/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Washington Nationalsbaltimore orioles-101baltimore orioles 4 - 3+1.00MLB
07/09/2014San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athleticssan francisco giants+100san francisco giants 5 - 2+2.00MLB
07/09/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubschicago cubs+165cincinnati reds 4 - 1-3.00MLB
07/07/2014Boston Red Sox vs Chicago White Soxunder 10-115chicago white sox 4 - 0+1.00MLB
07/07/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Toronto Blue Jaystoronto blue jays+160los angeles angels 5 - 2-1.00MLB
07/03/2014Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankeesover 6.5-115new york yankees 7 - 4+1.00MLB
07/03/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+142arizona diamondbacks 10 - 2+1.42MLB
07/01/2014Chicago White Sox vs Los Angeles Angelsunder 9.5-110los angeles angels 7 - 5-1.10MLB
06/30/2014Detroit Tigers vs Oakland Athleticsdetroit tigers-125detroit tigers 5 - 4+1.00MLB
06/29/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Colorado Rockiescolorado rockies+161colorado rockies 10 - 4+1.61MLB
06/28/2014New York Yankees vs Boston Red Soxover 7-110boston red sox 2 - 1-1.10MLB
06/28/2014San Francisco Giants vs Cincinnati Redssan francisco giants-110cincinnati reds 7 - 3-2.20MLB
06/27/2014Miami Marlins vs Oakland Athleticsmiami marlins +1.5-110oakland athletics 9 - 5-1.10MLB
06/27/2014Kansas City Royals vs Los Angeles Angelskansas city royals-106kansas city royals 8 - 6+1.00MLB
06/27/2014Houston Astros vs Detroit Tigershouston astros+130houston astros 4 - 3+1.30MLB
06/27/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Colorado Rockiesunder 9.5-110milwaukee brewers 3 - 2+1.00MLB
06/26/2014Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigersunder 10-105detroit tigers 6 - 0+1.00MLB
06/25/2014Kansas City Royals vs Los Angeles Dodgerskansas city royals-130los angeles dodgers 5 - 4-1.30MLB
06/24/2014Colorado Rockies vs St. Louis Cardinalscolorado rockies-103colorado rockies 10 - 5+1.00MLB
06/24/2014New York Mets vs Oakland Athleticsnew york mets+125new york mets 10 - 1+1.25MLB
06/23/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankeestoronto blue jays-108toronto blue jays 8 - 3+2.00MLB
06/21/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs San Francisco Giantsarizona diamondbacks-110san francisco giants 6 - 4-2.20MLB
06/20/2014San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgersover 6.5-120san diego padres 6 - 5+1.00MLB
06/20/2014Kansas City Royals vs Seattle Marinersseattle mariners+127seattle mariners 7 - 5+1.27MLB
06/20/2014Miami Marlins vs New York Metsnew york mets+138miami marlins 3 - 2-1.00MLB
06/18/2014San Diego Padres vs Seattle Marinerssan diego padres+127san diego padres 2 - 1+1.27MLB
06/18/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Milwaukee Brewersarizona diamondbacks+105arizona diamondbacks 4 - 3+2.10MLB
06/14/2014Miami Marlins vs Pittsburgh Piratesunder 8-110pittsburgh pirates 8 - 6-1.10MLB
06/11/2014Houston Astros vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+110houston astros 5 - 1-1.00MLB
06/10/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs St. Louis Cardinalstampa bay rays+135st. louis cardinals 1 - 0-2.00MLB
06/10/2014Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indianskansas city royals+105kansas city royals 9 - 5+1.05MLB
06/10/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Dodgerscincinnati reds-104los angeles dodgers 6 - 1-1.04MLB
06/08/2014Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indiansunder 10-115cleveland indians 3 - 2+2.00MLB
06/08/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Seattle Marinerstampa bay rays+121seattle mariners 5 - 0-1.00MLB
06/08/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewersunder 8.5-110milwaukee brewers 1 - 0+1.00MLB
06/07/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs St. Louis Cardinalsst. louis cardinals+145st. louis cardinals 5 - 0+1.45MLB
06/07/2014Colorado Rockies vs Los Angeles Dodgerscolorado rockies+125colorado rockies 5 - 4+1.25MLB
06/07/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Athleticsbaltimore orioles+140baltimore orioles 6 - 3+1.40MLB
06/06/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Atlanta Bravesarizona diamondbacks+105atlanta braves 5 - 2-1.00MLB
06/06/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Seattle Marinerstampa bay rays-145tampa bay rays 4 - 0+1.00MLB
06/06/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Athleticsbaltimore orioles+101oakland athletics 4 - 3-1.00MLB
06/05/2014Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Angelsunder 9.5-120houston astros 8 - 5-1.20MLB
06/05/2014Texas Rangers vs Baltimore Oriolesunder 9.5-115texas rangers 8 - 6-2.30MLB
06/03/2014San Diego Padres vs Pittsburgh Piratessan diego padres+115pittsburgh pirates 4 - 1-1.00MLB
06/03/2014New York Yankees vs Oakland Athleticsnew york yankees+120oakland athletics 5 - 2-1.00MLB
05/31/2014Houston Astros vs Baltimore Oriolesbaltimore orioles+120baltimore orioles 4 - 1+2.40MLB
05/30/2014Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigersseattle mariners-113detroit tigers 6 - 3-1.13MLB
05/30/2014St. Louis Cardinals vs San Francisco Giantsover 6.5-105san francisco giants 9 - 4+1.00MLB
05/29/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Kansas City Royalskansas city royals+120kansas city royals 8 - 6+2.40MLB
05/26/2014Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles Angelsseattle mariners+139seattle mariners 5 - 1+1.39MLB
05/25/2014Oklahoma City Thunder vs San Antonio Spursoklahoma city thunder-130oklahoma city thunder 106 - 97+1.00NBA
05/24/2014Chicago White Sox vs New York Yankeesunder 9.5-120new york yankees 4 - 3+2.00MLB
05/24/2014Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacersindiana pacers +7-110miami heat 99 - 87-1.10NBA
05/23/2014Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athleticstoronto blue jays+115toronto blue jays 3 - 2+1.15MLB
05/23/2014Miami Marlins vs Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee brewers+109milwaukee brewers 9 - 5+1.09MLB
05/22/2014St. Louis Cardinals vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+137st. louis cardinals 4 - 2-1.00MLB
05/22/2014New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgersnew york mets+141new york mets 5 - 3+1.41MLB
05/21/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Baltimore Oriolespittsburgh pirates-110pittsburgh pirates 9 - 8+1.00MLB
05/21/2014Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee Brewersover 6.5-115milwaukee brewers 6 - 1+1.00MLB
05/21/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland Athleticstampa bay rays-101oakland athletics 3 - 2-1.01MLB
05/20/2014Chicago Cubs vs New York Yankeeschicago cubs+155chicago cubs 6 - 1+1.55MLB
05/20/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland Athleticstampa bay rays+110oakland athletics 3 - 0-1.00MLB
05/19/2014Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigerscleveland indians-110cleveland indians 5 - 4+3.00MLB
05/19/2014Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee Brewersover 6.5-120atlanta braves 9 - 3+1.00MLB
05/18/2014Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heatindiana pacers +3-120indiana pacers 107 - 96+1.00NBA
05/17/2014Boston Red Sox vs Detroit Tigersboston red sox-125detroit tigers 6 - 1-1.25MLB
05/17/2014Los Angeles Angels vs Tampa Bay Raysunder 8.5-115los angeles angels 6 - 0+1.00MLB
05/17/2014Kansas City Royals vs Baltimore Oriolesover 7-105kansas city royals 1 - 0-1.05MLB
05/17/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs Cincinnati Redsphiladelphia phillies-120philadelphia phillies 12 - 1+1.00MLB
05/17/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgersarizona diamondbacks+165arizona diamondbacks 18 - 7+1.65MLB
05/15/2014Cincinnati Reds vs San Diego Padresover 6.5-110cincinnati reds 5 - 0-1.10MLB
05/14/2014San Francisco Giants vs Atlanta Bravesover 6.5-115san francisco giants 10 - 4+1.00MLB
05/14/2014Oakland Athletics vs Chicago White Soxunder 9-105chicago white sox 4 - 2+3.00MLB
05/13/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Piratesover 7-115milwaukee brewers 5 - 2+0.00MLB
05/12/2014Portland Trailblazers vs San Antonio Spursunder 211-110portland trailblazers 103 - 92+2.00NBA
05/09/2014San Diego Padres vs Miami Marlinssan diego padres+117san diego padres 10 - 1+2.34MLB
05/07/2014Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippersunder 215.5-110oklahoma city thunder 112 - 101+3.00NBA
05/07/2014San Diego Padres vs Kansas City Royalsover 6+105kansas city royals 8 - 0+1.05MLB
05/07/2014San Diego Padres vs Kansas City Royalssan diego padres-105kansas city royals 8 - 0-1.05MLB
05/06/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs San Francisco Giantspittsburgh pirates+101pittsburgh pirates 2 - 1+2.02MLB
05/05/2014Los Angeles Angels vs New York Yankeesunder 8.5-115los angeles angels 4 - 1+2.00MLB
05/05/2014Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippersoklahoma city thunder -5-110los angeles clippers 122 - 105-2.20NBA
05/05/2014Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippersunder 213-110los angeles clippers 122 - 105-3.30NBA
05/05/2014Indiana Pacers vs Washington Wizardsover 183-110washington wizards 102 - 96+1.00NBA
05/03/2014Minnesota Twins vs Baltimore Oriolesminnesota twins+118minnesota twins 6 - 1+1.18MLB
05/02/2014Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White Soxcleveland indians-140cleveland indians 12 - 5+1.00MLB
05/01/2014Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewerscincinnati reds-119cincinnati reds 8 - 3+1.00MLB
05/01/2014Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Dodgersunder 9-115los angeles dodgers 4 - 3+1.00MLB
04/30/2014Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athleticstexas rangers-104oakland athletics 12 - 1-2.08MLB
04/29/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockiesunder 9-115colorado rockies 5 - 4+0.00MLB
04/29/2014Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Bravesover 6-115miami marlins 9 - 0+2.00MLB
04/28/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockiesarizona diamondbacks-132colorado rockies 8 - 5-2.64MLB
04/27/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Kansas City Royalsover 8.5+125kansas city royals 9 - 3+2.00MLB
04/26/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubsover 7.5-115milwaukee brewers 5 - 3+2.00MLB
04/24/2014Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippersunder 215-110los angeles clippers 98 - 96+3.00NBA
04/24/2014Houston Astros vs Oakland Athleticsover 7.5-115oakland athletics 10 - 1+1.00MLB
04/23/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs San Diego Padresover 7-110milwaukee brewers 5 - 2+0.00MLB
04/23/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Redspittsburgh pirates-123cincinnati reds 5 - 2-1.23MLB
04/23/2014Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankeesboston red sox-110boston red sox 5 - 1+2.00MLB
04/22/2014Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Angelswashington nationals-110los angeles angels 7 - 2-1.10MLB
04/21/2014Milwaukee Brewers vs San Diego Padresover 7.5-110milwaukee brewers 4 - 3-2.20MLB
04/18/2014Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Oriolesover 7.5-115baltimore orioles 8 - 4+1.00MLB
04/18/2014Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankeestampa bay rays-107tampa bay rays 11 - 5+1.00MLB
04/17/2014Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewersover 6.5-120pittsburgh pirates 11 - 2+1.00MLB
04/15/2014San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgersunder 8-110san francisco giants 3 - 2+1.00MLB
04/14/2014Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Raysbaltimore orioles+102baltimore orioles 7 - 1+1.02MLB
04/13/2014Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgersarizona diamondbacks+109los angeles dodgers 8 - 6-1.00MLB
04/12/2014San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockiesunder 8-105colorado rockies 1 - 0+2.00MLB
04/11/2014San Diego Padres vs Detroit Tigerssan diego padres-104san diego padres 6 - 0+1.00MLB
04/11/2014Philadelphia Phillies vs Miami Marlinsphiladelphia phillies+122philadelphia phillies 6 - 3+2.44MLB
04/09/2014Los Angeles Dodgers vs Detroit Tigersdetroit tigers-112detroit tigers 7 - 6+1.00MLB
04/05/2014Wisconsin vs Kentuckywisconsin +2-110kentucky 74 - 73+2.00NCAAB
04/05/2014Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia Philliesover 6.5-105philadelphia phillies 2 - 0-1.05MLB
04/03/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericksdallas mavericks +4.5-110dallas mavericks 113 - 107+1.00NBA
04/02/2014San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriorsgolden state warriors +10-110san antonio spurs 111 - 90-1.10NBA
04/02/2014San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgersover 7+105los angeles dodgers 5 - 1-1.00MLB
03/31/2014Indiana Pacers vs San Antonio Spursindiana pacers +4.5-110san antonio spurs 103 - 77-2.20NBA
03/31/2014Detroit Pistons vs Milwaukee Bucksunder 207-110detroit pistons 116 - 111-1.10NBA
03/30/2014San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgerssan diego padres+107san diego padres 3 - 1+1.07MLB
03/28/2014Virginia vs Michigan Statevirginia +3-110michigan state 61 - 59+1.00NCAAB
03/27/2014Arizona vs San Diego Stateover 120-110arizona 70 - 64+1.00NCAAB
03/22/2014Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spursgolden state warriors-130san antonio spurs 99 - 90-3.90NBA
03/20/2014Wisconsin vs Americanamerican +14.5-115wisconsin 75 - 35-1.15NCAAB
03/20/2014Cincinnati vs Harvardover 121-110harvard 61 - 57-1.10NCAAB
03/15/2014San Diego State vs New Mexicoover 124.5-110new mexico 64 - 58-2.20NCAAB
03/15/2014Atlanta Hawks vs Denver Nuggetsunder 220.5-110atlanta hawks 97 - 92+1.00NBA
03/14/2014Cincinnati vs Connecticutover 122-110connecticut 58 - 56-1.10NCAAB
03/14/2014San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Lakersunder 225-110san antonio spurs 119 - 85+1.00NBA
03/13/2014Atlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucksunder 209.5-110atlanta hawks 102 - 97+1.00NBA
03/12/2014Miami Florida vs Virginia Techover 115-110miami florida 57 - 53-2.20NCAAB
03/11/2014Gonzaga vs BYUbyu +5.5-110gonzaga 75 - 64-1.10NCAAB
03/08/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah Jazzphiladelphia 76ers +7.5-110utah jazz 104 - 92-1.10NBA
03/08/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Atlanta Hawksatlanta hawks +15.5-110los angeles clippers 109 - 108+1.00NBA
03/08/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah Jazzphiladelphia 76ers+275utah jazz 104 - 92-1.00NBA
03/08/2014San Jose State vs Fresno Statesan jose state +6.5-110fresno state 69 - 56-1.10NCAAB
03/08/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Atlanta Hawksunder 221-110los angeles clippers 109 - 108+1.00NBA
03/07/2014Chicago Bulls vs Memphis Grizzliesmemphis grizzlies pk-110memphis grizzlies 85 - 77+1.00NBA
03/07/2014Minnesota Timberwolves vs Detroit Pistonsunder 218-110minnesota timberwolves 114 - 101+1.00NBA
03/07/2014Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Netsboston celtics +5-110boston celtics 91 - 84+1.00NBA
03/03/2014Portland Trailblazers vs Los Angeles Lakersunder 221.5-110los angeles lakers 107 - 106+1.00NBA
03/02/2014Nevada vs New Mexiconevada +7.5-110new mexico 72 - 58-1.10NCAAB
03/01/2014Houston Rockets vs Detroit Pistonsunder 216.5-110houston rockets 118 - 110-1.10NBA
02/28/2014Fairfield vs Maristfairfield -1-110fairfield 78 - 74+1.00NCAAB
02/27/2014East Carolina vs Charlotte Uover 138.5-110east carolina 75 - 68+1.00NCAAB
02/27/2014Denver Nuggets vs Brooklyn Netsdenver nuggets +2.5-110brooklyn nets 112 - 89-2.20NBA
02/26/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rocketsunder 222.5-110los angeles clippers 101 - 93+1.00NBA
02/26/2014NC State vs North Carolinanc state +4.5-110north carolina 85 - 84+2.00NCAAB
02/26/2014Fresno State vs Boise Stateboise state-125fresno state 76 - 56-2.50NCAAB
02/25/2014Bradley vs Wichita Statebradley pk+650wichita state 69 - 49-1.00NCAAB
02/25/2014Bradley vs Wichita Statebradley +12-110wichita state 69 - 49-3.30NCAAB
02/25/2014San Diego State vs San Jose Stateover 122-110san diego state 90 - 64+2.00NCAAB
02/24/2014New York Knicks vs Dallas Mavericksnew york knicks +4-110dallas mavericks 110 - 108+2.00NBA
02/21/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs Dallas Mavericksphiladelphia 76ers +13.5-110dallas mavericks 124 - 112+2.00NBA
02/21/2014Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spursphoenix suns +1-110phoenix suns 106 - 85+3.00NBA
02/20/2014Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rocketsgolden state warriors +1.5-110golden state warriors 102 - 99+4.00NBA
02/20/2014Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heatunder 207.5-110miami heat 103 - 81+1.00NBA
02/19/2014coll of charleston-135coll of charleston 87 - 54+1.00NCAAB
02/19/2014Utah U vs Arizonaover 129-110arizona 67 - 63+2.00NCAAB
02/19/2014Ohio State vs Northwesternover 116-110ohio state 76 - 60+2.00NCAAB
02/18/2014Southern Illinois vs Bradleyover 126-110southern illinois 75 - 64+3.00NCAAB
02/18/2014Colorado State vs Boise Stateboise state -1-110boise state 84 - 72+1.00NCAAB
02/18/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs Cleveland Cavaliersphiladelphia 76ers +4-110cleveland cavaliers 114 - 85-1.10NBA
02/18/2014Providence vs Villanovaprovidence +5-105villanova 82 - 79+2.00NCAAB
02/17/2014Florida State vs North Carolinaflorida state pk-110north carolina 81 - 75-3.30NCAAB
02/17/2014Baylor vs Oklahoma Stateoklahoma state +5.5-110baylor 70 - 64-1.10NCAAB
02/16/2014Temple vs SMUtemple +8-110temple 71 - 64+2.00NCAAB
02/15/2014over 118-110vanderbilt 57 - 54-1.10NCAAB
02/15/2014Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma Uoklahoma state -3-110oklahoma u 77 - 74-1.10NCAAB
02/15/2014Eastern Michigan vs Toledoeastern michigan +1.5-110eastern michigan 65 - 44+1.00NCAAB
02/15/2014Missouri State vs Northern Iowaunder 144-110northern iowa 60 - 58+1.00NCAAB
02/15/2014Kentucky vs Floridaover 130-110florida 69 - 59-1.10NCAAB
02/12/2014Orlando Magic vs Memphis Grizzliesover 179-110memphis grizzlies 86 - 81-3.30NBA
02/12/2014Pittsburgh vs Syracusepittsburgh -1-110td class="helpbod">syracuse 58 - 56-5.50NCAAB
02/12/2014Boise State vs New Mexicoboise state-135boise state 71 - 70+3.00NCAAB
02/12/2014Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliersunder 210-110cleveland cavaliers 93 - 89+1.00NBA
02/11/2014Wyoming vs San Diego Statewyoming +4-110wyoming 68 - 62+1.00NCAAB
02/08/2014Minnesota Timberwolves vs Portland Trailblazersminnesota timberwolves +1-110portland trailblazers 117 - 110-3.30NBA
02/08/2014Detroit Pistons vs Denver Nuggetsunder 216-110detroit pistons 126 - 109-1.10NBA
02/08/2014La Salle vs Saint Louisla salle +4.5-110saint louis 65 - 63+3.00NCAAB
02/08/2014Old Dominion vs UTEPold dominion +2-110utep 63 - 49-3.30NCAAB
02/08/2014Notre Dame vs North Carolinanotre dame +2-110north carolina 73 - 62-1.10NCAAB
02/08/2014Northern Iowa vs Wichita Statenorthern iowa +6.5-110wichita state 82 - 73-2.20NCAAB
02/08/2014Charlotte Bobcats vs San Antonio Spurscharlotte bobcats +5-110san antonio spurs 104 - 100+1.00NBA
02/07/2014Detroit Pistons vs Brooklyn Netsunder 206-110detroit pistons 111 - 95+0.00NBA
02/07/2014New Orleans Pelicans vs Minnesota Timberwolvesnew orleans pelicans +1-110new orleans pelicans 98 - 91+2.00NBA
02/05/2014Boise State vs San Diego Stateboise state-145san diego state 67 - 65-2.90NCAAB
02/04/2014Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bullschicago bulls +8-110chicago bulls 101 - 92+1.00NBA
02/03/2014Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Clippersdenver nuggets +2-110denver nuggets 116 - 115+2.00NBA
02/02/2014Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawksseattle seahawks+120seattle seahawks 43 - 8+6.00NFL
02/01/2014Fairfield vs Canisiusfairfield +6-110canisius 84 - 58-2.20NCAAB
02/01/2014Detroit Pistons vs Philadelphia 76ersunder 217-110detroit pistons 113 - 96+3.00NBA
02/01/2014Washington Wizards vs Oklahoma City Thunderwashington wizards +5.5-110washington wizards 96 - 81+3.00NBA
01/30/2014Indiana Pacers vs Phoenix Sunsunder 201.5-110phoenix suns 102 - 94+1.00NBA
01/30/2014Marquette vs Providencemarquette -4.5-110marquette 61 - 50+2.00NCAAB
01/27/2014Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Clippersmilwaukee bucks +10-110los angeles clippers 114 - 86-2.20NBA
01/27/2014Georgetown vs Villanovageorgetown +6-110villanova 65 - 60+2.00NCAAB
01/27/2014Oklahoma City Thunder vs Atlanta Hawksatlanta hawks +10-110oklahoma city thunder 111 - 109+1.00NBA
01/27/2014Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kingsunder 206-110utah jazz 106 - 99+2.00NBA
01/27/2014Portland State vs Eastern Washingtoneastern washington +2-110portland state 92 - 83-1.10NCAAB
01/26/2014Team Sanders vs Team Riceunder 96-110team rice 22 - 21+2.00NFL
01/25/2014Marquette vs Villanovamarquette +3-110villanova 94 - 85-1.10NCAAB
01/25/2014Utah Jazz vs Washington Wizardsutah jazz +1-110utah jazz 104 - 101+3.00NBA
01/25/2014James Madison vs Coll of Charlestonjames madison +1-110james madison 58 - 56+2.00NCAAB
01/25/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs Oklahoma City Thunderphiladelphia 76ers +7-110oklahoma city thunder 103 - 91-5.50NBA
01/25/2014Miami Florida vs Syracuseover 113.5-110syracuse 64 - 52+2.00NCAAB
01/25/2014Portland Trailblazers vs Minnesota Timberwolvesunder 218.5-110portland trailblazers 115 - 104-2.20NBA
01/23/2014Alabama vs Floridaalabama +5.5-110florida 68 - 62-1.10NCAAB
01/22/2014Phoenix Suns vs Indiana Pacersphoenix suns +6-110phoenix suns 124 - 100+2.00NBA
01/22/2014Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistonsmilwaukee bucks +5-110milwaukee bucks 104 - 101+2.00NBA
01/20/2014New York Knicks vs Brooklyn Netsnew york knicks +2-110brooklyn nets 103 - 80-2.20NBA
01/20/2014Golden State Warriors vs Indiana Pacersgolden state warriors pk-110indiana pacers 102 - 94-3.30NBA
01/19/2014Denver Broncos vs New England Patriotsunder 57-110denver broncos 26 - 16+2.00NFL
01/19/2014Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ersover 38.5-110seattle seahawks 23 - 17+3.00NFL
01/19/2014Orlando Magic vs Boston Celticsorlando magic +3-110orlando magic 93 - 91+2.00NBA
01/19/2014Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggetsunder 218-110phoenix suns 117 - 103/td>-2.20NBA
01/18/2014Utah U vs UCLAutah u +2-110utah u 74 - 69+2.00NCAAB
01/18/2014South Florida vs Cincinnatiover 124-110cincinnati 61 - 54-1.10NCAAB
01/16/2014Colorado vs UCLAcolorado pk-110ucla 69 - 56-1.10NCAAB
01/16/2014Arizona vs Arizona Statearizona state +14-110arizona 91 - 68-2.20NCAAB
01/16/2014South Alabama vs UL Lafayettesouth alabama +1-110south alabama 81 - 73+2.00NCAAB
01/15/2014Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggetsunder 214-110denver nuggets 123 - 116-2.20NBA
01/15/2014Orlando Magic vs Chicago Bullsorlando magic +6-110chicago bulls 128 - 125+1.00NBA
01/15/2014Milwaukee Bucks vs Memphis Grizzliesmilwaukee bucks +6-110memphis grizzlies 82 - 77+1.00NBA
01/15/2014Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptorsboston celtics +4-110boston celtics 88 - 83+3.00NBA
01/15/2014New Mexico vs UNLVunder 143-110unlv 76 - 73-1.10NCAAB
01/15/2014Northwestern vs Michigan Statenorthwestern +11-110michigan state 54 - 40-2.20NCAAB
01/15/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericksunder 209-110los angeles clippers 129 - 127-1.10NBA
01/14/2014Memphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunderunder 196.5-110memphis grizzlies 90 - 87+2.00NBA
01/14/2014Wichita State vs Bradleyover 130-110wichita state 72 - 50-2.20NCAAB
01/14/2014Charlotte Bobcats vs New York Knickscharlotte bobcats pk-110charlotte bobcats 108 - 98+2.00NBA
01/12/2014Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49erscarolina panthers +2-110san francisco 49ers 23 - 10-3.30NFL
01/11/2014New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Coltsindianapolis colts +7.5-110new england patriots 43 - 22-5.50NFL
01/10/2014Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakersunder 210-110los angeles clippers 123 - 87+0.00NBA
01/10/2014High Point vs Radfordhigh point-130radford 81 - 72-1.30NCAAB
01/09/2014UCLA vs Arizonaucla +2.5-110arizona 79 - 75-1.10NCAAB
01/09/2014Denver Nuggets vs Oklahoma City Thunderdenver nuggets +4-120denver nuggets 101 - 88+1.00NBA
01/08/2014Brooklyn Nets vs Golden State Warriorsbrooklyn nets +6-110brooklyn nets 102 - 98+2.00NBA
01/07/2014Milwaukee Bucks vs Golden State Warriorsmilwaukee bucks +10-110golden state warriors 101 - 80-3.30NBA
01/06/2014Florida State vs Auburnunder 68-110florida state 34 - 31+1.00NCAAF
01/06/2014Philadelphia 76ers vs Minnesota Timberwolvesunder 221.5-110minnesota timberwolves 126 - 95+1.00NBA
01/05/2014Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49erssan francisco 49ers -1-130san francisco 49ers 23 - 20+5.00NFL
01/05/2014Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ersgreen bay packers +3-105san francisco 49ers 23 - 20+0.00NFL
01/04/2014Portland Trailblazers vs Philadelphia 76ersunder 225-110philadelphia 76ers 101 - 99+2.00NBA
01/04/2014Philadelphia Eagles vs New Orleans Saintsunder 55-110new orleans saints 26 - 24+1.00NFL
01/04/2014Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefskansas city chiefs +2.5-110indianapolis colts 45 - 44+5.00NFL
01/02/2014Sacramento Kings vs Philadelphia 76ersunder 220.5-110philadelphia 76ers 113 - 104+3.00NBA
01/02/2014Alabama vs Oklahomaoklahoma +17.5-110oklahoma 45 - 31+1.00NCAAF
12/30/2013Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heatdenver nuggets +3-110miami heat 97 - 94+0.00NBA
12/30/2013Minnesota Timberwolves vs Dallas Mavericksunder 214-110dallas mavericks 100 - 98+4.00NBA
12/29/2013Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncosoakland raiders +13-130denver broncos 34 - 14-6.50NFL
12/29/2013New England Patriots vs Buffalo Billsnew england patriots -8+110new england patriots 34 - 20+3.30NFL
12/29/2013New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneersover 46.5-118new orleans saints 42 - 17+2.00NFL
12/29/2013Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packerschicago bears +3-110green bay packers 33 - 28-5.50NFL
12/29/2013Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ersarizona cardinals pk+100san francisco 49ers 23 - 20-1.00NFL
12/29/2013New England Patriots vs Buffalo Billsbuffalo bills +9.5-110new england patriots 34 - 20-5.50NFL
12/29/2013Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Brownscleveland browns +10-120pittsburgh steelers 20 - 7-2.40NFL
12/29/2013Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lionsminnesota vikings +2-110minnesota vikings 14 - 13+1.00NFL
12/29/2013Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Brownsunder 45-110pittsburgh steelers 20 - 7+2.00NFL
12/29/2013Miami Dolphins vs New York Jetsnew york jets +7.5-110new york jets 20 - 7+1.00NFL
12/28/2013Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazzutah jazz +14.5-110los angeles clippers 98 - 90+2.00NBA
12/28/2013Memphis Grizzlies vs Denver Nuggetsover 189-110memphis grizzlies 120 - 99+2.00NBA
12/28/2013Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazzunder 202.5-110los angeles clippers 98 - 90+3.00NBA
12/22/2013Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinalsarizona cardinals +12-135arizona cardinals 17 - 10+5.00NFL
12/22/2013Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bearsphiladelphia eagles -3-120philadelphia eagles 54 - 11+2.00NFL
12/22/2013Los Angeles Clippers vs Minnesota Timberwolvesminnesota timberwolves +5-110los angeles clippers 120 - 116+5.00NBA
12/22/2013San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raidersunder 50.5+100san diego chargers 26 - 13+3.00NFL
12/22/2013Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphinsbuffalo bills +2.5+100buffalo bills 19 - 0+5.00NFL
12/22/2013Cincinnati Bengals vs Minnesota Vikingsunder 47.5-110cincinnati bengals 42 - 14-2.20NFL
12/22/2013Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titansunder 44-110tennessee titans 20 - 16+5.00NFL
12/21/2013Detroit Pistons vs Houston Rocketsunder 211.5-110houston rockets 114 - 97+3.00NBA
12/20/2013Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolveslos angeles lakers +5.5-110los angeles lakers 104 - 91+2.00NBA
12/19/2013Long Beach State vs USClong beach state pk-110long beach state 72 - 71+5.00NCAAB
12/18/2013Minnesota Timberwolves vs Portland Trailblazersunder 213-110minnesota timberwolves 120 - 109-2.20NBA
12/18/2013Minnesota Timberwolves vs Portland Trailblazersminnesota timberwolves-130minnesota timberwolves 120 - 109+2.00NBA
12/15/2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs San Francisco 49ersover 41-110san francisco 49ers 33 - 14+1.00NFL
12/15/2013Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eaglesminnesota vikings +7-130minnesota vikings 48 - 30+3.00NFL
12/15/2013Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Billsbuffalo bills -1-120buffalo bills 27 - 20+2.00NFL
12/15/2013Cleveland Browns vs Chicago Bearscleveland browns pk+100chicago bears 38 - 31-5.00NFL
12/15/2013Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefsoakland raiders +4-110kansas city chiefs 56 - 31-5.50NFL
12/15/2013Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eaglesunder 53-110minnesota vikings 48 - 30-1.10NFL
12/12/2013Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargerssan diego chargers +11.5-130san diego chargers 27 - 20+5.00NFL
12/12/2013Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Clippersbrooklyn nets +2-110brooklyn nets 102 - 93+4.00NBA
12/09/2013Washington Wizards vs Denver Nuggetswashington wizards +1-110denver nuggets 75 - 74+0.00NBA
12/09/2013Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboyschicago bears -1-120chicago bears 45 - 28+5.00NFL
12/09/2013Sacramento Kings vs Dallas Maverickssacramento kings +4.5-110sacramento kings 112 - 97+2.00NBA
12/09/2013Utah Jazz vs Portland Trailblazersunder 203.5-110portland trailblazers 105 - 94+2.00NBA
12/08/2013Baltimore Ravens vs Minnesota Vikingsbaltimore ravens -6-110baltimore ravens 29 - 26-4.40NFL
12/08/2013Washington Redskins vs Kansas City Chiefswashington redskins +3+100kansas city chiefs 45 - 10-5.00NFL
12/08/2013Baltimore Ravens vs Minnesota Vikingsminnesota vikings +9-140baltimore ravens 29 - 26+5.00NFL
12/07/2013Portland Trailblazers vs Dallas Mavericksdallas mavericks +5.5-110dallas mavericks 108 - 106+3.00NBA
12/07/2013Auburn vs Missourimissouri +2-110auburn 59 - 42-5.50NCAAF
12/06/2013Cal Santa Barbara vs Californiacal santa barbara +3-110cal santa barbara 72 - 65+1.00NCAAB
12/05/2013Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippersunder 194.5-110los angeles clippers 101 - 81+2.00NBA
12/04/2013Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Clippersatlanta hawks +3-110atlanta hawks 107 - 97+4.00NBA
12/04/2013Cleveland Cavaliers vs Denver Nuggetscleveland cavaliers +4-110cleveland cavaliers 98 - 88+5.00NBA
12/02/2013Bowling Green vs Western Kentuckyover 121.5-110bowling green 74 - 62+1.00NCAAB
12/01/2013Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncoskansas city chiefs +7-140denver broncos 35 - 28+0.00NFL
12/01/2013Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcatsover 188-110miami heat 99 - 98+3.00NBA
11/30/2013Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celticsmilwaukee bucks +2.5-110milwaukee bucks 92 - 85+1.00NBA
11/27/2013Los Angeles Clippers vs New York Knicksnew york knicks +9.5-110los angeles clippers 93 - 80-1.10NBA
11/27/2013Milwaukee Bucks vs Washington Wizardsmilwaukee bucks +2.5-110washington wizards 100 - 92-4.40NBA
11/27/2013Charlotte Bobcats vs Indiana Pacerscharlotte bobcats +8-110indiana pacers 99 - 74-3.30NBA
11/26/2013Northern Illinois vs Western Michiganwestern michigan +35.5-110northern illinois 33 - 14+2.00NCAAF
11/24/2013Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego Chargerssan diego chargers +4-110san diego chargers 41 - 38+5.00NFL
11/24/2013Detroit Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneersdetroit lions -9+120tampa bay buccaneers 24 - 21-3.00NFL
11/24/2013Detroit Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneerstampa bay buccaneers +10-130tampa bay buccaneers 24 - 21+5.00NFL
11/24/2013Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguarsunder 44-110jacksonville jaguars 13 - 6+3.00NFL
11/24/2013Oakland Raiders vs Tennessee Titanstennessee titans pk-120tennessee titans 23 - 19+3.00NFL
11/24/2013Arizona Cardinals vs Indianapolis Coltsarizona cardinals -1-135arizona cardinals 40 - 11+5.00NFL
11/24/2013New England Patriots vs Denver Broncosnew england patriots +2.5-110new england patriots 34 - 31+5.00NFL
11/23/2013Purdue vs Illinoispurdue +7-120illinois 20 - 16+5.00NCAAF
11/23/2013Wake Forest vs Dukewake forest +7-125duke 28 - 21+0.00NCAAF
11/22/2013Boston Celtics vs Indiana Pacersboston celtics +7.5-110indiana pacers 97 - 82-3.30NBA
11/21/2013Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saintsatlanta falcons +9.5-125new orleans saints 17 - 13+5.00NFL
11/21/2013Air Force vs UNLVair force-130unlv 41 - 21-6.50NCAAF
11/21/2013Denver Nuggets vs Chicago Bullsover 198-110denver nuggets 97 - 87-1.10NBA
11/18/2013Los Angeles Clippers vs Memphis Grizzliesmemphis grizzlies +8.5-110memphis grizzlies 106 - 102+5.00NBA
11/18/2013Carolina Panthers vs New England Patriotscarolina panthers -1-130carolina panthers 24 - 20+5.00NFL
11/17/2013Buffalo Bills vs New York Jetsbuffalo bills +1.5-110buffalo bills 37 - 14+5.00NFL
11/16/2013Illinois vs Ohio Stateillinois +33.5-110ohio state 60 - 35+2.00NCAAF
11/16/2013Southern Mississippi vs Florida Atlanticsouthern mississippi +17-110florida atlantic 41 - 7-5.50NCAAF
11/16/2013Mississippi vs Troyover 69.5-110mississippi 51 - 21+5.00NCAAF
11/16/2013Massachusetts vs Akronmassachusetts +6.5-110akron 14 - 13+1.00NCAAF
11/16/2013Rutgers vs Cincinnati Urutgers-125cincinnati u 52 - 17-3.75NCAAF
11/16/2013Vanderbilt vs Kentuckykentucky +12-110vanderbilt 22 - 6-1.10NCAAF
11/16/2013Illinois vs Ohio Stateover 67.5-110ohio state 60 - 35+5.00NCAAF
11/16/2013Wisconsin vs Indianaindiana +26.5-110wisconsin 51 - 3-3.30NCAAF
11/16/2013Oklahoma vs Iowa Stateoklahoma -23-110oklahoma 48 - 10+5.00NCAAF
11/16/2013Mississippi vs Troymississippi -28-110mississippi 51 - 21+5.00NCAAF
11/16/2013Arizona U vs Washington Statewashington state +11-110washington state 24 - 17+5.00NCAAF
11/16/2013Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacersover 177.5-110chicago bulls 110 - 94+2.00NBA
11/14/2013Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Coltsunder 43-110indianapolis colts 30 - 27-3.30NFL
11/13/2013Seton Hall vs Kent Stateunder 148.5-110seton hall 78 - 76-1.10NCAAB
11/13/2013Utah Jazz vs New Orleans Pelicansutah jazz +2.5-110utah jazz 111 - 105+3.00NBA
11/11/2013Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggetsutah jazz +2.5-110denver nuggets 100 - 81-4.40NBA
11/10/2013San Diego Chargers vs Denver Broncosunder 57.5-110denver broncos 28 - 20+5.00NFL
11/09/2013Texas Tech vs Kansas Stateunder 61-110kansas state 49 - 26-2.20NCAAF
11/09/2013Purdue vs Iowapurdue +16-110iowa 38 - 14-5.50NCAAF
11/09/2013Tennessee U vs Auburntennessee u +7.5-115auburn 55 - 23-5.75NCAAF
11/09/2013Sacramento Kings vs Portland Trailblazerssacramento kings-130portland trailblazers 96 - 85-6.50NBA
11/08/2013Indiana Pacers vs Toronto Raptorstoronto raptors +8.5-110indiana pacers 91 - 84+5.00NBA
11/07/2013UL Lafayette vs Troyunder 68-110ul lafayette 41 - 36-1.10NCAAF
11/06/2013Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bullschicago bulls +2.5-110indiana pacers 97 - 80-2.20NBA
11/03/2013Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefsbuffalo bills +4.5-110kansas city chiefs 23 - 13-5.50NFL
11/03/2013New York Jets vs New Orleans Saintsnew york jets +7-135new york jets 26 - 20+5.00NFL
11/02/2013Air Force vs Armyair force pk-110air force 42 - 28+2.00NCAAF
11/01/2013Minnesota Timberwolves vs Oklahoma City Thunderminnesota timberwolves-135minnesota timberwolves 100 - 81+2.00NBA
10/31/2013Houston U vs South Floridasouth florida +20-110houston u 35 - 23+2.00NCAAF
10/31/2013Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriorsunder 205.5-110los angeles clippers 126 - 115-1.10NBA
10/27/2013Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Francisco 49ersjacksonville jaguars +16-120san francisco 49ers 42 - 10-2.40NFL
10/26/2013Massachusetts vs Western Michiganwestern michigan +3.5-110western michigan 31 - 30+2.00NCAAF
10/26/2013Florida State vs NC Statenc state +32.5-110florida state 49 - 17+2.00NCAAF
10/22/2013Arkansas State vs UL Lafayetteunder 69.5-116ul lafayette 23 - 7+1.00NCAAF
10/21/2013New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikingsunder 48-110new york giants 23 - 7+1.00NFL
10/20/2013Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargersjacksonville jaguars +9-130san diego chargers 24 - 6-6.50NFL
10/20/2013Washington Redskins vs Chicago Bearswashington redskins pk-110washington redskins 45 - 41+5.00NFL
10/20/2013Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboysunder 55.5-110dallas cowboys 17 - 3+5.00NFL
10/20/2013New York Jets vs New England Patriotsnew york jets +3.5-110new york jets 30 - 27+5.00NFL
10/19/2013Missouri vs Floridamissouri +3-110missouri 36 - 17+5.00NCAAF
10/19/2013Oklahoma State vs TCUoklahoma state -7+105oklahoma state 24 - 10+5.25NCAAF
10/19/2013Vanderbilt vs Georgiaunder 61-110vanderbilt 31 - 27+2.00NCAAF
10/19/2013Michigan State vs Purduepurdue +28-110michigan state 14 - 0+2.00NCAAF
10/19/2013California vs Oregon Statecalifornia +10.5-110oregon state 49 - 17-5.50NCAAF
10/14/2013San Diego Chargers vs Indianapolis Coltsunder 50-105san diego chargers 19 - 9+1.00NFL
10/14/2013Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinalslos angeles dodgers+104los angeles dodgers 3 - 0+1.04MLB
10/13/2013Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguarsjacksonville jaguars +26.5-110denver broncos 35 - 19+1.00NFL
10/13/2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eaglestampa bay buccaneers +2.5+100philadelphia eagles 31 - 20-1.00NFL
10/13/2013Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raidersoakland raiders +9.5-125kansas city chiefs 24 - 7-2.50NFL
10/13/2013Houston Texans vs St. Louis Ramshouston texans -7.5-110st. louis rams 38 - 13-2.20NFL
10/13/2013San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinalsarizona cardinals +11.5-135san francisco 49ers 32 - 20-1.35NFL
10/07/2013Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jetsnew york jets +10.5-135new york jets 30 - 28+1.00NFL
10/06/2013Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saintschicago bears pk+100new orleans saints 26 - 18-1.00NFL
10/06/2013Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saintsunder 50.5-110new orleans saints 26 - 18+1.00NFL
10/06/2013Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lionsunder 53-110green bay packers 22 - 9+1.00NFL
10/06/2013St. Louis Rams vs Jacksonville Jaguarsjacksonville jaguars +12.5-130st. louis rams 34 - 20-1.30NFL
10/06/2013Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargersoakland raiders +5.5-110oakland raiders 27 - 17+1.00NFL
10/06/2013Cincinnati Bengals vs New England Patriotscincinnati bengals +1.5-110cincinnati bengals 13 - 6+1.00NFL
10/05/2013UAB vs Florida Atlanticover 52.5-110florida atlantic 37 - 23+5.00NCAAF
10/05/2013Indiana vs Penn Stateindiana+155indiana 44 - 24+1.55NCAAF
10/05/2013Bowling Green vs Massachusettsmassachusetts +26-110bowling green 28 - 7+5.00NCAAF
10/05/2013Indiana vs Penn Stateindiana +3.5-110indiana 44 - 24+5.00NCAAF
10/05/2013SMU vs Rutgersrutgers -3.5-110rutgers 55 - 52-5.50NCAAF
10/05/2013California vs Washington Statecalifornia +1.5-110washington state 44 - 22-1.10NCAAF
10/05/2013Virginia vs Ball Stateball state +3.5-110ball state 48 - 27+1.00NCAAF
10/05/2013Florida State vs Marylandunder 58-110florida state 63 - 0-1.10NCAAF
10/05/2013SMU vs Rutgerssmu +3.5-110rutgers 55 - 52+5.00NCAAF
10/02/2013Cleveland Indians vs Tampa Bay Rayscleveland indians+104tampa bay rays 4 - 0-1.00MLB
09/29/2013Houston Texans vs Seattle Seahawkshouston texans +3-110seattle seahawks 23 - 20+0.00NFL
09/29/2013San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboyssan diego chargers pk-110san diego chargers 30 - 21+1.00NFL
09/29/2013Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bearsdetroit lions-150detroit lions 40 - 32+1.00NFL
09/29/2013Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Coltsjacksonville jaguars +9.5-120indianapolis colts 37 - 3-1.20NFL
09/29/2013Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Giantsnew york giants +4-110kansas city chiefs 31 - 7-3.30NFL
09/28/2013West Virginia vs Oklahoma Statewest virginia +18.5-110west virginia 30 - 21+1.00NCAAF
09/23/2013Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raidersunder 49-110denver broncos 37 - 21-1.10NFL
09/22/2013Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texansbaltimore ravens +2.5-110baltimore ravens 30 - 9+3.00NFL
09/22/2013Washington Redskins vs Detroit Lionsunder 48.5-110detroit lions 27 - 20+1.00NFL
09/17/2013Colorado Rockies vs St. Louis Cardinalsover 10-110st. louis cardinals 11 - 4+1.00MLB
09/15/2013New York Giants vs Denver Broncosnew york giants +4.5-110denver broncos 41 - 23-1.10NFL
09/15/2013Philadelphia Eagles vs San Diego Chargerssan diego chargers +8-125san diego chargers 33 - 30+1.00NFL
09/15/2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saintstampa bay buccaneers +3+100new orleans saints 16 - 14+3.00NFL
09/14/2013USC vs Boston Collegeover 41.5-110usc 35 - 7+1.00NCAAF
09/14/2013Florida State vs Nevadanevada +35.5-110florida state 62 - 7-2.20NCAAF
09/12/2013Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Soxtampa bay rays+102tampa bay rays 4 - 3+1.02MLB
09/09/2013Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eaglesunder 52-110philadelphia eagles 33 - 27-2.20NFL
09/07/2013Illinois vs Cincinnati Uillinois +8.5-110illinois 45 - 17+2.00NCAAF
09/06/2013St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Piratespittsburgh pirates-108st. louis cardinals 12 - 8-1.08MLB
09/04/2013Houston Astros vs Minnesota Twinshouston astros-109houston astros 6 - 5+1.00MLB
09/03/2013Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinalsunder 8-120cincinnati reds 1 - 0+1.00MLB
08/31/2013Washington U vs Boise Statewashington u -3.5-110washington u 38 - 6+1.00NCAAF
08/29/2013Atlanta Braves vs Cleveland Indianscleveland indians+140atlanta braves 3 - 1-1.00MLB
08/24/2013San Diego Padres vs Chicago Cubsunder 7-130chicago cubs 3 - 2+1.00MLB
08/19/2013Miami Marlins vs Los Angeles Dodgersmiami marlins+106miami marlins 6 - 2+1.06MLB
08/14/2013Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Metsnew york mets +1.5-140los angeles dodgers 5 - 4+1.00MLB
08/04/2013Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgerschicago cubs+104los angeles dodgers 1 - 0-2.00MLB
07/25/2013Texas Rangers vs New York Yankeesover 8+100new york yankees 2 - 0-1.00MLB
07/22/2013Toronto Blue Jays vs Los Angeles Dodgerstoronto blue jays-120los angeles dodgers 14 - 5-3.60MLB
07/21/2013Toronto Blue Jays vs Tampa Bay Raystoronto blue jays-117tampa bay rays 4 - 3-1.17MLB
07/20/2013Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankeesover 9-110new york yankees 5 - 2-1.10MLB
07/07/2013New York Yankees vs Baltimore Oriolesbaltimore orioles+114baltimore orioles 2 - 1+1.14MLB
07/05/2013Arizona Diamondbacks vs Colorado Rockiesover 8.5-115arizona diamondbacks 5 - 0-2.30MLB
07/03/2013Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay Rayshouston astros+135houston astros 4 - 1+1.35MLB
07/01/2013Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankeesminnesota twins+105new york yankees 10 - 4-1.00MLB
06/30/2013Los Angeles Dodgers vs Philadelphia Philliesunder 8.5-105los angeles dodgers 6 - 1+1.00MLB
06/29/2013Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royalsminnesota twins-114minnesota twins 6 - 2+1.00MLB
06/25/2013Chicago White Sox vs New York Metschicago white sox-135chicago white sox 5 - 4+1.00MLB
06/15/2013Tampa Bay Rays vs Kansas City Royalstampa bay rays-180tampa bay rays 5 - 3+1.00MLB
06/04/2013Milwaukee Brewers vs Oakland Athleticsmilwaukee brewers-102milwaukee brewers 4 - 3+1.00MLB
06/04/2013Detroit Tigers vs Tampa Bay Raysdetroit tigers-138detroit tigers 10 - 1+1.00MLB
05/22/2013Colorado Rockies vs Arizona Diamondbacksover 9-115colorado rockies 4 - 1-1.15MLB
05/18/2013Los Angeles Angels vs Chicago White Soxlos angeles angels (1st 5 innings)-125los angeles angels 5 - 4+2.00MLB
05/17/2013Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco Giantscolorado rockies+102colorado rockies 10 - 9+2.04MLB
05/17/2013Miami Marlins vs Arizona Diamondbacksover 7-120arizona diamondbacks 9 - 2+1.00MLB
05/16/2013Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Soxunder 8-110boston red sox 4 - 3+1.00MLB
05/12/2013Tampa Bay Rays vs San Diego Padresunder 8+110tampa bay rays 4 - 2+2.20MLB
05/11/2013Tampa Bay Rays vs San Diego Padresunder 8-120tampa bay rays 8 - 7-1.20MLB
05/08/2013Cincinnati Reds vs Atlanta Bravesunder 8-115atlanta braves 7 - 2-1.15MLB
05/01/2013Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles Angelsunder 8.5-115los angeles angels 5 - 4-1.15MLB
04/27/2013Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astrosunder 9.5-115boston red sox 8 - 4-1.15MLB
04/26/2013Miami Marlins vs Chicago Cubsmiami marlins-108chicago cubs 4 - 2-1.08MLB
04/25/2013New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgersunder 8-115los angeles dodgers 3 - 2+2.00MLB
04/24/2013Boston Red Sox vs Oakland Athleticsunder 8+105boston red sox 6 - 5-1.00MLB
04/21/2013Colorado Rockies vs Arizona Diamondbacksarizona diamondbacks+114arizona diamondbacks 5 - 4+1.14MLB
04/12/2013Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigersunder 7.5-105oakland athletics 4 - 3+3.00MLB
04/11/2013Los Angeles Angels vs Oakland Athleticsunder 8-110oakland athletics 8 - 1-2.20MLB
04/07/2013Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padresover 10-115colorado rockies 9 - 1+0.00MLB
04/04/2013Atlanta Braves vs Philadelphia Philliesunder 6.5-120philadelphia phillies 2 - 0+1.00MLB
04/03/2013Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giantsover 7-110san francisco giants 5 - 3+1.00MLB
04/03/2013Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Angelscincinnati reds-120cincinnati reds 5 - 4+1.00MLB
03/30/2013Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippershouston rockets-118houston rockets 98 - 81+2.00NBA
03/26/2013Boston Celtics vs New York Knicksboston celtics-130new york knicks 100 - 85-2.60NBA
03/22/2013Miami Florida vs Pacificpacific +14-110miami florida 78 - 49-2.20NCAAB
03/21/2013Denver Nuggets vs Philadelphia 76ersphiladelphia 76ers+1150denver nuggets 101 - 100-1.00NBA
03/21/2013VA Commonwealth vs Akronover 135.5-110va commonwealth 88 - 42-3.30NCAAB
03/20/2013New Orleans Hornets vs Boston Celticsnew orleans hornets +5-110new orleans hornets 87 - 86+2.00NBA
03/12/2013Texas State vs Seattle Useattle u-135texas state 68 - 56-2.70NCAAB
03/11/2013San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thundersan antonio spurs-130san antonio spurs 105 - 93+2.00NBA
03/08/2013Evansville vs Indiana Stateindiana state +3-110indiana state 51 - 50+1.00NCAAB
03/07/2013Jacksonville vs South Carolina Upstatesouth carolina upstate -6-110south carolina upstate 76 - 62+5.00NCAAB
02/28/2013IUPUI vs South Dakotaiupui +2.5-110south dakota 87 - 69-3.30NCAAB
02/22/2013Long Beach State vs Stephen F. Austinstephen f. austin +4-120stephen f. austin 68 - 60+2.00NCAAB
02/21/2013Florida International vs Arkansas Little Rockunder 143-110florida international 65 - 52+3.00NCAAB
02/17/2013Clemson vs Miami Floridaclemson +6-110miami florida 45 - 43+2.00NCAAB
02/13/2013Florida State vs Miami Floridaflorida state +6-110miami florida 74 - 68+0.00NCAAB
02/12/2013Georgia vs Alabamaover 113-110alabama 52 - 45-3.30NCAAB
02/12/2013Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rocketsunder 220-110houston rockets 116 - 107-2.20NBA
02/11/2013-110northeastern 68 - 64-1.10NCAAB
02/08/2013Detroit Pistons vs San Antonio Spursdetroit pistons +5-110detroit pistons 119 - 109+2.00NBA
02/07/2013Wofford vs Elonwofford +2-110wofford 60 - 50+1.00NCAAB
02/06/2013Duquesne vs George Washingtonduquesne +4.5-110george washington 79 - 57-2.20NCAAB
02/04/2013Old Dominion vs George Masonold dominion +7-110george mason 85 - 74-5.50NCAAB
02/04/2013Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bullsover 176-110indiana pacers 111 - 101+3.00NBA
02/03/2013Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Clippersover 183.5-110boston celtics 106 - 104+2.00NBA
02/01/2013Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heatover 183.5-110indiana pacers 102 - 89+2.00NBA
01/31/2013Cal Riverside vs Hawaiical riverside +1.5-110hawaii 72 - 68-3.30NCAAB
01/31/2013George Mason vs Drexelover 121-110drexel 58 - 54-3.30NCAAB
01/31/2013Saint Louis vs Butlersaint louis-155saint louis 75 - 58+5.00NCAAB
01/30/2013Old Dominion vs Towsonold dominion-125towson 68 - 66-1.25NCAAB
01/30/2013Indiana Pacers vs Detroit Pistonsover 181-110indiana pacers 98 - 79-2.20NBA
01/26/2013Mississippi State vs Floridamississippi state +20-110florida 82 - 47-1.10NCAAB
01/26/2013Washington Wizards vs Chicago Bullsover 184.5-110washington wizards 86 - 73-2.20NBA
01/24/2013Mississippi vs Tennesseetennessee +8.5-110mississippi 62 - 56+1.00NCAAB
01/23/2013Hofstra vs Drexelover 118.5-110drexel 55 - 52-1.10NCAAB
01/23/2013lsu pk-110lsu 58 - 54+3.00NCAAB
01/23/2013Seton Hall vs South Floridaover 123.5-110seton hall 55 - 47-1.10NCAAB
01/23/2013Towson vs George Masontowson +2.5-110george mason 77 - 67-1.10NCAAB
01/23/2013Youngstown State vs Wright Stateyoungstown state-130youngstown state 68 - 61+2.00NCAAB
01/22/2013Detroit Pistons vs Orlando Magicunder 196-110detroit pistons 105 - 90+5.00NBA
01/22/2013Alabama vs Kentuckyover 129.5-110alabama 59 - 55-2.20NCAAB
01/20/2013Detroit Pistons vs Boston Celticsover 185-110detroit pistons 103 - 88+3.00NBA
01/20/2013New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravensunder 51.5-110baltimore ravens 28 - 13+5.00NFL
01/20/2013Southern Illinois vs Illinois Stateunder 142.5-110illinois state 70 - 56+2.00NCAAB
01/20/2013Northern Iowa vs Drakeunder 137.5-110northern iowa 85 - 55-2.20NCAAB
01/18/2013Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Bobcatsunder 197.5-110charlotte bobcats 106 - 100-1.10NBA
01/17/2013Massachusetts vs Duquesneunder 155-110massachusetts 79 - 66+1.00NCAAB
01/17/2013over 122-110florida 68 - 47-3.30NCAAB
01/16/2013Nebraska vs Purduenebraska +2.5-110purdue 65 - 56-5.50NCAAB
01/16/2013Orlando Magic vs Indiana Pacersunder 187-110orlando magic 97 - 86+5.00NBA
01/14/2013Connecticut vs Louisvilleover 132.5-110louisville 73 - 58-2.20NCAAB
01/14/2013The Citadel vs College of Charlestonthe citadel +14.5-110college of charleston 73 - 69+3.00NCAAB
01/14/2013Washington Wizards vs Orlando Magicunder 97.5 (1st half)-110washington wizards 59 - 53-5.50NBA
01/14/2013Washington Wizards vs Orlando Magicunder 194-110washington wizards 120 - 91-5.50NBA
01/12/2013Dayton vs Butlerdayton +1.5-110butler 79 - 73-3.30NCAAB
01/12/2013Los Angeles Clippers vs Orlando Magicunder 199.5-110orlando magic 104 - 101-3.30NBA
01/10/2013Sacramento Kings vs Dallas Maverickssacramento kings-140dallas mavericks 117 - 112-2.80NBA
01/09/2013St. Josephs vs Butlerst. josephs-125butler 72 - 66-2.50NCAAB
01/06/2013Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggetsunder 213.5-110denver nuggets 112 - 105-2.20NBA
01/06/2013Rider vs Sienaover 124-110rider 72 - 53+2.00NCAAB
01/05/2013Georgia State vs James Madisongeorgia state pk-110georgia state 68 - 52+5.00NCAAB
01/04/2013Siena vs Ionasiena +13-110iona 66 - 62+3.00NCAAB
12/31/2012Minnesota U vs Michigan Stateover 129-110minnesota u 76 - 63+3.00NCAAB
12/31/2012Iowa vs Indianaunder 152.5-110indiana 69 - 65+1.00NCAAB
12/30/2012Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spursdallas mavericks +6-110san antonio spurs 111 - 86-2.20NBA
12/29/2012Creighton vs Evansvilleevansville +14.5-110creighton 87 - 70-1.10NCAAB
12/28/2012Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippersutah jazz +3-110los angeles clippers 116 - 114+2.00NBA
12/26/2012Orlando Magic vs New Orleans Hornetsover 182.5-110new orleans hornets 97 - 94+1.00NBA
12/15/2012Memphis U vs Louisvilleunder 139.5-110louisville 87 - 78-2.20NCAAB
12/14/2012Houston Rockets vs Boston Celticsunder 206-110houston rockets 101 - 89+1.00NBA
12/11/2012Detroit Pistons vs Denver Nuggetsunder 205-110denver nuggets 101 - 94+2.00NBA
12/09/2012Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eaglesunder 48-110philadelphia eagles 23 - 21+2.00NFL
12/09/2012Jacksonville Jaguars vs New York Jetsover 38-110new york jets 17 - 10-2.20NFL
12/07/2012Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Lakersunder 210.5-110oklahoma city thunder 114 - 108-2.20NBA
12/05/2012Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bullscleveland cavaliers +3.5-110chicago bulls 95 - 85-1.10NBA
12/03/2012New Orleans Hornets vs Milwaukee Bucksnew orleans hornets +4-110new orleans hornets 102 - 81+2.00NBA
12/02/2012Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texansunder 47-110houston texans 24 - 10+2.00NFL
12/01/2012Kansas State vs Texastexas +10.5-110kansas state 42 - 24-1.10NCAAF
12/01/2012New Orleans Hornets vs Oklahoma City Thundernew orleans hornets +9-110oklahoma city thunder 100 - 79-1.10NBA
11/30/2012Nevada vs Drakenevada -5.5-110drake 76 - 66-1.10NCAAB
11/28/2012Duke vs Ohio Stateunder 142.5-110duke 73 - 68+2.00NCAAB
11/26/2012Oklahoma City Thunder vs Charlotte Bobcatsunder 200.5-110oklahoma city thunder 114 - 69+5.00NBA
11/25/2012Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Billsbuffalo bills +3-115indianapolis colts 20 - 13-1.15NFL
11/25/2012Miami Dolphins vs Seattle Seahawksover 38-110miami dolphins 24 - 21+5.00NFL
11/25/2012Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelersover 33.5-117cleveland browns 20 - 14+5.00NFL
11/24/2012Pittsburgh U vs Rutgerspittsburgh u -1-110pittsburgh u 27 - 6+5.00NCAAF
11/23/2012Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliersover 184.5-110orlando magic 108 - 104+5.00NBA
11/22/2012New York Jets vs New England Patriotsnew york jets+250new england patriots 49 - 19-1.00NFL
11/22/2012Detroit Lions vs Houston Texansunder 50-110houston texans 34 - 31-5.50NFL
11/22/2012New York Jets vs New England Patriotsnew york jets +7-120new england patriots 49 - 19-1.20NFL
11/22/2012VA Commonwealth vs Memphis Uva commonwealth+110va commonwealth 78 - 65+5.50NCAAB
11/20/2012Idaho vs Wisconsin Green Bayidaho-150idaho 72 - 62+1.00NCAAB
11/19/2012Marquette vs Butlerbutler +5-110butler 72 - 71+5.00NCAAB